Sonic Boom Related Retail Store Display Items
This page is for items that only retail stores would use. Items like shelf tags, decorative boxes that display merchandise & posters. Other items like cardboard stand-ups, hanging signs, window stickers, store-issued posters & other items made especially for retail outlets should also be here. These items & other POP (point of purchase) displays are used to attract customers, dispense merchandise & advertise inside of stores. Sometimes, once the items are done with, fans have the ability to collect them.
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Sonic Boom Display Boxes Here are some Sonic Boom toy display boxes. These boxes are meant to dispense packaged figures / hold the figures on the shelf. They're just a simple cardboard. That little cut-out of the cast in there is meant to represent where the toys would go. Same with the Sonic mini 'standee' in the front box.
Sonic Boom Statue Group Display This giant display was at E3 in 2014. It has 5 separate statues, for each of the main characters in Sonic Boom, under a rusting 'wood' arch with the logo & jungle background. These are fiberglass big size statues / sculptures. They may go to use later in Sega buildings or displays. The statues are good likenesses of the characters too, some statues fail the proportions, but each of these appears to be posed & painted well. Discovered by: Segasonic3039
E3 Boom Statues Closeups
Here's a great closer look at these statues! Each sculpt & paint job is very smooth. Look at the eyelashes on Sticks & Amy, they're very long and 3D. What's going on with Sonic's finger? It looks very short. The eyes are convincing & seem shiny, everyone's shoe details are quite textured, as are the excessive bandages all over everything. It's interesting to see Sticks' hand here, as she is the first "person character" to not wear gloves at all. So her hands are smaller to compensate for the wrist having to meet (an often way over-sized) hand. She doesn't look out of place, or out of style. This is a great set of statues to see! Discovered by: Segasonic3039
Boom Booth Video Viewing Hut E3 Boom Playing Stations & Palm Here are some good views of the 'non statue' area of the E3 Boom Booth. The jungle theme continues here with fake thatched roof 'hut' video viewing area, at left. There are potted plants around it too. The playing areas are at right, with tables & benches set up under a sign & fake palm tree. (Controller is white thing)
All seen at E3 2014
Sonic Boom Booth Overview Photo E3 Boom Booth Imitation Chalk Board The left photo shows more of an overview of the booth, with big character background, Sega signs & how the playing areas were laid out. The grass texture on the floor may be created via overhead textured look lighting.
The last photo is a "chalk board" (its fake-more like a poster) that is over the portable trial area (see tiny portable systems cabled to fake crates there at the bottom) The robot is marked with "Best hammer strike point here" pointing to the head. The tiny Knuckles (in red) has beside it "Knux Rules!! Sonic SUX! Tails = NERD" (I guess he's a tad antagonistic?) The blue writing (Sonic's) says "Hey guys" & Tails' doodle (in yellow, right) can't be read. Photos discovered by: SegaSonic3039
E3 Banner 2014 Boom Here is a banner being hung at E3 2014. It's right above an entrance to the convention hall. It introduces Boom, tells you it has playable demos, and gives the location of the booth (Above) which is at the "South Hall". discovered by: SegaSonic3039
Square Boom Bag in store This is a promotional item for the upcoming Sonic Boom games. Here, it's shown hanging from the ceiling in a game shop. It's a square flat-sides bag with flat handle. It may be a bonus item, but it's also being used to advertise the game & decorate the store. The art is the Boom logo with a CG of all the main characters, including Sticks now that she was announced. Photo by Crystal SonicFan Boom Statue Size
Above, you can see closer shots of the Boom statues, but you couldn't really tell how big they are. With this, you can...they're big! Photo by The Guy With Glasses (and indeed...he has glasses on)
Chevy NYCC Sonic Boom Ad Wrap Truck In 2014, Chevy wanted a presence at the New York Comic Con. They had "ad wrapped" trucks parked & attending the area during the con. (Ad wrap is a special plastic that can go onto cars like a giant sticker, with whatever you want printed) This one is a giant ad for Sonic Boom, both the show, and the games. It has logos all over, scenes from the show & says "This Fall on CN".
Could you get game or show info from the truck? Did it do anything or was it just a visual billboard type display thing?
Cannes Booth Banner Fence Ad Here are 2 ads for the Sonic Boom booth at Cannes. Cannes is a film festival (but I guess tv shows are relevent too?) The left is a fence banner (or a wall banner) that has the booth number & slogan "Next Stop Cannes". The right item is a restaurant placemat. It's a disposable paper mat that is Cannes Ad Boom Mat
also an ad. It has the booth number as well, but you can get a better look at the graphic. It has a really odd/long car with Sonic at the wheel. Tails & Amy are next, Knuckles doubts his black bow-tie, Sticks is getting ready to throw her boomerang at Eggman who is clinging / climbing the back of the car. There's a paragraph in white at the top, but what does it say?
Canadian Awards Boom Proto Logo This is sort of a display & sort of a prototype at the same time. It's a teaser item for Boom, back when they were just previewing the new boom-designs with the shadows of the characters. These large cardboard stand-up rectangles are made to surround columns in a convention or ball-room setting. The logo, as you can see, isn't the final one, it is instead blue with white.
This appeared at a Canadian awards show / ceremony of some kind. Do you know where this ball room might be? Write in if you know for credit. Photo discovered by Ultimate Hedgehog
Fire & Ice Fun Zone Meal Toy Hardees This is a poster/picture showing you the various toys you can get in kids meals at Hardees Carls Jr.s restaurants for the release of Sonic Boom Fire & Ice on the 3DS.
The items include a splat ball (soft foam ball that fills with water when squeezed under-water and then if you throw it, whatever it hits gets soaked) Sonic 'figure', very tall? And semi-transparent blue plastic, a whole board game (! ) and a communicator with secret compartment.
(So, a watch looking wrist device with triangular case for tiny things) This is the internet version of the poster (see the click here for coloring pages etc in the corner) but the store will have something similar looking to announce the toys. These restaurants are NOT everywhere in the USA. If you get any of these toys, be sure to write in with info for credit! Discovered by Taaron
Fire & Ice Wall Display Hardees
Here's the actual display for the Boom Fire & Ice promotion inside a Hardees Carls Jr. Restaurant. The wall itself (that white tile) has a panel built in that holds a poster & the display box/window for the current promotion. You can see each of the items in the above poster displayed here in the plastic box. The little item with the star above the watch at the left is the restaurant logo, which is always there.
Showing off the toys you could get with the meal up close is a good idea. It likely does a better job than just a picture or a poster, so this is a good in-store display. Did anyone manage to get one of these toys? What do they do? Because this restaurant isn't everywhere, some fans may have a harder time getting the toys. Photo by Taaron
Neuremberg Toy Fair Poster 2015 This is a poster that appeared at the Neuremberg Toyfair in 2015. It's technically not a store display, but it has a picture of one on it. The poster has some photos of the toys, a CG Sonic image & pictures of a cardboard display like item that may or may not have actually gotten made. Neurenberg Poster Close Up Sonic Display
It proclaims that the talking plush, collectible figures & launchers will be the leading items. The description of the cardboard display claims that it will be 'defining the space in the store, and creating brand prescence'. Did the display actually appear in any store in the USA or Europe?
ASDA UK Sonic Boom DVD Sales Display Top Sonic Boom show was first released on DVD in the UK area. Because of this, it was easy for the big-box type store ASDA to get the DVDs for sale. However, they regard the popularity of Sonic Boom so highly, they incorporate graphics from it into the top/picture area of their stand for ALL kids show dvds. (Notice TMNT & Dora up there too) The Boom disks aren't on the top row, but having something permenent & Sonic in a display is cool to see. Photo by SpinballBoy17
Icee Promo Sonic Boom Drink Cup
This cup was supposed to be on display wherever ICEE drinks were sold.
The usual answer to that is 7-11 stores but...did you see it? The cup was submitted in March 2020, surely far later than it debuted in stores so what happened to it? Did it not have a wide release? Surely at least a few Sonic fans were near a 7 11 to see this thing or collect it by getting the frosty beverage/ice thing...seen here in appropriate blue.
It's a nice up too, for a promo like this. It's got CG art of the cast with Sticks too, and the logo at the top. It has Sonic activating the ring magic from the game, and proabably the rating for the game in black and white there at the bottom?
That it's "game based" rather than "show based" probably puts it even earlier in time because when the games were revealed as flops, the advertising and merchandise focus went to the show which was actually funny to watch, but didn't feature much of the game's mechanics and hallmarks/calling-cards (Ex. they weren't always using ring magic /shooting lightening out in the show) Photo discovered by Ginyu DBZ