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Fakery and junk abounds when bootleggers think they can get away with knocking off Sonic the Hedgehog!
Fight back by educating yourself on what NEVER to buy with these pages of photos and tips!
Remember, you vote with your money...any buying of fake junk only supports and encourages them to make more. Wouldn't you rather have awesome official items? Wouldn't you rather enjoy cool good quality stuff you know you can depend on? If you want the real deal, bootlegs are never the way to go.
Remember what a 'bootleg' item is:
It is an unofficial or unlicensed product being sold to the fans- by NON FANS. These can be home-made or made in a factory. They are not approved by the company who holds the license and are NOT made to any standard. The quality is usually low, leading to items which may break or wear out. Fake items may also be unsafe. Remember, bootleg makers are only after your money. They don't care at all about Sonic the hedgehog and are only out for a quick buck. Don't waste your money! Buy official SEGA Sonic things only, look for copyrights, and demand the real deal.
35 Ugly Fake Footless Watches
Look at these dumb watches! You wouldn't want 1, let alone 35 of them! This stupid seller is trying to pass off 35 fakes at once to some unlucky re-seller. The art mis-match is not only done at every opportunity...but they've even spammed in FOOTLESS Sonic! That's right, they couldn't even be bothered to steal the art properly and left off his feet. There's Heroes logos on the watch, but with ripped off Sonic 360 art in the faces, the box says Sonic Rush Adventure...but uses NO Rush art at all, they wrote "Wii" on it for no reason, and then crammed Shadow on there as well. If the 'buy 35 all at once' didn't give it away, the jumbled terrible art sure would. One at a time or many, bootlegs are always bad news. Discovered by Luke Sonic Lover.
ReSaurus fake skii Sonic duo
These phony figures illustrate another principal of fake-spotting. If a seller has more than 1 of the same item for NO REASON, suspect it. No one would buy 2 Ski Sonics in a lot without their items. It doesn't make any sense to lot 2 of the same figure together, especially if you know he was never in a multi-pack. It's suspicious right away, like someone had bunches of these guys just laying around, which, if they were the real deal, no one would have. As you can see, they're using the ReSaurus mold, but the paint and plastic are really poor. As always, stay FAR away from loose 'resaurus' on ebay. Photo discovered by Plushies4Ever
Fake Personalized Door Plaque
This is another of those annoying 'personalized' items that just come out looking bogus. They rip off some stock art, they throw on a name...they think they've got a winner. Bootleggers are also not afraid to make outrageous claims like that 'special dye processes' make ink magically unable to fade or that their plaques will last for eternity. So watch out for items which not only look suspicious, but also have some weird 'special properties' that the seller would love to tell you about. & for the zillionth time: personalization=FAKE Discovered by: LukeSonic Lover
Fake Lego Stickers
These "Lego Stickers" are bogus. The big give-away here is that they put about every character they could steal/make up art for onto one sheet. No copy right holders would allow that many of 'other peoples' characters' together into one sticker set. You've got Sonic (of course) but also power rangers, power puff girls, where's waldo, Scooby Doo gang, AND a few more for good measure. You're supposed to use these 'decals' to re-decorate your Lego men. However, there are no leg pieces, no backs, and likely no real attention to quality or detail. The 'mega grab bag style' is there (much like with faked games) to lure you in with quantity. Discovered by: Creatureofthedepths3
NO more photos for fake Sonic shirts will be accepted as long as this message is present. Too many of the 'same' type of bootleg shirts are submitted, and there are clearly infinite pieces of Sonic art to be mocked up, ironed on, and otherwise applied to a cheap tee. So unless a shirt brings something TOTALLY NEW and tricky / unique / gimmicky / ultra ugly / ultra fake it will get rejected. There are thousands of tees out there right now with just any art slapped onto them, and the pages of bootlegs will get redundant. Only shirts/clothing which demonstrate something new to avoid can be eligable for inclusion.
Super Sonic Super Phony Wall Decor
This fake item is supposed to be a 'wall decor' though there's no real easy way to 'hang' whatever material this thing is. Likely thin wood or plastic. The fakers here just traced some art (Sonic Channel art) to make the item, but they weren't paying any REAL attention because his eyes are yellow. Fakers are seldom real fans, so they don't care about details! Discovered by: Sonicfan09
fake letter opener
This is a fake Sonic letter opener. While it is an odd item, you can easily see how they faked this up. The oval dot in the handle is their gateway to ill-gotten-bucks.
With a device that can print on raised ovals (Or cheaply decal them!) they can make endless openers. Much like pin-buttons, bogus buckles, and other 'things' the modified part is churned out on a printer in someones basement. Discovered by: Techno1252
Fake Sonic lighter
A bogus lighter. They didn't bother to design this at all, just putting on any image they could steal that would fit on the surface of the lighter. Notice that it splits right in his face, and cuts off both of his hands, as well as the scenery. This makes the design look jumbled, and wrecks the art where you open it. The detail on the side shows that you'll get a case if you buy this bogus item. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from "Carsons Collectibles" on Amazon. The lighter, the above letter opener and MANY more lame cheap quality items are in their stupid 'store' trying to fool fans and gift givers. Discovered by: Techno1252
Watch Box Fake
This almost looks real, doesn't it? Look at the new shenannagins they're trying with this...putting the watch in a box with an official looking booklet (but look, Shadow wasn't in Sonic Rush!) and adding a pillow to display it. However, they give themselves away again by mixing in Shadow, and throwing Heroes symbol on the band, but then using what is likely to be a Secret Rings screen grab in the watch face. It's still a mash-up of stolen stuff...but it IS harder to spot. WATCH carefully for such fakes. Discovered by: JordanxSonic
Phony Pillow non-art ripoff
Double deceptive fake pillow. The art on this pillow isnt even real, so you know that it wont look nearly as good on the real thing, when they print it as cheaply as possible.
Pillows can be made much like iron-on cheap-o tees, just iron on the stolen art, then stuff the fake pillow and try to sell it. Discovered by: SonicFan09
This fake store turns out garbage by the ton over on Want to stop them? Report their store to Amazon for only selling fake Sonic things.
Stolen fan art pillow
This wiggly rectangle is meant to represent a 'Sonic pillow' which clearly, they could not go to the actual trouble of making 1 of for you to see. The art is actually stolen from a real Sonic Fan! Bootleggers will rip off anyone to try and make a profit. The art actually belongs to E-122-Psi which is on Deviant Art. Discovered by SonicFan09, info by Extremesonic101
Fake Knuckles Lego man thing
Paper face Sonic fake lego
Here are more fake Lego people 'dressed' to try and replicate Sonic characters. This time, they throw on some Sonic & Lego logos to try and make you think they're the real deal. But, they weren't paying attention to Knuckles' shoes (they're white) and the faces are decals which are stuck on. Discovered by: SonicFan09
Dumb face Sonic fake lego
Big nose Shadow fake lego man
Why are there so many fake Sonic legos? Here are 2 more bogus ones, except these seem to be replacing the regular lego-man heads with (poorly) molded ones. Look at their giant noses and wierd seperate eyes! They were paying more attention to the shoes, but clearly not the 'belly dot' on Sonic or that white patch on Shadow, they're both huge and badly done. No one is going to be fooled into thinking these are official Sonic legos with how bad they look, so why are the fakers bothering? Discovered by Smashboy99
Fake Sonic Bumper Sticker
Fake Sonic Sticker Sheets
Here are some bogus Sonic stickers. The small one at left is a 'bumper sticker' but really, they just stole some Stock art and printed it onto something 'shiny' (hence, the colors looking funny) to try and convince people to stick it to their car. The multi-sheets at right are also bogus. They're just big compilations of all the Sonic related art these losers could steal. Notice they mix Mario, Peach, Sonic Heroes, SA1 and Shadow the Hedgehog game art all together. The art may be real (really ripped off!) but that doesn't mean either of these items are legit. Right set discovered by: Plushies4Ever
Fake Sonic Lego Man wierdness
Yet another fake Sonic Lego! This one may be slightly better than the others, but that doesn't mean its any good. His detail free shoes, pointy horn like ears and oddly positioned belly dot still give him away. Photo discovered by SonicFan09
wrinkly fake Sonic suit
Another fake Sonic suit, this one with a fair attempt at a mascot style head. It mixes the modern style Sonic spikes with old-style eyes...and still has only 3 fingers on the hands. The ears are giant & oddly
placed, and the 'suit' part is rather wrinkly/bag like. With the head though, it's guarenteed to be QUITE expensive. Photo discovered by CrashTheHedgehog
Pointy Shadow & Crazy Knuckles fake figures
These overly pointy fake lego men figures probably go with the Sonic above...but clearly no fan is making these. What's that big white blot on Knuckles? It's like some details totally escape their notice. Like the fact that Knuckles does not have a mono-eye (yet he has his shoe bolts...whats up with that?) Photo discovered by KnucklesToast
Crazy hair Sonic Shadow lego people
What are these then? No one is going to mistake these crazy haired things for real Sonic figures...Lego or otherwise! Clearly they're supposed to be Sonic & Shadow, but look at the messy shaped belly dot/chest fur stuff and their gray boring shoes. Photo discovered by KnucklesToast
Bedroom of bootlegs! A nightmare!
Oh no, a whole bedroom of bootlegs! This nightmare of fakery combines stolen images of Sonic & Mario all over everything. No doubt everything is ironed-on...which means it may fade fast, wash right off, or become cracked/crinkly quickly. Look at that long wilted 'star man' above the bed, it looks nothing like that in the Mario games! They picked loads of boring images, with lots of white-space too. None of it makes much sense with Mario Sunshine, Blaze the Cat, and random Heroes art just thrown all over everything. This is quite a strange bootlegged scene. Photo discovered by:
Empire Skins Riders rip off
PSP fake Sonic Secret Rings Skin
These bogus skins/stickers are for the PSP & DS lite, but they've both got the same easy give-away to tell they're fake: they feature images from games NEVER released on the systems! Secret Rings was never on the PSP, and Sonic Riders was never on the DS. And what's going on with the skin going OVER the screen? Did they just forget to edit their graphic before creating the image? It still shows poor art placement, (half of Tails' face is missing, he appears in the cross button, & for the PSP you'd just get the edge of Sonic unless he was blotting out your screen) Fake skins are never any good, avoid 'em! Discovered by KnucklesToast
Tails Shoe Cover Fakes
Here's another 'thin line' item.
These are shoe covers, meant to be worn over your socks or shoes, to make them look like Tails' or Sonic's sneakers. They're actually a clever idea for costumes, it's rather too bad nothing like it is licensed. They're also similar to a fan item...anyone could likely make these in thier own home. Is it being mass-produced? Are they trying to rip people off, or is it just a 1-off fan sale attempt? It's items like these that become confusing for the section. Tails covers Discovered by KnucklesToast, Sonic covers discovered by Niososonic
Flat fake Sonic mask
A bogus (and bogus looking) Sonic mask. This is likely brought to you by the previous flat-mask maker who churned out a batch of amature felt pieces trying to lure halloween buyers in on ebay. With uneven ears, wiggly eyes, and a sort of strange face, it can't be confused with the real thing (only plastic Sonic masks were produced officially) Discovered by KnucklesToast
Fake Sonic shoe covers
Full suit of fake Shadow
Jumbled fake DS Lite skin
Thin line item again. Is this a fan suit, or is it a bootleg? Clearly, someone's trying to sell it...and they weren't paying 100% of attention (that chest fur thing Shadow has isn't a belly dot, the one there is too big) but still, it is a mysterious costume. Photo discovered by SonicFan09
This DS Lite skin shows the fake on every side. It's got alternate-costume Rouge, streteched out graphic Tails, random
tiny Vector shoved inside the hole for the Dpad for no reason, Knuckles with button holes all throughout his face, andan extra Sonic head shoved right ON the hinge so you can barely tell what it even IS. Fake skins not only rip-off Sonic, but 99% of them look terrible too. Always avoid! Discovered by: Legojimmie
Here's a "Super Sonic Suit" but's super noodly. The long thin spikes don't stand up at all, they just kind of droop down. The mask uses a mini-curtain to hide the chin, as most of the Sonic head is on top of the wearer's head. It's just like a giant pajama...there are no shoes to go with it, and simple winter-time gloves are the hands. Discovered by SonicFan09
White arm Sonic fake costume
Crazy spikes fake Sonic head
These are 2 parts of 1 big fake! The costume at left clearly wasn't paying attention, due to the giant size belly-dot...and the fact that it, and the arms are white and not beige. Then, the head/hat thing attempts to look like Sonic, but the spikes are just flat rows, and someone's forgotten that his ears are colored inside. It seems like fakers try to pay attention, but since they are out for money, they don't really know-know Sonic, and thus make really obvious mistakes. Discovered by Niososonic