How to Avoid Fake Sonic Merchandise Page 27
Fakery and junk abounds when bootleggers think they can get away with knocking off Sonic the Hedgehog!
Fight back by educating yourself on what NEVER to buy with these pages of photos and tips!

Remember, you vote with your money...any buying of fake junk only supports and encourages them to make more. Wouldn't you rather have awesome official items? Wouldn't you rather enjoy cool good quality stuff you know you can depend on? If you want the real deal, bootlegs are never the way to go.
Remember what a 'bootleg' item is:
It is an unofficial or unlicensed product being sold to the fans- by NON FANS. These can be home-made or made in a factory. They are not approved by the company who holds the license and are NOT made to any standard. The quality is usually low, leading to items which may break or wear out. Fake items may also be unsafe. Remember, bootleg makers are only after your money. They don't care at all about Sonic the hedgehog and are only out for a quick buck. Don't waste your money! Buy official SEGA Sonic things only, look for copyrights, and demand the real deal.
Iron On Transfers Submission: CLOSED (every single art on the internet can be one of these, know that it exists & if it's a transfer of any type it IS A FAKE. Bootleg Avoidance HUB Page
Fighters Fakes Ugly Doll Pile It's an ugly Fighters Fake out! This terrible pile of plushes are all phonies...and it shows in their bad details & stupid looking construction.
Of course, because the original STF Plushes are still wanted, fakers are still churning out garbage hoping to fool people. However, with how bad these look, it's (hopefully) unlikely. Usually they're just trying to shove 'fake Fang' upon everyone, but this (now easily avoidable seller) has a whole set of bogus dolls. The Fang's hat is red, which is wrong (should be brown) everybody's face is pretty much messed up, Espio's chest shape is just a wierd stripe? Amy is suddenly a cone-head & there's just a mess everywhere you look. Which is fortunate, because no one wants to make a mistake. Photos discovered by: Joe
Missing Spikes Shadow Ugly Doll Uh oh, it's extra-ugly Shadow! These fakers had...completely no idea what they were doing when they made him. Look at the spikes! He's missing over half of them, and what he does have, is wrong anyway. Then there's the no-effort blobby wrong-fingers mitten hands, bad 'red brow' thing, giant nose, snarly expression, poorly sewn eyes & bad proportions. He's a mess of mistakes so be sure to stay away from this seller too, it's a total ripoff. Photos discovered by: Pichu97
Vintage White Fake Stamped Stocking A bogus Stocking is a recipe for an UN-happy holiday!
This is a tad unusual, as it is a vintage fake. Older than most, it was faked up (very, very likely in Japan) when this art & logo style was current. It's a plain white soft cloth Christmas Stocking, complete with ribbon hang loop and festive tassel. But, that's all it is. Someone took some stolen art work for Sonic & the logo & pasted it on. (With closer inspection, you can see all the edges are quite pixelated & poor looking since they scaled up a stolen graphic to fit onto the stinky stocking) Ordinarily (probable) iron-ons don't make it due to their 'its already everywhere on everything' nature, but this one was not only fairly unique but old as well, and likely not from the US or EU area which makes it a little noteworthy. Photo by: brony247
Fake Faces Earbuds Here are some fake earbuds.
Do they look familiar? They might, because they seem to be made from the Crocs-Decorator holes flat rubber items. As in, they took that fake item and re-purposed it into some lame earbuds when nobody cared about the stupid Crocs shoe things. They're actually slightly ok, but they leave out the shine-dot for Sonic's eye which makes them look flat/poorly and gives it away as a phony. Avoid bootleg electronics because it's generic junk that's likely to break fast anyway. Photo by
Fake Embroidery Patch Tails
Here is a fake embroidered patch.
It's meant to look like the classic Tails patch but as you can see it's kind of shabby and starts leaving off details & getting things wrong right away. First, he's only got 1 tail with 2 tips, his other shoe is orange, there's no gap under his arm, the mouth is orange because they were too cheap to change the thread and the shoe buckle is white where it should be gray. They got the pose, but because they're so cheap/poor quality all the left out junk and mistakes go shining through to make this bootleg look bad--and it is! No-good item discovered by:
Archie Covers Bootleg Backpack Looks like it's time to steal from Archie again...
This time with a bootleg backpack. This faker has stolen up a whole batch of Archie Sonic Comic covers and compiled them into a nasty mish-mash for this pack. It's supposed to look like a collage, but as they cut off all the signatures, credits & actual important bits to the art, it just comes across as more of a clutter. Notice also the "SatAM Robotnick" here too, a sure sign of a fake because everything was forced to stop using the likeness ages ago.
Because Archie lost the license to Sonic (or gave it up, it's unclear yet what happened in 2017) this company must have been thinking it was in the clear to just take all their efforts. This bag may turn up in "Anime Stores" that pop up in malls for the holidays with various official and bootleg gifts/items mixed together. Consider these places like you would Ebay, and shop with a careful eye. Photo by: Crystal SonicFan
Awful Raisin Amy
Annnd what do we have here.
Awful Raisin Amy. This stupid fake doll seems to be putting forth the least effort possible in every way. No fingers! No shoe-bows/laces! No quality! Who do they think they're going to trick with this awful plush? It's not even cute, no child would be happy with it. The ears are little flat flaps, her headband is strange/wrong, the eyes are uneven, the wrong color, and the 'shine dot' is in the wrong place, her 'shirt' is just junk & the skirt is shrivelled/poorly done. What's even wrong with her lower face/nose? You'd be harder worked to find something right with it. The effort put into making this thing is baffeling because why even make something at all, if they're just going to get nearly 100% of the detail wrong or badly done? Discovered by Pichu97
Big-nose the Bad-figure Eew, a scary figure fake!
It's big-nose the bad-figure. Fake figures that are all their own mold, and not some rip-off low-quality version of something else are quite uncommon. (Though this is not the first) This vague attempt has the figure with the wrong amount of spikes, a huge noodle-Pinnochio type nose, scary strange eyes, ape like arms and fat, wrongly shaped shoes. Even more oddly, it does have it's own box (Fakers usually don't bother with packaging, it adds too much cost) however, even that is a rip off.
How? The badly colored (it fades into the blue background) logo is "Sonic World" an emblem/logo that belongs to a fan-made game, so basically they stole it. This is the same company (probably) that made "Popco Mario" knock-off (Popco is real, but fakes are often generated from their molds. "Boneco" seems to be a company that may be associated with this odd figure. Discovered by Mistery14
Crinkly Spikes Bad Plush This fake has terrible, crinkly spikes.
The fabric is so cheap & big that the single line of 'spikes' just looks like a rumpled mess. Choosing a poor or really wrong material on something that might have otherwise been passable seems like a fake tactic. Sure, the hands are super small, but the face/expression isn't horrible & the body/legs aren't really bad either. It's the mess they've made of his spikes that's the giveaway here. Photo discovered by: Pichu97
Pez Fakes Head Toppers Apparently not much is safe from fakery...not even...PEZ?
These are fake/ish Pez candy dispensers. The dispensers themselves (tall rectangle) are likely a copycat mold of some kind/knockoff even though it still has the raised logo texture. The gimmick of a Pez dispenser is that it has famous character heads for the lid that's also the candy dispenser. Flipping up the head lets a spring inside push a candy up. In this case, it seems like someone is re-purposing the fake action figure heads into lids to concoct these bogus mash-up items. Photo discovered by: Pichu97
Terrible No-Nose Frightful Keychains Uh oh, here's a big crop of really nasty keychains!
These awful rubbish flat rubber keychains are just pretty much the worst. Look at the Sonic! He has NO NOSE AT ALL! And is super...odd because of it. Metal Sonic has a super arm malfunction, wrong eyes, & dot nose. Amy's shoes/shoe tops are melting, Super Sonic has a super distorted face, Tails is squished/mutant and Knuckles...still doesn't look good but hasn't gone horribly wrong some how.
What are these lousy things trying to accomplish? They're just plain awful so they're not going to fool anyone. Trashy, no-effort fake. Photo discovered by: Pichu97
Shoe Top Buckle Small Fake A yucky doll is small...but stupid.
This small size doll is just as rotten as any of the bigger ones around here. The buckles are somehow on the tops of the shoes which are like...fat hotdogs or something, there's no real shape to them, and they're just kind of bizzarre leg-extensions. The plastic eye pieces are sewn on upside-down (somehow, they love making this error) & where are the spikes? Small, shrivelled ears, big nose & odd body complete the bad look. This fake does have a plastic hanger hook on the top though...but whoever made it needs to hang out to dry up instead. Photo discovered by: Pichu97
White Shoe Fake What went wrong here?
This strange phony has all-white shoes. Did they forget the color? What happened? The buckles are still yellow, and the soles are still gray. Notice his hands, with the really big 'pointing finger'. These are probably based on the "Big Finger" dolls (both real and fake) that had the disproportionate pointing finger. (Stealing a pattern even if it's no good is easier than making one. Sonic's shoe color is missing here, but so is his mouth. The doll itself is probably a copycat or a mash-up of others just like the hands. It's not completely terrible or super ugly, but the missing color is a real stand out & strange mistake to make. Photo discovered by: Pichu97
Sonic WRONG Colors Part 3
Sonic Colors? Try Sonic ALL WRONG Colors!
This is actually the 3rd time someone's been barfing a wrongbow of colors onto phony fingers. (The others are on Page 19) This time the Tails has orange Tails while Sonic is still missing his nose & SuperSonic is somehow pink. Stolen Heroes art is all around & the 'colors' branding just draws more attention to everything that's the wrong color.
Not only is the color bad, it looks like the paint job is too (unsurprisingly) Oddly though, it looks like they actually took care with the bubble card packaging and even the strip of extra shaped/die-cut art there at the bottom. What an odd find this is. Photo discovered by: Pichu97
Doughy Sad Ugly Bootleg
Just look at this doughy sad thing!
This nasty old fake plush has the terrible 'eyes in the eyes' thing going on with big, plastic white eyes stuck inside of Sonic's eye. The pattern here doesn't seem to be a copy of anything because it is just so floppy and messy while still suffering from 'big body'. The belly dot isn't even a dot, since it connects with his giant double chin he's got going there. The nose is big, the ears are small and the spikes are withered. The legs however...are oddly at least an ok length but the traffic-cone shaped small shoes don't help, neither do the understuffed and withered arms with tiny lame no-effort hands. The open-ish thick center mouth only adds to the rather apathetic look/expression on the too-big lower face. The whole thing just seems so 'meh' hung here from a suctioncup.
(The Tails up there next to him does seem to be official, but only serves to make this dumb thing look worse.) Photo discovered by: Pichu97
Curly Creep Sonic Strange Doll It's curly & it's creepy! It's definetely kooky!
It's the bad bootleg plush! Look at this mixed-up oddity: it's a fairly large Sonic plush but they've given him the mouth from a Knuckles. Then, did they try to combine the two characters? The spikes for Sonic crinkle into thin points that kind of curl upward in the wrong direction. They're as thin as Knuckles' spikes. His hands are pretty big, but they do have distinct fingers. But look: blue arms. Then, the shoe stripe is too wide, but it is also gray which is wrong.
Wat a super strange item to invent. Someone had to go to an amount of trouble making up an all new and bizzarre pattern to create this doll. But who is it supposed to fool? Certainly no fan would get this thing on purpose. It's odd enough to be a spectacle though. Photo discovered by