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With the most exclusive stuff out of all of the rest of the countries of South America, Brazil gets its own page of Sonic items! There's likely more than what's pictured here, but for some reason, photos of the items are scarce on the internet. This page can have either classic or modern items.
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Habib Ragazzo Meal Toy Figures Two fast food restaurants in Brazil got together to release a set of 'mini type' Sonic toys. It's Habib's and Ragazzos, with this set of 4 plastic figures. They are done in a "simplified" but not quite "Chibi/little-big-heads" style. They have Sonic, Tails Amy and Eggman, all modern design.
Habibs Ragazzo Toy Sonic Brazil The simplification means bigger heads, everyone in the same arm pose, flat color for the eyes, and shorter limbs. The logos image above is done by the restaurants themselves, and their style would lead you to think they're very small.
Look at the photo where the person actually got one- they're big! Maybe even the size of a Jakks Pacific figure? Also, with the arm up, it proves that the arms have a simple shoulder joint (and I would bet the head turns too) The mis-step that happens here is that the figure you actually get has some paint flaws (note around the eyes, green part, and nose) However, it is still a pretty big figure that is free with the meal, so an imperfection might be expected. Each one having a different expression is also a good touch for design. Upper photo by Habib's & Ragazzos, left photo by SonicMerchNewsTwitter
Superstars Promo Pin Brazil Gameshow Brazil had a video games show/convention, where Sonic Superstars was shown at a booth with videos and demos. As is traditional with booths, they also had a bit of swag: this nice little exclusive pin. It's metal with enamel glaze over the classic style walking Sonic art. The art appears to be all new for this/it is not some old stock art or something repurposed.
It looks good here, the pin is a nice size, the art is well shaded and it looks cheerful. This is likely to be an uncommon item since it was a booth exclusive. photo by SonicMerchNewsTwitter