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Canada didn't have a whole lot of Sonic stuff, but what there is, is certainly worth looking at!
A lot of the time Canada could import things from the USA (which had loads of stuff) because there weren't annoying things like region-locks or whole oceans getting in the way or raising import costs for buyers of cool stuff. However, for some reason, the things that were made in Canada, tended to stay there and not filter down into the USA or go around the world...which is sort of dissapointing because there's cool stuff here too! The items here can be a mix of classic & modern.
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Woolco Sega Canada Sonic 1 Tee Here's a rather rare shirt. It was made & distributed in Canada. (see tag) This was made for Sonic 1, and you can see they use the Japan art of Sonic and place him in the winged ring from the title screen. The border says "His Name Is Sonic". Woolco stores (like a department store) had this shirt. You're actually looking at the back of it. The front top left chest area has that WoolCo logo you see in the inset. This was made in adult sizes. Woolco is no longer in business, it was bought out by WalMart in 1994 . This is a curious collectible shirt with an interesting graphic & style. Added info by TReKiE
Sonic Chocolate Bar display and food item. Moulded Sonic the hedgehog chocolate Sonic Adventure Food Item
Sonic Choco bar Raw photo
Sonic Chocolate Bar display and food item.
Floor Display Sonic Chocolate Variety Candy Here's something interesting, 2 different kinds of Sonic Adventure 1 chocolates. One is a bar with peanut, peanut butter, and caramel, coated in chocolate. The other is a peanut butter cup (complete with edge-ridges) which must be like a Reesy Cup. The last is the store display you never saw them dispensed from! Canadian Sonic Adventure 1 Chocolates
These are annoying, because they were obviously planned out, yet magically no one's ever seen them. Being Sonic Adventure 1, they were recent as well. You can tell these are not from the USA or England, because they are weighed in Grams and not Ounces.
These are the company's own photos, taken from a now-defunct website. These were supposed to be released in Canada and the USA, but despite the good looks of these photos, they were scarce. They must have originated in Canada first, due to the spellings and the measurments.
Red & Blue Chocolate Boxes Are these the boxes of chocolate from the displayer above? They sure look like they could be. The red isn't as burgundy as it appears above, but the pose & look of the boxes are pretty much the same. Why are they two different colors? The page just mentioned Chocolate & PB, with a trading card. Did they actually end up coming with a card? It's very interesting to see that at least some of these were released....
Photo discovered by SonicBoy19
Canada Microfleece Mens Pajama Pants Here is a nice pair of microfleece pajama pants. They're in mens' sizes so they'll fit anyone. They have an elastic & draw-string waist. The pants are blue, with a simple & large all-over pattern of forward-facing classic Sonic heads. They're packaged in a simple card band that shows the pattern & the size. These were found in a Canadian Walmart, but will they be a Canada exclusive, or will they show up elsewhere? This is a winter 2012 release. Photo & owned by Kitsune Li
Children's Place Faux Wear Sonic Longsleeve Children Place Blue Blur Sonic Shirt Children Place Long Sleeve Red Var
Here is a selection of 3 long sleeve tees from The Children's Place clothing store in Canada. They're pretty diverse, but look at that tag! It should be familiar if you've gotten some recent tees in the USA too. It's the dark blue rectangle with logo & Sonic/Tails at the bottom that just says "Sega" on it. The first shirt uses faux-wear/weatering for some reason...even though the design & font style are modern. It shares the design with a hoodie on USA Winter Wear 4. The 2nd shirt is somewhat unique in that it refers to Sonic as "The Blue Blur" in blocky letters at the bottom. That's usually regarded as more of a 'classic type phrase'. The 3rd shirt with Shadow, Knuckles Blaze & Sonic uses a design from a short sleeve white USA tee. This still has the rainbow of colored pixels for the background, but it's harder to see on the red fabric. These are winter 2012/2013 releases. You may be able to buy one or more of these online with the Children's Place website link. Photos & owned by Kitsune Li
Fall Sonic Blue Canada Walmart Tee This shirt is from a Canada Walmart, does that mean it'll appear in the USA too? Walmarts seem to share their items. This tee features 'falling/leaping back' modern Sonic, with a nice fade on the vertical logo. He's got red screen-tone dots to add a sort of texture to the background. Photo & owned by Kitsune Li
Rectangle Character Portrait Tee 2 Shirt & Cap Sonic Combo Set Tumble Stars Ring Sonic
Here are 3 different shirts found in Canada Wal Marts. You'll easily recognize the first one with rectangle character close-up portraits as a variant of the USA version of this same design. The difference here is, that the tee is navy blue. The 2nd is a long sleeve shirt & cap combo item. The shirt has a nice new design, with Sonic in front of a big red star-bumper like shape. The cap (interestingly enough) has the SonicTeam Sonic face all-blue logo embroidered on. There are rows of little yellow & red stars beside it. The third shirt has backward leap/tumbling Sonic in front of a ring of stars that has the "SA" type swirl in the middle. Each ones is a boys/teens size. Photos & owned by Kitsune Li
Classic 1990s Boys Black Tee This black tee is from the 1990s, it's a genuine classic item. It's a kids size shirt, that is mostly likely something only sold in Canada. (Wherever it's from, it's uncommon) It uses an uncommon stock art of Sonic 'hand hopping' over something, in this case, they've put the logo there. The art is shaded and retains the buckles on the shoes. (This isn't common from the early art, since the USA design deleted the buckles for whatever reason.)
It's too bad that it's old and uncommon, as the design with different art is fresh looking.
Toy Factory Canada Sonic Tails Plushes A company called "Toy Factory" is getting into making Sonic plushes! This "Coming Soon" ad appears in early 2016. The Canada flag there in the corner means it's guarenteed to appear there.They have Sonic & Tails so far in classic style. The factory photos here look ok, the feet are a little small, but the hands look about normal, & the bodies are pretty proportional. Tails' face does something new, the fur at the edges of his face-bottom are not off the side, but rather folded back onto the head.
Toy Factory makes 'redemption prize' toys, like for carnival prizes/cranes/games etc. They're actually a USA based company, so these will appear in the USA also. The Canada flag is a guarentee for there/may indicate there first. Hopefully someone can win these soon! Info added by Sonic9908 This entry can finish with fan photos to see the backs of the dolls where they may be won.
Armadillo Clothing Sonic Embroider Jacket
Here's a cool jacket from Canada.
Its made by "Armadillo Clothing" of Canada. (You can see it on the tag in the back there) It's an all black jacket with snap/button front & long sleeves. It has a very big all-embroidered design on the back of arms-crossed classic Sonic & the classic logo. The front chest area on one side has the Sega logo embroidered on, fairly large. This IS a classic item.
Large expanses of embroidery are quite quality and difficult to do. It wears well, keeps the color nicely & usually captures nice detail for the art. This jacket was likely pricey when it was new. Now, it is uncommon. Photos & owned by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Toy Factory Canada Prize Plush Sheet In 2017 Canada gets some good news, and a little bad news with this sheet. It's from a trade publication (so, for stores/retail) & shows the planned plushes that Toy Factory wants to release. They're sold by the case (so, only lots at once) and are to act as amusement prizes (so, carnival type games) and crane-game (UFO) type prizes too. They give 1 example photo of a doll, a classic Sonic, & use a CG shot of Sonic Tails & Knuckles to sort of show they're planning more characters.
The Sonic doll here is exactly the same one from their 2016 ad above.
What's the bad news? It looks like the above "Classic Tails" plush has been cancelled. If you look at the list, there are several sizes for classic Sonic (Up to 24 inch! Nice & big) some assortments where you could get multiple characters in 1 box, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles Sonic Modern & Amy Rose too. However, everyone except Sonic is labeled as Modern. When will these begin to appear? Will they do just as good a job with the other characters as they seem to here with the classic Sonic? Write in for credit if you see one/win one. Discovered by Pat Mac
Here is Toy Factory's actual classic Sonic plush. This was won in a claw machine in 2017.
Toy Factory may be partially based in Canada, but it also has a Texas USA address as seen there on the paper tag. So, it's likely these dolls will be win-able in both countries.
The doll itself is just ok. It's probably "expected quality" from something like a prize doll or a give-away. The feet are super tiny, as ar the hands. The head/body ratio is OK, and the face is pretty decently shaped. His ears are a little odd, the blue 'edge' area is very thick and pointy at the top/tip. Also, look at his spikes. He has the right number of them, but the head isn't constructed quite correctly. From the side, it's important to be able to see all 3 spikes so he has a proper profile going on...but with the way they're arranged on this doll, he appears to have only 2. So, while it's not a mutant, there's still a bit to be looked for. The last photo (inset) shows the size, with him next to a Tomy Boom small/regular size doll. Notice that the tag is labeled "Collectors Edition" -- why? Does it mean 'classic'? Photos by:
Toy Factory 2018 Sonic Assortment Toy Factory is back in 2018, with this ad /page from a catalog. It says "Sonic Modern Assortment" at the top,'s not really all true. These are still prize plushes so the quality will be 'ok' still, but they're mis-labled. The Tails is classic, but he's labeled 'modern' & then there's Classic Sonic (for real) outside the box. Shadow is also labled 'modern', even though he was never classic to begin with. It's a bit of a mix-up!
The patterns seem ok, but Sonic's feet are super tiny regardless, Amy's spikes barely exist, Shadow has super tiny feet too & Tails' ears are a bit odd. Interestingly, Knuckles & Amy seem the best proportion-wise. Hopefully these turn up at an arcade or carnival soon to have a better look Discovered by Pichu97
Large Tails Prize Plush
Here is a large prize plush Tails.
He's hung up high on some pegs and is clearly larger than other dolls on display. It's clearly Modern Tails, note the blue eyes. The hands are rather flat/paddle like and don't seem that well shaped, but they're not super tiny/badly proportioned. The feet may be a tad under-stuffed, as with the tails, but it's hard to tell due to the angle. They did pay attention to his face edge fur, bangs & large ears. His center-smile expression & small nose are cute as well. Over all, for a big size prize, this probably isn't a bad doll at all. If anyone manages to win one, better photos could be added. Photo by BFox