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Canada didn't have a whole lot of Sonic stuff, but what there is, is certainly worth looking at!
A lot of the time Canada could import things from the USA (which had loads of stuff) because there weren't annoying things like region-locks or whole oceans getting in the way or raising import costs for buyers of cool stuff. However, for some reason, the things that were made in Canada, tended to stay there and not filter down into the USA or go around the world...which is sort of dissapointing because there's cool stuff here too! The items here can be a mix of classic & modern.
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Sonic 2 Wheel Outdoor Scooter A Sonic scooter?
It seems so! This is a kids size outdoor scooter with 2 wheels and a simple handlebar design. The foot board area has CG jumping/punch Sonic on it, there's a star bumper on the bar that attaches the footboard to the body, the "S" in star ring above the front wheel, and 4 gold rings on each side of the upright bar. The handlebars are plain black/soft rubber guards. The handle bar height is adjustable. The wheels are black hard rubber, with red plastic cores.
It's nicely Sonic-designed, it doesn't feel generic or boring. The mystery is how it got to Canada. This was made for Europe by a Netherlands company but somehow the scooter only shows up in Canadian product listings.
Wackers French Package Sonic Pogs Here is a French package of "Wackers!"
But they are really just pogs or milk caps. To avoid copyright of the original/s, this company calls their circle cardboards Wackers & their metal/plastic heavy piece a "Smacker". Notice how neither of those words translate into French, but everything else here does. The pog set itself you've seen before, it's easy to recognize by the circle shapes with the logo on the back & how they are numbered. What's interesting is that they use Knuckles for the Smacker instead of Sonic when there's only 1 included. The French words there are basically what's included which is the plastic jar for them, and an instruction sheet on how to play it. (Folded inside jar) They're simply bubble carded...but look how totally 90s the card is with the colors going wild & scribbly design. This might also be from actual France too. Discovered by Hedgy