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Certainly, lots of things here on SonicGear are made in China....
However, this is a page of items made FOR China! There are so many people who live there, that it just has to have a fan base for Sonic as well. The way to tell Chinese things apart, is usually by looking at the text. While Japan uses some similar word items (a kanji) China only uses kanji-like word items. These look complicated & are easy to spot in most cases. Also, keep in mind a lot of bootlegs come from China too...but REAL manufacturers aren't afraid to use copyrights, trademark-symbols, and say who the licenseor is. With a little bit of looking you can probably spot even more items. This page will have a mix of older & new items.
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Large size modern Chinese Knuckles Plush Here is a large size modern Knuckles plush.
He's offical, but he's also somewhat run-down. The tag you can see is still on him, but it's all in Chinese so you can't read it anyway. The fabric of his shoes didn't stand the test of time very well at all. It was that 'plasti-coated' fabric which has a shiny or leathery look. However, that stuff isn't always stable, even in ideal conditions, and here you can see that it is mostly disintigrated and likely made a huge mess in someone's house.
But the rest of the doll is just fine (naturally) the fists are pretty big, chest stripe is good, expression seems normal & the legs are long enough. He would be a good collectible, if not for the poor fabric of the shoes. Photo discovered by Pichu97/Charlie
Happy Fuzzy Chinese Sonic Plush
This cheerful looking plush is rather fuzzy. The fabric for each of the colors looks soft, maybe related to the fabric of the USA's Caltoy Sonic doll. Tag is rather non-descript, just saying Segasonic with the copyright & year. This would mean that China had also adopted the Japan 'segasonic' labelling that they had in the earlier years. The glove cuff & sock riding up is a normal thing that could happen (Caltoy did it too) because some companies didn't tack them down with a stitch, though they should have. His ears could use a little placement work, but notice they do have blue borders.
Most note-able are the spikes, which unlike the Caltoy, have them how they actually should be/are accurate and not some flat felt flaps. His head size is good, and the expression is cheerful. Why is one eye different? Because the painted-on white highlight on the plastic part has chipped off with age & wear. Photos by Pichu97/Charlie
18 Inch Large Chinese Sonic This is a large (the biggest?) 18 inch Sonic plush. Most of the plushes made in China for China aren't quite this big. But...something else here is really big too. Look at his back! The body shape has loads of extra material, which is uncommon...because if something is going to go off-model, it usually goes the way of cutting something out. But it's like they took a regular Sonic doll and sewed a cube of extra fabric to the back
of it. Or maybe like a backpack. Sonic's classic body was basically a sphere, but now he is a cube. That doesn't stop it from looking decent, though because they have the face right. The smile is good, the ears stand up, the eyes are nice & everything's pretty proportional for a classic era item. The hands have all the fingers detailed in, too. The fabric looks to be soft, and of a good quality & texture. It's good to see different countries getting a selection of sizes. Photos & owend by Pichu97/Charlie