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When Archie Comics either lost or gave up the Sonic license in 2017, IDW picked it up.
The IDW Sonic comic is supposed to start in 2018. It's a successful enough publisher of books on 'already created' franchises like My Little Pony, which seems to satisfy the fans well enough. (so, ok track record)
IDW Sonic comic cover image This is the first known image IDW has let out for their Sonic comic.
It's a promotional cover of some kind, with full color sliding Sonic & lower toned art for background Tails, Knuckles & Amy. The image was discovered in fall 2017, so, pretty well ahead of 2018 when they plan to start the book.
The art is fine, it's not trying to duplicate any particular style such as Archie that came before it, or use CG tricks to try and clone Sega stuff. Featuring Sonic, but having other characters present & 'ready for action' is also a great sign that the fans will get enough focus on their favorite characters. *Of course, the book can be anything at all once it's released, but this particular sample cover illustrates some good decisions. Discovered by Taaron