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Looking at and collecting Sonic stuff is great. But what if you want to make your OWN Sonic things?
Then, this is the right place. SonicGear presents this interesting variety of Sonic projects you can make in your own home. Each page contains photos, step by step directions and lists of items and skills that you'll need to complete the project. This section includes pure fan-projects, as well as some official crafts from Sonic Team and other suppliers. In that case, the photos and directions are supplied by those companies and are simply hosted here for your use/convenience.

Pick a catagory below that you'd like to work with, to see all the projects available for it.

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Sonic the Hedgehog Paper Projects Sonic the Hedgehog Cloth Projects
Cutting, folding, stenciling...if you like working with paper, this is for you! With 3D crafts and downloadable PDFs, getting started is easy! Sewing is lots of fun, and you can see plenty of Sonic related cloth items here, including how to make your own plushes & more! SECTION COMING SOON
Push the following link to obtain the "Sonic Knitting Patterns Set". The patterns themselves are rather large, and there are several of them (plus cover & example photos) so the whole thing has been set up into a .zip file.

When you use the link, the browser you're using will probably do some kind of "Would you like to save this file", and the name should be "Sonic Knitting"

Once you save it, you can unzip it and then print out the patterns if you want to try it.

Sonic the hedgehog food projects
Sweets & baked goods, plus so much more can be used with a fun Sonic theme! Learn how to make Sonic themed foods & food tools here too!
Knitting Patterns Thumbnails Booklet This is the thumbnail for the knitting patterns you'll get if you download this .zip file. Get the Sonic Knitting

Pattern book by Intarsia, digitized by Or@ngeUnicorn1984