Sonic the Hedgehog essays and theories
These aren't actually Sonic the Hedgehog products you can buy or find anywhere. These are just the sometimes random, but always thought-out essays and theories of a Sonic Fan. There's so much to think about and do in the Sonic community, why not read about even more?
Why Is Tails Great?
Do you like Tails? Hate him? It doesn't matter which camp you're in, this is curiously logical and useful to read. This helps to understand a role Tails fills, even if nearly no one recognized it was even needed.
Shadow's Got a Gun! Is it more than you can handle?
Oh the drama and the contraversy! Everyone knows that the new game is extra contraversial, and has somewhat divided the fans over the use of fire-arms. Is all this "Dark Edginess" good? Or is it a step down the path to failure and doom? It may not matter because:

The new Shadow the Hedgehog game may be more than anyone can handle.

Archie's Giant Pit
What do you do when you dig a hole for yourself that you can't escape from? This attempts to explain how and why Archie Sonic Comics got to where they are now, and poses a solution that no one will ever use because they don't care.
Stop the Scalping
Action figure collectors have had the problem for years. With Toy Island really turning up the juice on figures that Sonic collectors demand, Scalping has become an issue for Sonic fans! What can you do to recognize it and avoid it? Why shouldn't you do it?