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Sonic the Hedgehog Costume Characters in the USA
The USA does not have all that many Sega related events, so naturally there are not as many opportunities to see Costume characters around. However, Sonic Gear is bringing the photos of the ones that were...even if they're scary!
This page is for CLASSIC costumes and older costumes. (1990s through 2001 or so) See Mascot Suits 2 for modern costumes.
Plastic Head Sonic Costume at a Con Photo Here is a giant plastic-ey head costume (A recent one too! See the green eyes?) posing with some guy who might be named "Marcus". They seem to be infront of a Mario Kart display, this is likely to be at a game show.
Everyone said they'd never see the day, Sonic and Mario walking down the street having a nice conversation. Well, here it is! Not sure where this took place, but it's interesting to see both the costumes together NOT in a game show setting. Sonic & Mario Costume Characters together
Sonic OldStyle Costume in office photo Sonic is in a room...somewhere. This seems to be one of the later old-style costumes, but why does it look like it's in some office? It may be a fan suit, but it is unconfirmed.
A tiny picture of a big-head suit! Doesn't this remind you of one of the older plushes from the Japan Sonic Plushes page? It looks like his arms are coming out of his neck though... A Giant Head Sonic Costume Suit
Terrible Sonic Costume with Michael Jackson! A wierd looking Sonic Mascot and...none other then Michael Jackson! He's still fairly mutated in this photo, but he has not yet completed his transformation into a Zalthrobian Underdweller. The costume's not that accurate either, Sonic looks somewhat like a teddy-bear with small eyes and a big strange mouth. The body-part is also giant as well. Why does this photo exist? What was the occaision?
It has long been rumored that Michael Jackson was a Sonic fan, and even contributed to the music of Sonic 3. The issue may be debated, but it is interesting nonetheless. You can read an article about it at Sonic Retro complete with sound samples, interview pieces and more! It's really an interesting issue to read up on. Fact provided by David Baker
Hairy Tails Costume with Ugly Sonic Suit Races?
A day gone wrong at the races? This is supposed to be from some Race-Car area, with possibly a famous guy, Chris Evans. Look at the Tails though! He is made from a 1960's carpet gone horribly awry! And are those eyebrows? Tails doesn't even HAVE eyebrows. Also, the Sonic is kind of scary with a giant mouth and um..flappy neck thing. This photo was in Fleetway of the UK's Sonic the Comic. Extra info by Redkun.
Sonic Adventure McDonalds Drive Thru Costume Around the time of SonicAdventure McDonalds had a big Sonic promotion, and this photo is a part of that. Here, a mascot is tending the drive-thru and wearing a McDonalds hat. Yes, the happy-meal box is collectible and they also released toys to go with it. You can see those on the Sonic Fast Food Page.
And you thought all the scares were over with the pictures above! Mutant alert! Hideous Soccer Sonic Mascot Mutant Suit
Oh man, this is like some vaguely-shaped Sonic alien thing. It looks like it's all lycra, but what is that head! This misfortune is shown with a Soccer guy wearing a Sega this can't be a misguided fan-attempt. It's from a real 1990s event, and the photo was in a UK Annual.
There are some really 'whoops' interperatations of Sonic the Hedgehog out there...and this is one of them. Perhaps that flying soccer-ball will save our dignity and end it all.
Odd Recent 1-finger costume Sonic Perhaps the USA is under a curse.
A curse to never get Sonic suits right! Argh they are always so terrible and look nothing like him. Here we have a velour-looking interperatation of Sonic with wrinkly arms, small belly-dot, and green Sonic Adventure style eyes. Look at the huge nose and 1-finger hands!

With how awful many of these darn suits are, Sonic Costume Characters USA is fast spiraling into being a sub-page of the mutant section. When will the tyranny of horrible costumes end? Is this thing even real?

Wiggly Mouth Sonic Big Head Suit Wrinkle Arm Sonic Mascot Side View Strange Sonic Costume Back Here is a mysterious (yet not very good) mascot suit. It is obviously amongst other mascots (note decapitated animal mascot head pile in the background) The head is trying, but it is huge and the wiggly mouth just rather ruins it. It is possible it could be a fan suit...but usually you don't see the big stuffed heads on such items. Note the wrinkly arms and bunched up legs. Also, the hands only have 4 fingers...

Apparently this was attempting to be sold on ebay as a "Flesh Suit" because the listing was somewhat 'engrish', but it was taken down before it could sell. (odd...usually bootlegs (if thats what this is) get away with it on ebay.) Was it ever official? Likely to be a bootleg of some sort.

Tiny Hands Sonic of GameWorks Mascot Back View GameWorks Here's a mascot suit which can appear at GameWorks arcades in the USA. A Gameworks is an arcade for teens/adults, with a large variety of modern arcade games and sometimes even laser tag arenas. Unlike Chuck E Cheese's it's meant for everyone, not just little kids, and most serve food. To keep the excitement going, some of them can have Sonic mascot suits appearing. This one has annoyingly small hands, which makes it look kind of wierd. The head is ok, and the spikes certainly seem well placed/3D from the back. The shoes are decent too, though he is rather rolly-polly looking more like Classic Sonic, though it does have green eyes.
This mascot suit may be recent/modern, but it's certainly not the best. Look how fat and square it is! It has such a case of 'big body', it makes the arms look short and strange. By looking at the 'M' symbol in the background, you can tell this likely appeared at a Sonic/Mario Olympic Games (summer or winter) type of event. However, why in this day and age, where you can clearly see loads of better suits in and outside the USA, would they let such a fat one appear? Photo discovered by Silverknux
Fluffy Puffy Air Sonic Suit
Look at this strange & unique Sonic mascot suit! Unlike a regular suit which is made from structured foam & cloth this one relies on air power to keep its shape. It is like a combination of a wind-powered Sonic stand-up & a mascot. Even the face is VERY similar to the 'spring sitting wind power' Sonic seen on USA Store Displays...Notice also that it is classic-looking, but appeared in 2010. How did that happen? Being air powered leaves something to be desired though, as the arms are wrinkly, the legs are fat and the whole thing looks fluffy and sort of odd. The shirt is attached to it, as the suit is advertising GameStop's new PowerUp Rewards program. Apparently, it sent this suit out to events to stir up popularity/gather attention. Still, it is very interesting to see. Discovered by CrashbandicootPro7
Rosie O'Donnel Show Mascot Suit In 1999 Rosie O'Donnel got either her own show, it was a daytime talk show called "Rosie O'Donnel Show". For a segment on the show to help promote the Dreamcast, a Sonic mascot suit appeared to give her a Sonic plush & a Dreamcast sign. The suit is modern style, and looks rather furry/fluffy. Anyone who was in the audience for the show that day got a free Dreamcast system. (It's common for such shows to give out free swag to attendees, much like the Oprah show did) Discovered by PiplupFan77, info provided by Sonictoast.
This can't be all the costume characters & mascots for the USA...