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It all started with the games.
The entire Sonic fandom would not exist if not for the wonderful video games that brought Sonic to life. A revolution in speed and fun, Sonic's games are his most popular Gear to collect. This section is here to provide reviews and actual write-ups of play-experiences of the games so you can get a feel for what they're like, even if you didn't beat them, or never had the opportunity to play them. Sonic Gear is here to bring you as close to having the items as you can get!
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This section was not due to be released for quite some time. However, the current Shadow-Bashing and flying misconceptions about the game forced and early opening to try expose the facts about the latest Sonic Team release.

Shadow The Hedgehog
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What is the Sega Channel?
"It was a very complicated process, a cable company needed to set up new equipment into the house's headend, integrate service authorization into their sales center, and purchase the game adapters. Game adapters were manufactured by Scientific Atlanta and General Instruments, with a cost to the cable operators of approximately $100 per item. Sometimes, they even had to clean a "Pole" to make sure that all content was received. The service itself however was 14.95 per month

It may of also had something to do with the telephone:
Not sure about the phone line thing, I think yes but I can't give a real answer. Also, the bootup screen showed a Genesis with the Sega Channel in it's cartridge slot and there is a wire going into the wall, I think it's a phone line.

It was likely to be RAM based.
1. Technically you COULD save games. You just couldn't play another one. If you got a game off Sega Channel and you turned your Genesis off, you could still play it, as long as you didn't insert another game.

2. People were considered very lucky if Sega Channel was even offered in their area, it wasn't a very widespread thing."
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"It was available in the USA in 1997. Basically, it was a monthly service that came through your TV cable company. A large cartrige with wires connected to the wall plugged into the Genesis. Once in, you could choose from a variety of game genres, then actually choose different games that you could play the full versions of! You could even play trials of games that were not yet released. There were about 30 games to choose from at any given time, and the list was changed each month. The only drawback was that it took long periods of time to load each game.

Much like the GameGear and Dreamcast, this technology seemed to be way ahead of its time, but I guess it wasn't very successful because it died out shortly thereafter."
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