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This page features a mix of old and new German Sonic items. While all came from Germany, they may also be found in other countries in Europe. Depending on the company who makes them, exports could be available.
Gaya Entertainment Sonic the Hedgehog Chess Set Here's something cool to collect and display!
A Sonic chess set from Gaya. As you can see, everything here is 'Classic style Sonic'. The characters are the main pieces, with chaos emeralds (on the ends) and then the rings are the pawns. The sides are distinguished by the tone (light or dark) of the faux wood bases. The board is clearly based on Green Hill Zone checkered ground.

The image to the left is an artist-rendering or prototype shot. The one seen below is an actual photo of the set taken by Gaya.

The pieces are sculpted from high quality PVC (not-breakable). While the company is German, these should appear around in all of EU. Hopefully, it'll be available online as well, so anyone anywhere can order it. This is set for release in 2009. You can visit their website here but, you have to read it in German.
Gaya Mockup Chess Pieces Oldstyle

How much will it cost? 39.99 Euros
Where can you get it? Any EU store, they hope, but they can't advertise a lot. (SonicGear tries to help!)
Can you get it online? Yes, at but this is for Europe only. If you live outside Europe, you'll have to use an importer store because they've only got the EU license.
Do you have this set? SonicGear is looking for close ups of the pieces or fan photos by someone who actually bought it and possible quality descriptions. If you've got it, send it in for credit.

You'll be able to buy this from when it is released. Photos and info provided by Gaya Entertainment. Chessboard photo discovered by Superskeetospro.

Sonic Since 1991 Shoulder Bag
Here is a cool shoulder bag for the 20th Anniversary. Interestingly, it uses Japanese text (see Sonic's name in it there) while being from Germany. It's pretty stylish, using large typography & white simple Sonic face to create a look for the flap. The shoulder-pad has the Sega logo on it, while the whole thing is dark/navy blue & black. This would be used for stuff like books, laptops, folders & etc. Photo & owned by OrangeUnicorn1984
Takko Red Neo-classic Sonic Tee
This shirt is by a new company "Takko". It was made for Germany, & was also manufactured in Germany as well, which is slightly unusual. It uses neo-classic art, with jumping Sonic. The shirt is bright red, & the design does have a little bit of that 'weathering' / faux wear chipping out of it. This looks like a shirt anyone can wear /adult sizes. The inset (bottom left) is a close up of the paper tag. Photo & owned by
Poorly German Sonic Kooky Plush Many German things are known for quality.
But this doll isn't one of them. It's rather kooky looking with badly set plastic eyes in the oddly shaped 'eye frame' area. He also has quite a large/too large lower face which contributes to an ape-like look that doesn't work well. The hands, rather than toony and large are small and...broom like? All fingers the same length? The 'smile' stitch/fabric is probably just faced away in the photo. Next, look at the tail. Why is it the only fabric that is different from all others?
It's not fuzzy, was it forgotten and tacked on later from factory scraps? What's of note though, is that his head/back spikes ARE properly done/positioned, so it must have been made at or after Sonic 2, where this configuration was confirmed. The last un-quality bit is the uneven match to the seam on the belly dot...this is an easy thing to NOT do, in professional sewing we are.
The tag (inset, top) has the sega logo and "Deutschland" written below it which just means Germany in German. As expected...but yes it proves where this is from. Photo & owned by Pichu97/Charlie
Stripes Long Sleeve Black White Sonic Shirt Finally, some nice modern stuff for Germany.
This is a long sleeve shirt all in black & white. It uses only white ink for the modern Sonic art. He's on an angle-stripe background & has the name in a blocky font on top. This is a newer stock art where he's just starting to take off running & is totally in profile. They leave only his blue portions the black of the shirt fabric. Notice the tag, it's a small round ring with modern Sonic in the center, and the logo. Photo by Hedgy
No Time For Games Sonic 2pc Set Here is a 2 piece set, is it a pajama?
Whatever it is, it's by the same company as the long sleeve shirt above, that uses the little round paper tag. The shirt is a black long-sleeve with profile running modern Sonic. He's in front of a red horizontal stripe background. The blue words are the slogan "No Time For Games", & it has the modern logo in white at the bottom. The mottled-gray pants don't appear to have any Sonic branding (typical of sets, but unfortunate)
But, if this is made in Germany for Germans...why write the slogan in English? Who would understand it at that rate? They could end up with a confusing shirt. Plus, shouldn't it be 'all time for games' in order to play more Sonic? Or maybe being contrary here is supposed to make the shirt funnier? Unsure. Photo by Hedgy