High End Sonic Merchandise Fancy Title
This is the page of High End Sonic Merchandise.
Only the finest, most high-qality and unusual goods can be found here. If you need exclusive, exquisite Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise to decorate your mansions or houses in the Hamptons, you can find photos of it on this page.

This page is not for any specific country, as anywhere might produce something of fine quality. The items are noted with where they're from. Of course, they're all fairly hard to find.

Crystal 10th Anniversary Signed Wine Goblet Presenting- a crystal wine goblet!
It's Sonic Stemware! This crystal goblet was released in limited amounts in Japan for Sonic's 10th Anniversary. As you can see, the crystal is etched with the 10th anniversary symbol. The glass is in a gold foil embellished white box, lined with blue satin! Perfect for display. It even has a certificate of authenticity. Adding to the value of this piece, are official Sonic Team signatures, including Yuji Naka, with dates.

Most fans have not even heard such an item exists (and there mustn't be very many) it's sure to be the jewel of any collection...if you can find it.

Photo donated by Alessandro- tyro@genion.de
Sonic Etched Brushed Steel Zippo Lighter This is an exclusive collectible lighter. The lighter is made of brushed-finish stainless steel, and etched with the 10th Anniversary symbol. As you can see here, it comes in a special metal tin, lined with black velvet cloth. It is a Zippo lighter. But why do you need a Sonic lighter?
Photo by Alessandro. tyro@genion.de
Crystal Cube Profile Crystal Interior Crystal Sonic Above
The Crystal Cube! This prize possession was created in Japan for the 10th Anniversary of Sonic. It is a hard plastic cube, with lines inside created by a laser. This wire-frame model is truly 3D and gives a fantastic look. There were only 500 of these ever made! This was the original photo-set from the site. It is actually rather difficult to photograph properly. This was from before the laser method was as popular as it is, making it more of an excluseive. As you can see, it displays best when in a cabinet, lit from the bottom. This is one of three items, the others were a ring, and a statue.
10th anniversary Sonic Ring, Box, documentary
Silver Sonic ring in box Silver ring side 10th anniversary
Behold...the first piece of Sonic the Hedgehog jewelry! This is a real silver ring. It was released for the 10th Anniversary. It WAS available in the USA, but only through website ordering. It was one of a trio of items for the 10th, all very expensive. (Crystal Cube and Marble Base Statue are the other 2) The adjustable ability of the ring cheapens the feel a bit, but it looks to be well constructed none-the-less. As you can see, it came with all kinds of fancy boxes and documentation. It is believed to have sold for around 50 bucks. Now, it is probably far higher. Not many were made or sold in the US due to the high cost. Truly a gem in any collection! Photos by Sega.
Soccer Sonic & Tails Running Resin Statues
Who says quality can't be cute?
This wonderful pair of sporting statues appear to be resin, with metal poles and real laquered wood bases! Sonic is heading a soccer (football) and Tails is running along. Poor Tails is a bit cross-eyed, but his sculpted hair is blowing in the wind, and his details are (otherwise) right on. This is a rare, quality and whimsical Sonic statue pair. Of course, this is another Japan only item. Photo by Alessandro- tyro@genion.de.
Real Marble & Ceramic Sonic Statue Sonic Statue Side Sonic Marble Base Statue Back What collection of riches would be complete without real marble?
This exclusive statue will fix that! It has a genuine carved white marble base! (so it's very heavy) which has even been cut with the 10th Anniversary logo. The Sonic statue on top is made of quality ceramic and has every detail! The sculpt is very good.
This statue was one of several items released for the 10th Anniversary celebration. Along with it were the Crystal Cube and Sterling Ring. All 3 of these featured on the Sonic Team website at the time. The rare-er items (goblet, lighter) were not shown on the web. Photos by Sega.
Classic Art Framed Original Airbrush You've likely seen this image a zillion times if you're a fan of Sonic.
So what's so unique about this piece? It's the actual original of this piece of art, signed by the airbrush artist who did it. You always see this art around, yet it's rare to think of the original piece that all others had to have been made from. Picture size - 16.5" x 23" - Frame size - 27.5" x 34.5"
The art itself was airbrushed by Adrian Chesterman who is in England. He's fairly famous with several other modern art subjects to his credit. The image was kept by the artist until 1997, where it was sold, and then sold again in 2009. It is signed and dated, and under glass.
Surely a Sonic fine art piece belongs in high-end, and having this original really would be a centerpoint of a Sonic collection as it is now regarded as classic. It's also really interesting to see the actual origin of art that everyone takes for granted as it's been seen so many times.
Panoramic Double Animation Cel Animation cels can be pricey, however this one appears here because it's very rare and unique. First, as you can see it's much larger than an ordinary cell, as it is a panoramic cell. It also has 2 layers, which is rather rare as well, along with containing most of the characters all at once. Certainly, a cell like this is extremely exclusive but...
to add even more, it's actually also a deleted scene! It is from the pilot episode of the SatAM series, with original matching background. You can see that it took place in the 'pre Robotnik' time period for the show--the white arcitecture, trees etc. You can also see the odder looking Boomer/Rotor walrus and the Sally here is pink with black hair. This also had 3 sketches and its certificate of authenticity. Certainly it is a jewel in any cell collection! Currently is in Leda's Cell Addiction collection.
3D Sonic Head Shaped Mug One might not think a mug would be a high-end item.
But this one is! This mug is extremely rare. It was only sold out of Segaworld Sydney in Australia, and it is unique among mugs because it's actually shaped like Sonic's head, rather than having pictures instead. Several factors supposedly contribute to it's rarity including- it can easily chip or break, it was expensive in the store discouraging buyers, only Australia had it, they didn't make too many of them, it looks like it could be difficult to clean.
The mug itself is a pretty good likeness, (especially for a hollow head) with shortened spikes, and an appropriatly placed handle.
Would it be difficult to drink out of? Maybe, but it's so rare it's unlikely anyone knows. The mug could be a star in any collection...if you can find one. This mug is in the collection of Alessandro
Sonic 2 Silver Gold Watch
This watch is a high end item, due to what it's made of. It is actually silver & gold (unlike regular watches which tend to be steel) and the whole thing is metal. As you can see here, it has a Sonic 2 theme (with the peeking Tails art, quite small on the number-less face) and SEGA '92 for the year it was produced/given out. It also has a simple date function.
This watch is rare, because it was only given to Sega employees and was not something that could simply be bought. It was actually donated by a Sega employee to the auction block to be sold off for charity vs the Japan earthquake of 2011. So it commanded a very high price, and the money went to help victims of the disaster, further propelling the watch into the records as something that's really great. Photo discovered by Taaron
Wooden Base Eggman Statue This statue of Eggman was made in the early 1990s. It is likely to be resin, and comes with a real wooden base. (he's detatchable) This was expensive when it was first made, and remains so now...only now it is more rare. (Villain solo statue! uncommon by nature!) The proportions are all excellent to the early games, and they included every detail, even sculpting all of his teeth. It was sold only in Japan. You can read more (and see more photos too) on Display Figures. You can also see a video of it with Hogfather Don, where you can get a sense of the size, and see all sides of this costly & interesting figure. Really, a star in the collection of any Eggman fan!
Statue owned and photographed by Hogfather Don
20th Anniversary Crystal Cube Another Crystal Cube!
Another rarity to star in any collection. This one is based off of the 20th Anniversary art of modern Sonic with a TV that shows classic Sonic's face/portrait. But look! You can even see the picture on the TV screen within the cube! Certainly, it is an amazing work of art. The logo & inscription help give it a sense of depth. The inscription reads "Still Unstoppable After 20 Years"

It could be gotten from: http://ebten.jp/
And naturally, it was a Japan exclusive

PS3 or 360 Pack: $125 (Including game, crystal cube, Sonic washcloth, and History of The 1st Stage CD White Edition) 3DS Pack: $108 (Same as above, but with History of The 1st Stage CD Blue Edition)

Of course, by the time anyone found out about it (it released Dec.1 2011) they were all sold out. This was likely because it was limited edition to only 500 ever made. What did the wash cloth look like? (what an odd pairing, a crystal cube and a random washcloth) Certainly, it's worth much more now than the initial price. Photo & info discovered by Static-the-Hedgehog

Sonic Riders Theme Snow Boards Snowboards are generally expensive, even if they don't have special graphics. You can't get a good one for under 100 dollars. These boards however, are special and exclusive. They're both Sonic Riders themed, and show him (and Jet too, if you look carefully) on his board, along with the logo. These were done in some sort of very limited quantity, for reasons unknown. (The amount made was either 5 or 10 only, of each) Due to having such a small run, all-over special Sonic graphics, and being actual use-able snow boards, these are sure to be very costly as well as very uncommon. Photos by SonicTeam
Nacional Sega Sonic Cup Trophy This item may be the only one of its kind, so certainly it's exclusive. It is a Sonic figural trophy for what's likely a Sega sponsored car race somewhere. The winning driver got the trophy which looks like it might be some type of metal? Whatever it is, it's big, and likely heavy as it has fuzzy felt feet on the bottom. The front has the Sega logo in blue, and a uniquely posed all 3D Sonic standing next to a trophy-cup with shiny rim. It looks like he's holding one of the handles, and has a foot up on its base.
The race was in 1993, it was the "F1 European Grand Prix", in Donington Park
Were there other Sonic themed trophies for 2nd, or 3rd? No. But Sega sponsored the race, and that year the race was known as SEGA European GP. No other year had a Sonic trophy because 1993 was the year SEGA invested the most in marketing, and the only year that they sponsored a race in.
Who won it? Ayrton Senna, the Brazilian racer from the Mclaren-Ford constructor.
The material the trophy is made of, as well as its location today are still a mystery.
What an interesting item.
Discovered by TheTumblex, all race info provided by Victormacaco
All 10th Anniversary Items Collection
You can see each of the 10th Anniversary items individually above, but there's no indication of what size each thing was. With this photo, you can see the entire famous set in one shot. The crystal cube isn't very large. The wine glass box is signed by members of Sonic team (and has the authenticity square card there below it) The black box (cardboard) holds the fuzzy box for the silver ring (though it is tarnished in this photo) The lighter is there in its tin with foam liner. The statue has a real marble base. Hundreds or thousands of dollars all in 1 photo , it's great to see.
Crystal Color Change 25th Anniversary
The 25th Anniversary brings this special 3D crystal 'cube'!
This is the 3rd Crystal Cube for Sonic & it's just as special and expensive as all the rest. This one however, does something new and exciting! It changes colors somehow! Does the base light up and shine different colors into it for a cool 3D light show? It has the 25th Anniversary logo & classic Sonic inside, doing his finger-waving pose. It has a thick/tall silvertone base...and as you can see is capable of several interesting colors.
This item (so far) has been used as a PreOrder bonus for Boom Fire & Ice even though it's classic (not boomstyle) because Fire/Ice is the only game to come out in 2016, the anniversary year after the crystal was produced. As a costly & pre-order only item, it's destined to be rare. However, it's certain also, to be a cool jewel in any Sonic collection if you can manage to aquire it!

See the cube in action! Watch it change in this short clip: 3D Crystal Vine

15th Anniversary Shadow Guitar
This is the 15th Anniversary Shadow the Hedgehog themed guitar!
There have been other Sonic theme guitars in the past, but for whatever reason this one is rare-er and more expensive than others. It's quite cool! It has Shadow jumping away in full color on the body of the guitar, with red & black background. There's a Shadow logo above him & also on the top near the screws that adjust the strings. The tiny text there next to it says "15th Anniversary" The items you see to the right of it are the certificate of authenticity, a pick, & a cleaning cloth with the Shadow symbol on it. It's unknown how many of these were made.
It also came with a nice selection of 4 special guitar picks & the case (a gig case) that you see above so you can carry & store it safely. The case is soft with 3 handles. It's by "ESP" which is "Electronic Sound Products"
The picks have close ups for Shadow on black, SA 1 style Sonic on blue, 'big face grin' Sonic on black & the Shadow symbol on black. The backs are the same, except the final symbol pick, which has Shadow's name in the logo & the logo for the case company too. Last two photos & info owned by SonicSoapShoes
All 4 Sonic Shadow Guitars As seen above...15th Anniversary Guitars. The Shadow one had its photo first, but actually they made 4 of them at the same time for the anniversary. There were 2 for each character, Sonic & Shadow. They are all the same shape, with the same art, but not the same features.
Notice the ones where the end with the knobs on it is made to look like the characters' shoe. The shoe version has more musical features, is more special somehow, and is thus more expensive. You can also sort of see that the color of the art on the shoe one is a little bit different somehow? Regardless though, each one is costly. Photo discovered by Hedgy
10th Anniversary Statue Fan Photo Here's a fan photo of the 10th Anniversary statue! With this, you can see how big it really is. Near it are the big bendies, 10th Anniversary coin & ReSaurus Tails figure. You can also clearly see that the 10th logo there is carved into the real marble base & is actually pretty textured. Notice also that for the official photos of it (above) they put some kind of black stuff in the texture so the camera would highlight it--that stuff is absent here.
The statue itself is some kind of ceramic substance, so it is / can be fragile & is heavy. It's great to see this piece in fan-hands & have a good look like this at a real limited edition & special item from the past. Photo & owned by Hedgy
Silver Sonic Face 10th Anniversary Ring Details Here's a real detailed look at the 10th Anniversary Sonic face sterling silver ring. You can see how the detail lines like the eyes & ears have collected the black tarnish from age. This also lets you see into the band, where it is stamped with the Sega copyright & 925 Sterling marks. The band not closing in the back is a part of the design (as well as making it slightly adjustable) since it is formed by 2 of the spikes. It's quite a 3D and decorative ring.
You wouldn't want to wear it because of the nose that sticks out so far. This remains quite high end & sought after. The one appearing here is either around 800 or 900 or so on Ebay. It's interesting to get a really good look at it here, as it is an unlikely thing to own. Photos discoverered by Hedgy