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Different countries around the world had their own exclusive Sonic the Hedgehog items. The two most notible countries being the USA and Japan, which have their own separate sections, due to the sheer amount of Sonic stuff they made. Go around the world with this page to see fun Sonic the Hedgehog collections from great countries.

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Countries which only made 1 or 2 things appear under the navigation on this page, and don't have a page of their own. Each item is labeled with what country it comes from.
Click a flag to see the pages in whichever language you prefer. It's truly international!
Random International
Segasonic Pencil box front Here is a pencil box from St. Vincent. This is an island in the Carribbean. Was it sold anywhere else? It looks like something Japan may have shared.
It has a curious mix of art, but makes a nice presentation. It uses the old Japan "Segasonic" name, but on Sonic R and Sonic Jam art. This is curious because Segasonic faded from use earlier then Sonic R. The back has a Copyright Sega mark on it though, so it is unlikely to be a bootleg item.
As you can see, it's a stiff sided box covered in slightly paddy shiny plastic. This box is uncommon.

Photos contributed by mAtt Pieper.

Sonic St. Vincent Pencil box back photo
Sonic Repair Kit CD International Although the photo is from Germany, this "Repair Kit" could probably be obtained anywhere in Europe.
It is very rare though because you could only get it, if you called the Service Centre, when the PC-CD-ROM Part on the Sonic Arcade Music CD didn't work. Currently, it is impossible to get one, because even at that time there were not in stock. They produced them only when someone requested one. The Design is very nice, because the Blue Colour is glittering and everything that is white is glimmering like metal. On it are PC Game Demos from the Mega Drive / Genesis Games Sonic & Knuckles and Comix Zone. And the Music Video "They call me Sonic" as AVI File.
As you know, some shiny or glittery things do not photograph well, so this may look like an ordinary CD, but it is probably quite cool to look at in person. Photo and info by Tikal.
Austria Classic Sonic Shirt
This interesting classic Sonic shirt is from Austria!
It has 4 little stock arts across the middle in the front. It may seem a bit plain, but on closer inspection you can see it's actually pretty progressive for its time. Notice the non-matching but sporty sleeves: one is solid blue, the other with two different stripes. The collar is also a stretchy textured blue, and blue stitches were used to make the bottom hem.
The tag proves it's official, with the classic Sonic logo and copyright. Austria is near Italy and Germany. This shirt was found in Vienna. Shirt owned and photographed by Don91.
Chile 1994 Brass Colored Token Here's an interesting Chilean metal token. It's brassy colored (like most tokens are) and the same on both sides. Naturally, an older stock Sonic is used, cropped mid-chest like some real coins are. It's clearly different than the Australian one.
This token was used around 1994 for arcade and Sega games at an arcade in Chile. As far as it's known, this is the only Chilean Sonic item that's unique to the country. Do you know anything about more Chile Sonic items, or facts/pricing on this token? If so, write in for info credit. Token owned and photographed by: MuTaNtE
Netherlands Column Sonic Star This isn't really an item per se...but it is interesting to see. Is it a fan art or a fan place? This doesn't really fit in a category, so it's here on International Items. In the Netherlands there is a store called Die Zwei Brüder Venlo . The store appears to be a fresh and packaged food store. On the first level is a toys/coffee shop and the owner has decorated the column there with some fan-art type pictures which includes Sonic! Above him, you can see Lara Croft and Goku with the Dragon Balls. Pikachu is beside him, though that may be a big sticker. Still, it's interesting to see a store interior decorated with Sonic. Photo and info by Tikal.
Sonic Tails Hard Binder photo This is a hard back binder. Unlike trapper-keepers it's made of thick, hard cardboard like a hardback book and has nothing to keep it shut. This was found in Sweden, however is it FROM there as well? If so, it'd be the first on SonicGear. The art is interesting, somewhat Japan-styled, but also mis-placing a spike ball out of Sonic 1 onto a clearly Sonic 2 Background (raised log bridge/night cave area) Photo discovered by: GhostieShadow Sweden Binder Back Sonic Tails
Sonic 10th Anniversary Colorful Box Pack
This is a Sonic 10th Anniversary pack.
But what exactly is it all about? It resembles the item that had the blue & gold embossed foamcore package (that had a music CD in it, and booklet) however, this colorful item IS the exterior of the package. Where all was it released? It's clearly got something to do with SA2 Battle, but does it actually contain the game as some kind of special packaging? Is it a promo or a freebie? Photo discovered by: Plushies4Ever
Sonic Generations Collectors Edition Box Set Europe This is the Sonic Generations collectors Edition (Xbox 360 version) which will be released ONLY in the various countries of Europe & also Australia. Who does it exclude? (Japan, USA, Canada are the biggest lands) but is any of Europe excluded? The box set is awesome, with lots of cool features so no one will want to miss out. Importing may be a good idea if you are not in the release area. Photo discovered by TheEmperor, info provided by NeoGaf via Sega (below)
Included in the collector’s edition is a collectable figurine featuring both Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic, an exclusive, individually numbered commemorative “Gold Ring”, and a “20 Years of Sonic Art” book, containing never before seen sketches and images from the past 20 years. Also contained in the Collector’s Edition are the ‘20th Anniversary Sonic Soundtrack’ featuring a selection of tracks handpicked by Sonic Team, and the ‘History of Sonic: Birth of an Icon’ documentary, an exclusive collection of interviews and footage charting Sonic’s life from inception through to
becoming one of the most iconic characters in videogame history. Limited edition lenticular packaging and bonus additional downloadable content for the game are the final components that make up this unique collector’s edition for Sonic Generations.
Above right is a fan photo by someone who bought the Xbox pack shown by Sega in the other photo. Note the embossing on the blue case, pop-up card logo & clound among the CDs and wonderful display boxes. Plus, the open booklet shows a timeline of Sonics.
This will likely be QUITE a sought-after / expensive package especially because it wasn't available everywhere.
Ties 4 Patterns
International known...and unknown? These 4 ties each have a different pattern. Multiple tiny classic Sonic stock arts for the first, spring bumpers & Sonic on 2, the Sonic & Tails tie is from the UK (also appeared on book cover) & the last has only spinning Sonic. But where are the non-UK ones from? Or are they all from the UK? Photo discovered by ToxicTheSkunk
Champ Sonic Video 5 Episodes Here's an old VHS of AoStH episodes, distributed internationally by "Champion Video Enterprise" in Kuala Lumpur. It has 5 episodes, about 63 minutes. There's no 'engrish' or mistakes in all the copy on the back, the front art seems fine, it has a dist. address, uses a bar-code, & comes in a plastic case. All of those work against it being a bootleg, but where exactly was this supposed to be released to? Is it really real? Write in if you have any added info for this old tape. Photo & owned by: Champ Video AoStH Back
Crush 40 Guitar Collection Sonic Theme Jun Senoue Crush 40 Guitar Picks Crush 40 Sticker Bonus Pack & Picks
All of these things are Crush 40 items. Promo photos discovered on NeoGaf.
Look at this bunch of great stuff! The top left has Crush 40's guitar collection. They play internationally, and the guitars weren't really "produced items" per se (like you can't walk into a store and get one that way) but they are technically Sonic items. You can see the all black one with the SA1 eyes on it & shoe themed tip, but next to it is an all black one with the "Shadow Symbol" from his game. In the middle are promotional guitar picks. The front has the SA1 eyes & logo, while the back says "Crush 40 Jun Senoue ESP". Last is the Japan Sonic Generations stickers bonus sheet. It was believed to be a pre-order item there that came with the game. However, it looks like Crush40 is finding a way to give it away, along with promo pick. Thought to be for pre-ordering or buying a deluxe edition of a sound track? Write in if you can clarify what all one had to do to get these cool items.
Colours Sonic Figure w/Square Wisp Colours Sonic With Wisps MIB Metal Pin Joints Wisp Holding Sonic Figure
These slightly different Sonic figures (notice the metal pins in the joints & holes in the hands) were released with different wisps as special packages, pre order packs & etc in Australia & also various EU
You can see those exclusive wisps (the USA only got the white wisp & red one) Orange Rocket & Cyan Laser. But look at Sonic himself...he's clearly got metal pins for the joints and...they left off his mouth completely! He looks a bit odd without it, but should be sturdy. Photo by:
countries. Why it didn't make it to Japan or the USA is unknown, because wisps are fun, and everyone who wanted figures would likely want them. Notice also that the 'in box' shot with the yellow drill wisp is totally fake. It's mockup. The DS version you see above is from Germany, and it is less common than the Wii one, so if you see the Blue Cube & Yellow Drill, be sure to grab them! These were by Tomy, who has the distribution rights outside the USA. MIB photo & owned by Tjthegreat. Info by Tjthegreat & Blue Blood
Sonic themed Chess Set Europe Classic Style Sonic Chessboard with pieces Here is a classic styled Sonic theme chess set & board. It's called "Sonic 3D Chess" & the box says "Contains 32 detailed 3D Figures". Sonic & Amy are king/queen, then there's 2 of Tails, Knuckles & Chaos Emerald. The Rings look like pawns. Each figure is on a differently colored brown base so you know which side is which, but the box art doesn't depict them on bases. The board itself looks nice, like Green Hill, with its brown checkers & grassy border.
3D Chess Sonic Classic Figures Box
This was sold in Europe, just in general. It is made by ToyPlay. It's got several languages on the box. This set was found on ebay. Photo & owned by JoeMD
Sega Prize Europe New 2013 Shadow In / around 2013 Segaprize Europe released more plushes. These can be distinguished from previous ones because they have embroidered eyes instead of plastic. Here's their 16 inch size Shadow. The 16 is the larger size, and all can be won at Sega Arcade London. Segaprize Europe though, has multi-country distribution. Collect us All Character Tag
Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy & Shadow are still on this selection of dolls. Shadow here looks all right, with good sculpted spikes & no missing details. His hands are detailed too, but conspicuously small, verging on super tiny for his size. The tag has a profile card with it (The SA2 character data) as shown in the inset. The back of the tag (right) has CG art for all the characters with their names and says "Collect us all" at the bottom. Photo & owned by Nina. Tag photo by HoggerTheHedgehog
Ballou Enamel Sonic Pin Here is an enamel and metal Sonic pin. It has full color for the enamel & gold-tone metal. The font for his name is atypical and he seems to be missing a finger, or possibly the detail for the pinkie on one hand. The eye is also a bit tilted. It's an all-right for the time classic representation. This is by Ballou, the jewelry & jewelry findings maker company. The back says "Reg'd 130 Years" (a claim to their old company name registration) The quality for the materials here is likely better than most. Ballou is a French name, but the company is based in the USA. However, this pin seems to have European distribution (in general) This particular one ended up in Australia. It's interesting to see a name-brand costume jewelry maker doing something Sonic. Photo & Owned by JoeMD
Sega Employee Gift 2013 Watch & Sweater This is an employee gift item set. You can only get this special watch & sweat shirt if you worked for Sega in 2013. They appear to be holiday bonus gift items for employees. This means they'll be rare/desireable for collecting, since they weren't for the public. Both have the same theme: a really simple blue background with white "Sonic Team Logo" type Sonic face. The watch is all plastic, gray and very smooth with just the design in the face. The sweatshirt appears to be all plain blue as well.
Since these are employee gifts, they could of been for any of the Sega offices, like USA, Europe or Japan, so these are International Items. Photo discovered by Ultimate Hedgehog
Ireland Sonic & Videogame Stamps Here are 4 stamps that Ireland has made to recognize the coolness of video games. So, it is only natural that Sonic should appear on a stamp. Each stamp in the set has a classic game screen or a character. There's Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Sonic & Mario. The bottom of the stamp says "Eire 68c". That E with the accent word there is the country name spelling, and it seems to be 68 of their cents.
Usually Ireland gets UK area items, or shippers will ship there too, so it's interesting to see it making something specific for itself. You can't get these stamps anywhere they'll probably be nice & collectible.
Brazil Sonic Boardgame This is a Sonic board game from Brazil. What's it all about? (The description was always too small to be read, on the original photo) Is it the same as other board games, only localized & with a different box top? Or, it could be something different entirely. The box image is kind of wierd though, it makes it look like the kids are actually 'in' some kind of Sonic level with broken ground. This is quite a curious item, if you have any info on how it worked/played, please write in for credit. Discovered by Taaron
Europe Sonic Generations Ring Bonus
This is a bonus item for Sonic Generations. It was only a bonus in Europe, supposedly no where else had these rings/a different run of rings. It's an individually numbered metal ring that's fairly big/bigger than action figure rings (see on hand) Reports say it's metal with an electroplate goldtone coating. The numbers & Sonic face outline are etched in. As you can see here, this particular ring is 5,282 out of 12,000 total made. Because there are only 12,000 of them, (And way more games than that sold) it's already limited/likely uncommon at the time of release. This is a cool & very collectible bonus to add!
Egg o Matic Eggman Keychain Greece Here is a fun keychain from Greece.
It's classic style Eggman in his egg-o-matic. It's a 'flat rubber' keychain that is made with softer layered rubber that has cut-in textures for nice, crisp lines. The detail is good here, complete with mechanical textures for the pod, wind-shield line & even the shine on his glasses. The key ring chain attaches to the black flat rubber backing above Eggman's head. The logo/branding for this type of keychain is always stamped in white on the back. Was this sold anywhere else? It's a must-have for Eggman fans in the area.
European Eggman Classic Teeth Plush This classic style Eggman plush is from somewhere in Europe. (Maybe more than 1 country?) The tag looks like it might be Tomy (they operate at least in USA & UK areas) He's not that big (see tag size in comparison to plush) but unfortunately he doesn't look that great either. Sure, he's fairly round (early games had him as almost exactly a circle anyway) but the mustash is wide and flappy without good form, the nose is super big & the 'grinning teeth' kind of come across as a strange collar or muffler or something. It's easy to see the art he's based on, but it doesn't necisarily translate well into 3D object format. If you know where this plush was released, you can write in for credit. (and plush may move pages)