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Sonic things from Israel?
For sure! When did Sonic become popular there & start having dedicated for Israel sale goods? (Write in if you know) You can tell their stuff apart because it will be (usually) written in Hebrew. The translation buttons on Sonicgear aren't equipped for that language, so probably no one from there knows of the site. (Which explains the low amount of items so far--because it wouldn't turn up in the search engine as read-able) See anything that you know is from there that's not on this page? Send it on in for credit.
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Clear String Folder Sonic X Items Just what are these things?
They're described as "semi-transparent string folders". Does that mean you close them by winding a string around a raised dot or button? (as with certain mailers) Are they a school supply? How do they work? Is the photo showing front, back & open views? It was ill-explained when found, but these are def. from Israel. Photo by Sonicteam.
A cool coloring & activity book! This is a Sonic X themed book, so expect to see a lot of your favorite Sonic X art (seen on shirts, and all around on other goods) in here for you to color. The Sonic & Shadow 2page spread seems to be a 'color by
Israel Sonic X Theme Coloring Book
number sort of thing. The center shot is the back of the book. Where would you find something like this in Israel? (The only read-able thing on the cover is the logo, all else is in Hebrew) Photo by Sonicteam.
Zoom White Sonic Classic Pajamas Israel Here are 2 different Sonic pajama sets found in Israel.
The first set has 'forward facing' Classic Sonic with the logo in black, but what's fun is that the back of the shirt has the back of Sonic as well! The pants have a relativly large standing classic Sonic on one leg. The non-symmetrical pants & front/back pj top show good effort for this set. The second set has "Zoooom" with spinning Sonic for the pj top, while the pants have rows & rows of classic stock Sonic. (finger waving, spinning, etc) Photo by Sonicteam.
Israel Sonic X themed cards in case Here is a set of Sonic X themed cards in a nice cardboard /plastic case. These are said to be rare. Are they regular playing cards? They're not trading...but they might be for a certain type of cardgame only. (like how Uno cards are) You might be able to figure it out if you could read the box, but it's in Hebrew.
A translation: "Card Game: War with Sonic & His Gang(Friends)" So, maybe some kind of battle cards or cards set up specifically for 1 game type. Translation provided by: That title likely says what the cards do. Photo by Sonicteam.