Japan Sonic Electronics Titlecard
Old or new, big or small, all of the Japanese Sonic themed electronics will appear on these pages. This can include battery powered things, plug in items, vidogames & accessories (includes LCDs) and anything else that runs off of electricity that isn't a normal console or video game.
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Sonic Themed Hard Case w/Belt Clip
What is this hard case? This is a Sonic themed (SA1, most likely) hard blue plastic case. It's not very big, and comes with a karabiner & long strap. It has a strap on the back for use on a belt loop. The whole thing is in plastic clamshell style packaging. But what were you supposed to put in here? A phone? It appears sturdy. The photo was always too small to read. Photos by SonicTeam
This is some kind of specially Sonic branded Saturn console. It was a store exclusive at Japanese Toys R Us stores when the Saturn was first released. Special Sonic branded Saturn Console
It has an all-black/clear version of the uncommon classic 'presenting...' hand Sonic. It doesn't appear to have any other Sonic themed features. The controler is completely ordinary. The box exterior may or may not have had Sonic elements. These are of course, rare, costly & collectible on ebay (About $264). Photo discovered by Piplupfan77. Detail photo (left) owned by: MetalRidley001
Wii Soft Touch Sport Wiimote Accessory Box This is the "Wii Soft Touch Sport Kit". It contains various small size mock sporting goods that you could snap with wiimote into to try and enhance the game play experience. Each of the items is somehow Sonic branded, with little pictures of him on the 'hilt' area or somewhere on the steering wheels. The branding here is rather simple...maybe even All Soft Touch Sport Wii Accessories
slightly overly-simple, as it looks like a single sticker could accomplish the same thing. The Wii Wheels (top right) are character & color coded, so Red is for Knuckles & Pink is for Amy so that you could race your friends at home, at the same time. The other accessories include a golf club, tennis racket & baseball bat. Note the different wheel style coming with the different accessory pack. Photos by SonicTeam
Dreamcast Sonic theme VMU This is the official promotional SonicTeam VMU. The VMU is a little memory device/LCD game playing machine that snapped into the Dreamcast controllers to serve as an extra screen and also a memory card. It was famous for the Chao game you could play inside. This VMU is rare, as it was released as a promotional item. It's case is semi-transparent blue and unlike other VMUs it has the Sonicteam logo at the top. It was exclusive to Japan, so it's uncommon but still really collectible. Photo discovered by Rae_Logan
Sonic Heroes Playstation 2 Special Memory Card Pack This is a rare special edition memory card for the Playstation 2. It was likely released alongside/ at similar time to Sonic Heroes, to help promote the game in Japan. You can see the JP Heroes logo & the jumping CG Sonic they chose to use a lot with the game. When you bought this, it came with the clear/frosted special case with Sonic Tails & Knuckles on it to keep the card safe when not in use. Mint in the package like this, it's a great collectors' item, and sure to be uncommon, since it remained undiscovered until 2011. Photo & owned by OrangeUnicorn1984
Are these plushes, or electronics? They're both! This is a pair of walkie-talkies where the electronic parts are contained within stuffed dolls of Sonic & Tails. They look a little odd with the antenna sticking up out of their heads...and you likely have to unzip the back somehow to use them. What's that wire coming out of the side of Sonic? How well did these things actually work? It's kind of an odd idea, but these are a rare & interesting thing to see. Photo discovered by PiplupFan77
Sonic Official Iphone cases Have an iphone? Why not add a cool Sonic themed case for the exterior! These are the official Sonic iphone accessories. You can choose from CG running Sonic, new Sonic art w/star, simple Sonic eyes & logo or CG gesturing Sonic on gray. Each one should be about 2100 yen , & is available online ...but only if you're in Japan. These are some great & stylish cases! Photo by Sega, discovered by Taaron.
Sound & Flash Yoyos Is a yoyo an electronic item? It is when it lights up and makes noises & needs batteries! These are "Sound Flash Yoyos". The left is green with whirl pattern & has Sonic & Tails. The right is all red with a ring of stars, & only has a Tails portrait on it. The starburst graphics show them lighting up. But what noises do they make? Photos by SonicTeam.
Sonic & Tails Theme Blue Checker LCD Game Sonic theme mini LCD Game in Box Pic Japan didn't have the LCD game craze that USA did for Sonic. That didn't mean they didn't make ANY, though. This one has a curly cord so it is a key-chain game. The arrow says "No Speed Limit", and there are line-arts of Sonic and Tails on the game. The background is the 'no regrets' quote. Photos by SonicTeam
Laughin Sonic Black LCD Mini Game This LCD game appears to be black, and has a white line art of 'classic laughin' Sonic' The yellow speech bubbles say "No Speed Limit". (why 2 that say the same thing? who knows) These LCDs all being the same shape were likely a set, all released at the same time. You can see the similar packaging for all of them, with that slightly odd, early, 'thumbs up Tails'. Photo by SonicTeam. Blue Orange Game Better Box Photo This is a full box photo for the game above. Here you can't see the 'screen' (its a sticker to represent what it looks like when turned on) as well, but you can get a better look at the box.
Tails LCD Game MIB Photo Here's a little game dedicated to just Tails. The plastic shell is orange (note how it's slightly see-thru too) and has a nice Tails art on there too. It looks like it will play similarly to the other games (same checkered road background) It says No Speed Limit in the arrow, & Miles "Tails" Prower. The button has "SegaSonic the Hedgehog" written all curved around it. Photos by SonicTeam Orange Tails LCD Mini Game Open
Here's a fuller shot of a Tails themed LCD game. It is clearish-orange so you can see the circuit inside. This also gives you a look at the modernistic box design. Want to learn an easy Japanese word? See the red dot? Three lines is Mi, and 2 lines is Ni...so... "Mi+Ni"="mini!" Now you know.
Are these fun to play? What do they do/why were they released? No one yet knows cause they're pretty darn rare. So if you see it on Ebay or somewhere, be sure to buy it! But this gives you a cute uncommon Tails thumbs-up art.
Gamboy Advance Screen Protectors With Sonic Theme These are screen guards / screen protectors for the Gameboy Advance. Since the system didn't fold, the screen was always exposed. These tough plastic things clip over the case from back to front. See the hinge at the top? You could lift/fold it back when it was time to play. The graphic is the same for the frosted & blue versions. It has Sonic Knuckles Cream & Tails...so it's an interesting combination. Photos by SonicTeam
Here's a commercial for remote control toys of Sonic & Knuckles. They're being marketed as a part of Sonic X, but they only ever made these 2 racers. They're like micro 'cars' but shaped like the characters' heads with tiny wheels underneath. You control them/steer with those themed wand shaped things. At the end of the ad they show a bunch of what looks like PVC figures, for the rest of the cast. Video discovered by Taaron
Nintendo 3DS XL Sonic Lost World Theme Sonic Lost World will be exlcusive to the 3DS & Wii U. Here, you can see the special "Lost World" edition of a Nintendo 3DS XL that you can buy or possibly pre order, packaged with the game, in Japan. It's a nice shade of shiny blue & has Sonic running to the left, Sonic theme 3DS Zip Case Blue
about to collect 3 rings. Everything's a white sihlouette, for a clean crisp look. At left is a soft sides zip case for your 3DS XL, with the same theme. It's blue with white zipper and has the Sonic design on one side and the logo on the other. These are Sonic Team or factory photos for the items. Discovered by ShadowFoxx757
Sonic Shoe & Tails Tail Dangle Charms Here are some dangle charms of some kind. Notice how they're not on "keychains"...because they're not. That little black bit fits into the headphone jack of a 3DS. Because it is plastic, it won't activate the "headphones" mode on the system. They should also fit into anything else with a headphone jack. They are part of the Sonic Lost World promotional pack items & this is a SonicTeam photo. The idea is cute, it's Sonic's iconic shoes as two charms, and Tails' tails as 2 separate charms on a small jumpring. They're unique, slightly subtle and seem well sculpted. Write in if you know the purpose! Discovered by ShadowFoxx757, additional info by Taaron &