Sonic the Hedgehog Hygene Title Card
Get clean faster with Sonic hygene?
You can try if you encounter any of these bathroom or bath / cleaning items / toiletries. Hygene products tend to be disposable or are use-up-able like soaps or shampoos that run out, so they're less common to collect.
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Tails Metal Nail Clipper This is, of all things, a nail clipper. It can be used on a human finger or toenail. It's goldtone metal with a metal & enamel Tails icon on the leverage/ push down part. It looks like he was drawn sitting on something, but that the item is left out of the graphic. It's a seldom-seen classic art of him, very interesting & rare. The back is marked "Tails Sega" with the copyright. If there's a Tails one, you know there's got to be a Sonic one too. Value may be at about $50 due to rarity. Discovered by AskLiliumLily
Love Live Rin Bath Essence Powder Here is a packet of "Bath Essence", which is probably a perfumed powder or crystals that you sprinkle into the bath to make scented water. It isn't a 100% Sonic product (how do you smell fast?) because it's a part of a crossover promotion with the Love Live! show's character Rin. Several other crossover items can be found around Gear like a Standee, Ramen, Plush & Figure. The pink packet shows the main cast of the show, but without Sonic.
Joypolis 20th Anniversary Hand Towel Here's an interesting/odd item, it's another hand towel. This one however, is pre-moistened. It can be found at Joypolis in Japan, & has been made with the 20th Anniversary theme. It has the 20th logo, and the Modern/Classic Sonic art. All the print is in blue. It slightly resembles the Joypolis Show Bags (Seen on FancyBags of SonicGear) in its design, which makes sense. Photo & owned by: Lisa
Sonic theme towel wipes These are Sonic themed disposable hand-towels.
They may be either wet or dry wipes. There is a dry-wipe with the exact same theme as the bottom one. These could be found at Segaworld Japan, in the bathroom. They were likely found elsewhere too. Look at the neat dancing Sonic stock art on the top one, with planets & stars background. The bottom features Sonic line art, including the somewhat uncommon 'sitting Sonic'. These are def. something cool to see!
Photo discovered by Piplupfan77
Sonic bath balls!
Make your bath scented, fizzy, and fun with Sonic bath balls. These are also sometimes called 'bath bombs'
There's one aqua blue colored ball in each bag style package. But, the balls have a surprise inside! Once they fizz / melt into the bath to make the water nice, they reveal a little plastic toy.
The toys are the 'little cuite' style for Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles & Shadow. They're blindboxed inside the balls, so you never know who you'll get until you take a bath. These may look like the regular type Tomy bagged items, but if you see the packaging backs/tops it's in Japanese so this is the market that had them first. The scent of it is supposed to be mint. Do you want to see it in action? There's a Sonic Bath Ball Using Youtube Video where they reveal the figures. (But, its in Japanese)