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More phone cards!
Phone cards were a long-lasting phenomenon, only going away once the style of mobile phones changed, taking their payment plans (and, most payphones) with them. See further Sonic selections of cards here, all between Segasonic 90s era and modern to about Sonic Adventure or so.
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EDY SA1 Big Face Phone Card
This is likely an SA1 era phone card, but from a different company, this time EDY. Their logo is in the top left corner, and the whole rest of the card is taken up by a close-up of Sonic. Some blue horizontal lines make up the entirety of the small background. It's a decent card with a unique design--no scene or portrait, just a super close up face/back. discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Here's a phone card with Sega's original cool slogan "Welcome to the next Level". It's spelled out with lines broken in the middles of the words. This would make it confusing to read (a little) on purpose. So, as is also usual with this sloga, each of the words are in a different color to help you read it. Along with the slogan, there's a nicely shaded 3 fingers holding up Sonic in the background & the Sega logo. It's a simple but very classy & classic looking card. discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Welcome to the Next Level Card
Glove Pull Sonic White Phone Card
This white phone card features the lesser-used "Glove Pull" Sonic art. He's fully shaded/colored here, with a simple shadow for the all white background. "Segasonic" is written in large black letters down one side, with the copyright info at the bottom. It's a simple old card, but it's very plain-ness makes an impression.
Notice how the card is in a plastic sleeve, these do fit into collectible-card sleeves & cases to make collecing/sorting them easy while keeping them safe.
Notice the notches in the edges of all the cards. Inside pay-phone slots there was a sensor to fit these notches/be sure the card was placed correctly. discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
EDY MIP Phone Card
Phone cards in a package?
It seems so. Most gift cards today have to be activated at a register so they're not packaged. However, if it wasn't the case earlier, it would need to be in a pack like this to hide the codes on the back. In this case, it's the same card from the top of this page, by EDY. This is what it looked like when new & unopened. The window lets you see the design, and the back has the instructions. discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Sonic DX Phone Card 2003 This phone card was made for Sonic Adventure DX.
It is an uncommon card. It features a 'shatter effect' blue background, out of which CG art of Sonic is 'crashing through'. It has the game's logo in Japanese at the top, a word on the other side & the year 2003 Early Summer. The tiny text at the bottom is the copyright.
Because it says "early summer", does that mean that DX themed phone cards were released throughout the year some how, with different designs? It seems odd to label the card for the time of year, if it wasn't a part of something else. Because it's so uncommon, there's no much info on what this was a part of. (Meaning, a set of them, a give-away, some sort of bonus that came with the game, etc) discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram