In 2021 the clothing brand in Japan "XLarge" did a collaberation with Sonic, and produced a bunch of clothing items which were fairly costly (as it's a big name brand) but also well done. The name being a literal word for the size of something (anything) makes them troublesome to look up or find. It is a bit too generic. (Like, there's a pottery brand named Hall...that's it...Hall, like naming it "room" or something it's difficult to look up. Also trying to "Order an XLarge Small Sweat Shirt" isn't going to work too well, perhaps.) This page should gather together their whole collaberation effort.
Long Sleeve Shirts Collab Xlarge 2 First, there are these 2 shirts.
They look like maybe regular long-sleeves or possibly are sweat-shirt material. They have elastic cuffs, collars and waists. The blue shirt to the left has modern Sonic & Tails in front of a red square. The "X-Large" logo is below them in a rectangle, and below that is written "Sonic the Hedgehog".
The black shirt has running modern Sonic with 2 'after images' of him that are a bit of a fade to make it look like he's speeding away. This time the background is the company logo, but split up onto 2 lines with "XLA" and then "RGE", done on purpose so it's a tad confusing, but draws interest. These are adult size items.
Xlarge Embroider Pocket Jeans XLarge goes for the 'subtle-Sonic' angle!
They use 2 colors of blue jeans for their subtle designs. In this case, only the back pockets have something Sonic, which is a simple-single-line embroidery for a Sonic face on each one. The light blue uses dark blue thread and the dark blue uses a sort of orangeish/brown thread.
A first!
This is the first time Sonic has been on jeans pants. (There has been a jean-jacket) Because these are designer brand adult jeans they are likely somewhat costly. If you like subtle designs, these are certainly a nicely done example of it.
Xlarge Black Lettermans Jacket Now here's a surprise!
Xlarge has put their own 'spin', on the famous and highly-desired "Sonic Letterman's Jacket". The original was white, so they've gone with turning the whole thing to black. The sleeves are the plasti-leather but black this time, and the "S" is that fuzzy letter stuff with white embroidered border, but it's also black. They keep the super huge quality embroidery Sonic in star ring/logo thing for the back exactly the same, as are the striped cuffs, waist and collar. However, the patches for the arms are all missing. Instead, it uses only the brand's logo in blue as a large patch down only one sleeve.
So, the coat isn't an exact alt-color clone of the original, but it's still really good. It still buttons up the front, and looks like it's similarly made. It's a good opportunity for fans to get the jacket again, or have one similar to the highly sought original.
Character Sleeve Details White Shirt A fun white tee with lots of detail!
X-Large isn't sparing the expense when it comes to adding fun detail on this single shirt. The back has the large graphic this time, with Eggman, Tails, Shadow, Knuckles and Sonic arranged vertically/somewhat overlapping. The Xlarge logo is big and vertical down one side. The front of the tee has a small modern Sonic with logo on the chest area. However, they've decorated the sleeves too! There are all 5 characters divided over both sleeves, with Shadow & Eggman sharing 1 sleeve, while everybody else is on the other. This is a fun idea, and ensures that the shirt is totally Sonic on every side.
Yellow Sweat Shirt Xlarge Collab
A mustard-yellow sweat shirt? Well...why not.
The color may be a bit old-fashion, but the design is not. The question it embroidered on? It looks like it might be? Or just the characters? It'd be a neat touch if it is. It has Eggman, Tails, Shadow, Knuckles and Sonic arranged vertically/somewhat overlapping. The Xlarge logo is big and vertical down one side.There's also a small Sonic face with logo in a square at the bottom corner.