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Sonic Team- They're always at the top of the list. Creators of Sonic, none of this would be here without them. Their Japanese page is always better than the English one. Don't they understand Everyone can like Sonic? Sega of America also has a Sonic page. They're all about the games though. Flashy interface to keep everything fresh looking. Sometimes they have polls, or recommend goods that you can buy. (Their dates arn't always accurate though... The official site for the new "Sonic X Trading Card Game". It is debatable whether this is actually released or not. No one seems to own, or can find a card. The site explains the game, shows pictures of the cards and attempts to tell you where to buy. Sometimes the Hot Topic side bar banner things do not load, if you still need to get to Hot Topic for Sonic stuff, just use this link.
This graphic type blog has rare images, animated gifs, art & more that SonicGear doesn't cover. Discover unusual art, secret easter egg cameos, hacked art & cool stuff!
Sega Club Germany Banner Well updated, content-rich Sonic fan site. With news, data, articles, fan works, history and much more. Don't miss this one!
Sonic HQ
Love the classics? This is the place for Genisis reviews and info! It has Sonic, and much more.
A website dedicated to keeping you updated with news and discussions exclusively to the Platforming videogame genre.
This (offsite) link will show you to a page where you can print, fold, & make your own Chao stuff. It's part of SegaClub, and has been released to the fans. SegaClub Chao Paper Crafts While it's called a 'shop' it technically is not because the page doesn't actually sell anything. It lists items and links to other sites that sell them. It's more of a gallery, but it is interesting to see what Sega has chosen to display. Link discovered by Tails44
This is a site that has all kinds of kooky , old or wierd kids shows. There are popular and unpopular episodes here, all up for viewing. It makes this links page though, as it has episodes of AoStH, SatAm Sonic & Sonic Underground which you can watch for free at any time. This is a Facebook group. You'll need Facebook to view or join it. Basically, the site is for those who collect Sonic merchandise to share photos of their collectables, trade, sell, and discover new items. It's a social group for Sonic Collectors.
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