Mexico Sonic Items!
Mexico may not have the large quantities of Sonic stuff like the UK or US does, but they still do have some shared items, and at least a few exclsuvie things, which is good news. This page will have anything either classic or modern that's found to be produced for the Mexican market. (Made in Mexico for Mexico or made elsewhere but then sold there)
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Cuidado Perro 5 Sonic Tees The online store that only serves Mexico called "Cuidado Con El Perro" (translates to Careful With The Dog--but is meant to mean 'beware of the dog' but lacks the negative connotation/danger connotation word for that) starts off the Sonic selection with 5 different shirts.
The first is a navy blue but it has 'bleach rubbing' where the color is brushed away from the fabric with bleach (Turning it a faded orange as dye is removed) before the getting ready to run Sonic art is added. The art itself doesn't appear to be wethered.
The next is a gray tee with Sonic popping up out of a gold ring above the logo. It has colored bands for the collar & sleeves. The bright blue has the Japanese 3 point stance Sonic but really really large for a big impact.
The only modern one is a black long sleeve shirt with portraits surrounding 1 full body shot. The last is a variation on shirts that have been in the USA for a while, It's an all navy-blue version of running classic Sonic with his name spelled out in Japanese under it. (Look at that one model though, he is the smuggest of all--but why) Each one is about 130 to 240 (probably) Pesos though it uses a dollar sign. This is a reasonable enough price & the shirts feel quality. They're all also titled some variation of "Playera".
It's a good selection in adult & teen sizes with some thought going on for the designs.