Mexico Sonic Items!
Mexico may not have the large quantities of Sonic stuff like the UK or US does, but they still do have some shared items, and at least a few exclsuvie things, which is good news. This page will have anything either classic or modern that's found to be produced for the Mexican market. (Made in Mexico for Mexico or made elsewhere but then sold there)
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Cuidado Perro 5 Sonic Tees The online store that only serves Mexico called "Cuidado Con El Perro" (translates to Careful With The Dog--but is meant to mean 'beware of the dog' but lacks the negative connotation/danger connotation word for that) starts off the Sonic selection with 5 different shirts.
The first is a navy blue but it has 'bleach rubbing' where the color is brushed away from the fabric with bleach (Turning it a faded orange as dye is removed) before the getting ready to run Sonic art is added. The art itself doesn't appear to be wethered.
The next is a gray tee with Sonic popping up out of a gold ring above the logo. It has colored bands for the collar & sleeves. The bright blue has the Japanese 3 point stance Sonic but really really large for a big impact.
The only modern one is a black long sleeve shirt with portraits surrounding 1 full body shot. The last is a variation on shirts that have been in the USA for a while, It's an all navy-blue version of running classic Sonic with his name spelled out in Japanese under it. (Look at that one model though, he is the smuggest of all--but why) Each one is about 130 to 240 (probably) Pesos though it uses a dollar sign. This is a reasonable enough price & the shirts feel quality. They're all also titled some variation of "Playera".
It's a good selection in adult & teen sizes with some thought going on for the designs.
Bluetooth Sonic Speaker Plush This is a Sonic plush that's also a bluetooth speaker?
It's a bit of an odd combination, a doll that you can use to play music? it is, in its 'chibi' little-big-head style. As you can see it comes in a modern style branded box with the logo on top and CG portrait on the front. It's a nice box with plastic window & features listed across the top (for how to connect it/what it does)
The plush itself is classic, so that's a modern vs classic mis-match (which sometimes happens) but then, is it supposed to be Movie Sonic? The arms are blue which is a mistake with everything other than Boom or Movie. That's 2 incongruities that make this sort of strange or almost suspicious.
Look at the texture on the shoe-soles, that's probably where the sound comes out. You can see he also has a paper tag by looking under the hand inside the box. "Bocina" is Speaker in Spanish. Other than the mistake packaging and blue arms it looks like it's well put together with 3D spikes, consistent 'chibi' style and good embroidery. Photo discovered by CHVocaloid
Bluetooth Plush Front Back Photo ...And, here's what it looks like out of the box.
It actually comes across a little wierder outside of the box. Here, you can really tell that somehow the shoes ARE also the legs? There's not even the 'sock top' in there or anything, they're just...his legs. Also that they're coming directly out of the 'belly dot' area doesn't help them. The spikes as 'one flap off to the side' is a way to stylize the head and make it simple, so they've gone with that.
At the bottom, you can see they of course deleted his back spikes but left the tail. The plastic plate area is where
the electronic inputs would go like a USB stick of music or maybe a memory card to plug in. It's a wierd, off-model item to be sure. These are factory photos.