Sonic the Hedgehog Magazine Galleries
Over the years there has been loads of Sonic the Hedgehog related magazine coverage.
Rightly so! He's almost always been popular one way or another. There are also lots and lots of magazines covering video game news, reviews, interviews and more all over the world. In fact, there are so many different things and articles to read with Sonic, that a magazine gallery is required.

This is a directory of *Off Site* magazine scan or photo galleries. There are so many different free image hosting sites that just stay active forever, that it makes a lot of sense to share the print media this way. Do you have a bunch of magazine scans that you are hosting on something like a Photobucket? It could end up as part of this directory. SonicGear itself features pretty much only magazine covers with Sonic, or extreme/strange ad material for him.

After all, magazine content can go away if it's thrown away/recycled. For this reason, magazines can sometimes capture things that never happened (Sonic Xtreme in the "Red Shoe Diaries" for example) , or feature screenshots for levels that were never included. It's very interesting to read opinions of the times about older games too. If you're in the mood for a little Sonic related reading, get started with this helpful gallery of magazine pages!

Dreamcast Magazine Articles - Scans by RaeLogan

Years: 1999 - 2000
Magazine: Dreamcast Magazine/Early issues
There's an ad for the Sonic OVA, an interview with Sonic's creator, images of merchandise in the Dreamcast era, a full rundown on Sonic Adventure with tips and secrets. Note: Dreamcast magazine did not last long enough to see the release of SA2.

More Dreamcast Magazine Articles & Scans - Scans by RaeLogan
The scan gallery grows further with more articles, including a retrospective type one.