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Welcome to the "Most Wanted" section!

What's that? It's where you can find out about items that are KNOWN to exist but have not had the photo submitted to Sonic Gear yet. Looking to take a picture of something, or feel like hunting down a rarity on the internet? This is your place to look for scoops. Once the item is found (a picture shows up that can be used) the entry will dissappear from this page and the item will simply be added in where it belongs. As new items are heard about, more entries will appear here.

2013 Global Industry BV Netherlands:
Releases for EUROPE only Sonic Skateboard, Scooter, Roller Blades, Folding Chair, Play In Tent, Sleeping Bag, Mini Ready Bed (what is that), water squirt gun, Tennis Set, Hopper Ball, Frisbee, Flash Light, Projector light, Camp Light, Table Light, Push-on-Light, Snow Shovel, Ski Helmet, Sled, 2 Wheel Bike Childrens. May have been at Argos stores.
(Entry added in 2020) Scooter showed up in Canada---somehow.

MACYS - little kids red 'sports type' Sonic shirt. Will have striped short sleeves and "25" on the shoulder in big numbers.

ALL "Worlds Collide" Archie Megaman crossover covers (Pledge person never sent covers: needed!)

Orange TANK top (must be tank style) with modern Sonic. Likely a JC Penny item

COMING SOON - BigBadToystore.com will have Allstars Racers Transformed stuff (the vehicles, somehow) and "Role Play Masks" (whatever that is) there are no photos up yet, but those items will be 'wanted' once they get photos. Info by Deon Downs

All Stars Racing SHIRTS - Kids & Teens , several designs, usually green SEARS 1 design will have their cars

Tiny kids blue stripe tee, Sonic is striped too, SEARS

Earbud & Shirt combo - Just the buds, found at Sears (they come free with shirts already pictured on the site)

Die-cut edge modern running Sonic wallet w/chain - Spencers

ALL Blue plastic pint? glass - cup SPENCERS

Kigurumi (animal dress up type) Sonic costume pajamas with zip off Sonic shoe footies

NKOK Stuff:
Photos wanted for LOOSE/Fan-Owned - Free Riders RC Jet & Sonic, Radio Control Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, Pull Back n' Go Sonic Shadow & RC Race Track Set. NKOK Website may update with photos. Info by SonicBoy19

Sonic Energy Drink Soda - The color of this reportedly changed from reddish to blue. Needs taste comparison by someone who has had BOTH colors.

Sonic MEMORY Game 14.99
Sonic DieCut Puzzle 14.99
All will be sold out of www.bigbadtoystore. com , so this is just an announcement for what's upcoming. Where else will they be sold? When will they start appearing in stores? Info discovered by PiplupFan77

NEW RE-package Big / Froggy & Eggman / MetalSonic packs
The big the cat figure pack has a big figure with paint that is a much brighter, almost pink in color. froggy is also standing on a lilly pad (clear plastic) but it is raised so that it is as tall as big himself, so you can see froggy in box. The eggman pack has one small variant, which is the container that metal sonic is in. it is now yellow in the background. each pack also has a new sticker that says, "fully articulated figure!" rather than, "NEW, over 12 points of articulation!" these were spotted at F.Y.E. (seen by SonicBoy19)

Classic "string bag" - Spencers item, black/white checkered thin nylon bag with drawstring shoulder straps.

SOLID canvas blue Sonic modern mini schoolbag- has running modern Sonic. May be at Spencers Gifts, USA

Classic Sonic Lanyard - various classic artworks on a cloth lanyard. *MUST be BLUE with metal clip. Hot Topic / Spencers?

"No Smoking Sonic" shirt- A shirt from the 1990s where Sonic is shown with the 'finger waving' position. Shirt has words similar to "Kids, Say No To Smoking"

Japanese Sonic Images Phone Cards-
These are on their own all-new page! If you have any Japanese phone cards with a Sonic (or other character) theme...send 'em in! There's literally more than 20 of these and Gear needs lots of them. A phone card is a pre-paid time card you used to use to place calls. It is plastic, with a unique number on the back. Phone plans have since made them obsolete, but they were collectible.

Violent Sonic & Knuckles Poster:
A poster seen in a shoe store in Australia. It announced Sonic & Knuckles, and featured the S & K logo. It was a drawing of Eggman/Robotnick in his Egg-o-matic being attacked by Sonic & Knuckles. Sonic is pulling wires off the flying pod, while Knuckles is punching Robotnick in the face, causing a split lip. Curiously violent.

Sonic & Knuckles Roller Skates Shirt
This is likely a UK sold item, with Sonic & Knuckles art where they are wearing skates (unusual!) it has their names beside them. This was sighted in 2002 or 2003 - Tip by Red

Possible Arcade Prizes: Scuba gear Sonic plush (sounds like ToyNetwork!) Sonic Lighter (is it official?) and Sonic Secret Rings Ring - Tip by Hazard777

The mystery Australia Sonic Doll plush seen in this Sonic Plush Video. MUST be an image of this doll, not some similar one, do note its unique details.

Write up on the TASTE of the USA Sonic Energy Drink.
If you've tried this stuff, the fans want to hear about it, you can write in with a description & opinion to add to the entry.

KOHLS - Shadow shirt Shadow on a white background (may be kohls exclusive).

(Tails items images must not be from that Japanese Tails Fan Site unless someone can get permission to use the images in order to allow them onto SonicGear. All images for the fansite will have photoshopped colored backgrounds, entire site dedicated to Tails only.)

Tornado (Xwing conversion) sculpture with Sonic & Tails on a rod & base (base likely to be wooden)

Tails Pencil Topper & theme pencil - Japanese figural pencil topper

Japanese Tails PVC - a PVC Tails figure classic with arms at sides

Eggman Line Art Item Seldom does 'wanted gear' have a photo (after all, that's what was 'wanted'!) but the confusing nature of this photo causes an entry here. This is supposed to be a shot of a brown hoodie OR sweatshirt. It's interesting because it features Eggman...but then some kind of 'fade in' of solid Sonic in the...background?
What does the whole item look like? Where is it available? Photo discovered by SonicBoy19