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(That I don't approve of)
So here's a sub-standard title card that's very boring.

After the art fiasco that set the internet ablaze with flames for 'bad design' (true) in 2019 the "Sonic Movie" live action Hollywood production went back to the 'drawing board' and re-made the hideous hedgehog into something more akin to a friendly hairy bigfoot troll that happens to be blue.
People seemed to like this better, and so merchandise moved ahead. However it's #NotMySonic so, like bandana and sports tape loving Boom Sonic (And poor Stupid BoomKnuckles) the merchandise must all get corralled away onto a special page/set so as to keep it from contaminating other items. This is that page--but for clothing and accessories.
Movie Clothing 2 *
Black Pointing Movie Sonic Tee A black tee with the slogan "A Whole New Speed of Hero". This has the movie's logo & a circle with pointing movie Sonic in it. Of course, he's CG like in the movie, and also poorly lit on purpose.
Why he's shadowy is anybody's guess, but that's a common theme in the clothing, shading him out to hide the details of the moviegremlin design. The movie didn't take place mostly in the dark so...
This is a SegaShop item, and it is unfortunately about 30 dollars in adult sizes so that's kind of expensive.
Long Sleeve Blue Movie Tee Here's a long sleeve medium blue tee.
This time, the Whole New Speed of Hero slogan is on one sleeve, written vertically. It has a really big logo for the upper chest area, and CG movie-Sonic holding a ring is the design. There are more of the trapezoid color theme, this time for the background. This is set up to make him look a bit 3D by having him overlap out of the largest shape.
This is a SegaShop item and it is about 40 dollars, because it is a long sleeve.
Movie Logo Hat Blue A hat with the movie-style logo...
And no Sonic to be found. The logo features the "C" with spikes in it, and the font a bit more itallic, for both the Sonic word and 'the hedgehog'. It's otherwise quite a plain blue flat-bill baseball style cap.
However, this isn't actually a photo of a real cap so who knows what it's made of, however it is 25 dollars in the Segashop.
Lighting Variation Movie Tees These tees are nearly variants of each other. The first is dark blue, the second a dark charcoal. They've got the same running/triangle Movie Sonic with the same logo too, but the lighting used for the art is different. The dark blue has normal lighting, and the charcoal has it with the deep shadowing/darkness effect applied to shadow out most of his body/legs. The triangle there is also filled in with a bit of gradient color. These are Segashop items.
Baby Sonic Movie Tee Sunflower Here's a black tee with 'baby version movie Sonic'.
It uses the movie logo large at the top and places CG baby version a bit in front of it. Here, he's holding out the Green Hill-specific geometric type sunflower but it's very small as opposed to how it is in the game. He has shoes on with this version, although the legs are barely visible. This is clearly trying to play to 'oh we made him cute now' , to appeal to anyone who really likes baby-version. It's a Segashop exclusive in adult sizes and is 25 dollars.
Logo Movie Sweat Shirt Black Hoodie
An item that's...probably not worth its while.
This is a plain black hoodie type sweat shirt with draw string hood. It has the movie logo large across the chest area, and that's it. No other decorations. So, it's basically just a plain item with 0 design effort into it and it's somehow 70 dollars in the SegaShop. Unless this thing launders itself....that's a lot to pay for having some logo stamped onto a generic thing like this is.
Movie Hero Long Sleeve Tee Here is a long sleeve black tee for the movie.
It's called "Movie Hero Tee". It uses the 'very shaded/shadowy' CG of Movie Sonic in a bit of an awkward pose in front of the orange/purple fade background that is used on several other items. It has the movie logo at the bottom & the "Whole new speed of hero" slogan is in that blue bar you see that is small, under the logo.
This is a Sega Shop exclusive item, and is 30 dollars in adults sizes.
Gray Hoodie Movie Logo Sega Shop Annnd maybe another item that is likely not worth its while either.
This is a gray sweat shirt with 'kangaroo type' single front pocket. It has draw strings for the hood, but no zipper. It's also completely plain and ordinary, except for a small logo from the movie on the left side of the upper chest area.
And it's 40 dollars.
This is another of the Sega Shop's 'barely any effort' items. How is this Sonic? Who is such a huge fan of the movie that they want a teeny tiny logo on an expensive and otherwise plain item? It's just too generic to be worth the 40, even if it is large/adults sizes or anything.
Kohls Movie Sonic Gray Tee Kohls department stores gets a movie item: and it's this gray tee.
Their stuff tends to be exclusive to them, but you can buy this online at their website as well as in the store itself. It's a plain gray tee with running (as usual) movie CG Sonic fairly large on the bottom left. The design looks like it wraps around to the back of the shirt. The movie logo is added above his foot. You can see there's likely a printed in collar tag as well.

This is a summer 2020 item, but in July you can see that it is already on markdown. (Was Movie stuff just not that popular as merch?) Did anyone even know Kohls had this? Sizes for 8 to 20 means it'd likely fit anyone.

Primark Camo Style Movie Tee Walmart This shirt appears in Walmart in winter 2020.
It's a Primark tee, and that company has done Sonic clothing before, so apparently they have the movie license now. You can see their orange tag there, it has the usual 'running out of the darkness' movie Sonic on the front. The tee has an interesting enough all-over pattern of blues and blacks. It's the silouhette of Movie Sonic stamped/scattered all over to create a camo type effect. The movie logo is large in white, on the center of the chest area.
This shirt has to get credit for using it creatively, while not actually showing the movie goblin anywhere on the tee. Photo by GamingChiliHedgehog
Slow your Roll Slogan Movie Tee
A slogan tee for the movie (Was this phrase ever said in it?)
This adult size navy blue tee has "Slow Your Roll" written vertically down a red stripe on one side, the movie logo at the bottom, and a large line art of movie Sonic. The main design is a white/gray rectangle with him depicted in black/white only as a close up portrait type bust.
He looks a bit odd as line art, with a big kind of wiggly mouth & of course the divided eyes. There is also a 'shag line' for the belly dot...but somehow his shoulders are even slumped more/non-existant than regular Sonic?
It is an all right design attempting to do something a bit modern/art with it for an adults sizes tee. Photo discovered by GamingChiliHedgehog
Try to Keep Up Slogan Long Sleeve 2 Pak Tees It's movie version...but in regular/classic type of style-presentation?
This is one of those at-a-glance and you'll miss it type of things...which is a bit of a first for the movie style. Here, Movie Sonic has been applied in designs that are usually used for classic Sonic on these two long sleeve kids tee shirts. The blue one has red wedges with slices through them for the background, and 3 different art poses for movie Sonic. The movie logo is in white at the bottom. The black tee has the slogan "Try to Keep Up" across the top, with Sonic running toward the far side and yellow, greenish & blueish lines (set up kind of like a flag?) as the background/behind him.
It's interesting to see movie style presented this way, both as regular art/not CG which is the usual, and placing him on a more classically styled type of merch. These should be Amazon items in winter 2020
Bio World Gray Movie Mens Tee Grid
Well, it looks like Bio World got a movie license too...
As here is a mens/adult tee by Bio World for the movie. It's a white shirt with rectangle black/white design. It has pointing-at-viewer movie-Sonic in front of a black/grid background, and the logo below it.
Seeing that movie-goblin in grayscale like this somehow makes him look worse? It's like black and white footage of some bigfoot/sasquatch monster or something where you're not sure if it's real. It's a good enough attempt at a design, using grayscale makes it different/interesting but it seems to have the side effect of making him look even wierder than normal which is rather hard to do.
Darkness Movie Bio World Mens Tee Kinda creepy?
This Bio World men's size black tee has Movie Sonic in a ring, but the CG is so poorly lit/in darkness on purpose that...the movie gremlin looks like it's reaching up out of a sewer or manhole-cover like a creepy clown might do. He's just kind of vaguely pointing at the viewer, reaching out from the darkness.
Notice that it's the exact same piece of CG art from the shirt above, but see how much the color/lighting changes the look of the art/changes the design. Neither one of these is fabulous but each one is strange in its own way. This is a winter 2020 item, and is about 25.00
Grid Slow Roll Movie Hot Topic Tee
The summer of 2021 brings Hot Topic into the mix for movie tees.
This is an adult size tee in quite a dark gray. It has art of the movie gremlin instead of t he usual CG, in an attempt to make it look more appealing. They've got the details going like the generic/boring shoes and the case of 'big body'...but then look at them jimmying the face again. The art does everything in its power to make it more like actual Sonic (who is appealing) than the movie version. (Eye detail is changed to normal, head is tilted such that the split eye is minimized, hairyness is minimized, etc) The background here is a green grid pattern rectangle. The slogan "Slow Your Roll" is written in cursive along the side. It's 20 dollars to advertise the movie by buying this tee at Hot Topic.
Hot Topic 3 Movie Tees One shirt isn't enough for Hot Topic, they've got to add more to the mix! These are 3 summer 2021 tees, in adult sizes. They should each be about 20 dollars or so in store or online.
They're all also pretty similar to stuff that's come before/seen elsewhere because they are an easy-use of a pre-prepared
movie asset-graphic. The first 2 are the same piece of CG with the same background trapezoid but they are lit differently. They both have the movie logo in a similar place. The third shirt has finger-pointing movie gremlin in the ring, but they've added orange speed-boost markers for the background to help contrast him. The logo there appears at the bottom.
Kohls Try to Keep Up Gray Tee Here's the store photo of the above Kohl's website tee.
This photo proves it has a slogan in there, however small. Under the movie logo it says "Try To Keep Up". The design for the hairy gremlin appears to be larger on the actual shirt seen in the store than it looked like above. It's meh!
Movie 2 Trucker Style Black Crew Cap
Here's a first!
This is likely to be the first actual merchandise for Sonic Movie 2. It makes sense, because it is a "Crew" item, which means it was never for regular retail sale. It was distributed only to crew members/workers on the movie itself/shooting area. It was likely in Hawaii where part of it is set.
The hat itself is all black, and it is a 'trucker style', which means it has a mesh back and only 2 solid panels in the front. The bill is slightly curved, and the sticker proclaims it as a snapback style. The movie's logo is embroidered on. They use the "Tails' Tails 2", that Sonic 2 the game did. It remains to be seen if this movie will be any good. This hat appeared in September 2021. Photo & owned by BulbaSquirtle