Calendar of Crud Title Card
Thanks to ToyNetwork churning out so many stupid, tacky, un-fitting and Sonic-sullying "holiday" plushes, they must all be corralled into one place to try and contain the dumb!
However, Valentines Day apparently was so un-love-able that it got too many stupid dolls and they are over-running onto this page which will show only that 1 holiday.
Feb-Spew-ary: Valentines (there's no love here)
Valentines & Easter Tails Knuckles Dolls 2 holidays together for more to make fun of at once!
Here we have "Valentines Knuckles". How Valentines is he? NOT. All they did was write onto his body (What is this, a tattoo??) "Be my valentine" like one of those terrible cheap bears that show up every year that no one actually wants! Argh! Sonic stuff is not some cheap holiday throw-a-way!

Easter Tails gets a similar amount of effort with a tacked on "Easter Egg" and nothing else. However, this Tails isn't particularly 'mutated' that badly. Yes, the theme is corney...but the plush itself isn't the "Worst thing ever" like some of their other failures. Hmmm.

Terrible Valentie Heart Tails is Scary Don't be this thing's valentine!

Oh no, even Valentines day gets the bad treatment with this plush line. Here, Tails is holding a shabby rose and they have glued on some stupid "Love You" heart sticker to the belly dot area. They've also stretched out his head (its too tall) and not even bothered to try with his ears. This one may be slightly smaller than others, as you can see it is not shrivelled or somehow oddly under-stuffed like some of their other bad holiday efforts. The holiday horrors continue...

Darling Amy Valentine Are you ready for a double shot of lame Amys?
Too bad. If you need to guess, these are probably Valentines and Easter Amy. Again, they swapped out the fabric for her dress (with polka dot!) and added some annoying accessory. In this case, the heart says "Darling" on it and the flower also has words. However, you can't really read them in this photo.
Notice Valentine Amy's black eye rim?
It's mostly missing, save for a few tiny scrap like bits and her eyelashes. It looks like something has gone wrong with this plush...aside from the lame theme and wrinkly withered arms!
Strange Flower Amy Rose Doll
Boquet Amy Rose with fly eyes Here's another Amy that has to be assumed is for V-day. She's got a bouquet of roses and some mysterious hearts scattered on one glove. Her headband has also had a bow added, and her dress is cut low in front (note pink showing at top) Did they deliberately alter the cut of her dress to try and make it different for Valentines day? The glove-hearts are likely explained by 'they had extra white fabric with a hearts pattern so they wanted to use it up on her gloves'. While somewhat mutant (doughey feet, giant plastic eyes) she's not super horrible. Discovered by Streakthefox.
Overalls Tiny Beanie Confusion Tails Just what is going on here? It's anybody's guess with this terrible Tails!
Just what does dressing up in overalls like a freakish farmer have to do with Valentines day? Nothing! Also, check out that tiny beanie hat on his head! What's going on there, it's WAY too small and stupid. (close up inset/center) The doll itself is also rotten, the too-small eyes make the expression frightful, and the tails are like stupid fins coming out of opposite sides of his butt. This thing is just a pile of crazy junk...what ARE they thinking? Photo discovered by: SuperSilver
Love Stops Valentine Sonic Heart Staff
This Sonic Plush is holding some wierd heart on a stem, but for once, they've chosen to write something appropriate on it: "The Love Stops Here". Why yes....yes it does...because everyone HATES this pathetic plush! He's got that part right, at least. Sonic's glove cuffs have hearts on them, and the stripes of his shoes and socks also use hearts-on-white fabric. But his lack of ears, tall frankenstein-like head, unevenly sewn eyes and bent up spikes are the usual ToyNetwork failure-fare. How does this calander of crud keep on getting more and more entries? Photo discovered by: SuperSilver
Shabby Shadow Valentines Plush Hearts and flowers are hardly Shadow's style, but that doesn't stop ToyNetwork from creating this shabby Shadow doll! He's sure to insult all Shadow fans with his heart-fabric shoes and gloves, while his dome-like messed up head and ultra-wide stripe ensure he's even more ugly than usual. Their problem also remains with putting on plastic eye-centers that are much too large for the doll, making it look drunk/scary/stupid. He's holding a boquet with gold lace...and the title for "Very out of character"! Why can't anybody at Toy Network ever pay attention to anything Sonic? Maybe because then they'd be out of a job...o no! Photo discovered by SuperSilver.
Moronic valentines hat Sonic lameness How do you celebrate Valentines? By putting on the stupidest hat you can find and wearing a shabby red shirt? NO. That's for the calendar of crud Sonic doll to do...poorly. What does a red shirt have to do with anything? It has a dumpy fit also. What even is the hat supposed to look like? It's not a baseball cap. Now with extra stupid! The buckle is on the wrong side of his shoe too because they don't care about Sonic at all and they glue the worst hat ever onto his head and the doll looked like junk from the beginning. Photo discovered by BlueBlur.
My Sweetheart Plush Heart Sonic Yet another Valentines Sonic...but there's something strange about this one--it's not too terrible! The doll itself is relativly normal looking, and they have not added any awful costume or stupid accessory. He is holding a plush heart that says "My Sweetheart" on it but i is not extremely shabby or lame looking either. Could they be turning over a new leaf and not making only horrible holiday dolls? The tag will have ToyNetwork & the 15th anniversary logo on it. Photographed & owned by cityescape
Knuckles Boquet of Badness Doll Knuckles & his boquet of bad is here to attack Valentines. (At left) All the standard lameness is present, shrivelled flat fists that are malformed, poorly positioned eyes, crummy add-on that makes no sense (Knuckles is never romantic), withered spikes and a wiggly badly proportioned dome- head. But, at least you can scare away your anti-love on V-day with this terrible plush. Discovered by Sonicboy19
Be My Valentine NO Knuckles
Low effort lameness alert!
Another nasty Knuckles to scare away Valentines day and pollute the calendar of crud with yet more yuck. This time, all they did was write "Be My Valentine" on the doll's body in probably that white iron-on type ink. Like...why? It ruins the doll and nobody would actually want to gift this thing for the holiday.
Look how bad the eyes are! They're going in completely different directound because they couldn't get the head right. The fiists are a bit suspect here as well, is one withered/flat and the other more square? The usual paste-on cheapo mouth continues to fail to impress, especially with the awful eyes. What's odd is...his shoes are actually somehow good? Strange. Photo & owned by
Hearts cloth stupid eye Amy
Even though there are THREE other lame Amy Rose Valentine dolls...why not churn out another, but be even lazier than usual! All they've done here is change out her whtie fabric for white with corney hearts on it. They also replaced her headband with a dorky bow. Look how ill-fitting the dress is hangs down in front and covers the tops of her shoes. She never had a dress like that. But if that wasn't enough to make you not want to buy it, they add giant looney plastic eyes in an inappropriate size for the doll. These especially don't look good with the jumbo eyelashes they've given her. Have they ever even seen a picture of Amy? All around bad & lazy. Discovered by Fuzzball Raccoon
Horrible Hearts Shabby Shadow Doll Talk about un-love-able, this nasty floppy wrinkly Shadow is here to spoil the mood on Valentines day. His wonkey eyes & wiggly mouth help to wreck his look, while his ears are growing out of the wrong places on his head. They use their oh so "clever" white fabric with hearts on it for his gloves and shoe tops. He is holding a plush heart with "I heart U" on it, to make him more like one of those super cheap-o teddies that appear this time of year...and then get thrown out soon after because they are useless! Stop trying to sully Sonic characters with stupid themes! Discovered by Tailsy the Fox
Valentine Holding Tails This Valentines Tails could have had a bit of potential.
If the execution had actually been any good. Lots of characters appear around this holiday holding a cute card or a heart or something, which is clearly what Toy Network was going for. But, because their doll pattern isn't very good (still) it doesn't really work. The envelope he's holding is wrinkly & a bit wiggly but it says "Be My Valentine" in the heart. The Tails is otherwise unchanged though. Unchanged...and Unhinged! (Not as if that's a good thing, with his oddly shaped ears, strange face-edge fur, kind of scary eyes, shrivelly shoes & general not-so-great composition) The eye problem is probably due to the plastic color chips being too small for the head. While this one's not great, it's also not super messed up, absurd or plain awful like a lot of the others here. The intention behind the design was ok. Which makes it not fit in.
Valentine Rose Holding Sonic Plush Valentines Sonic Turn Arounds It's a Valentines Sonic, holding their sappy and somewhat wilted plush rose (as it is easy to sew things to the plushes' hands) he's got the usual wrong size plastic eye chips, the flimsy/wilty ears and...a red mark on one side near the eye? Indeed: it is a "lipstick print" cartoon kiss mark there.
This is a unique Valentines detail that seems to be only for this one doll. It is somewhat strange. Photo & owned by TheJakeanator. Here is a better look at the non-lovely Valentines Sonic plush.
With these turn-arounds, you can clearly see that odd 'lips' kiss print decal they have added to the side of him. You can also notice that the 'boquet' he has isn't just 1 rose, it seems to be two, and they're in a kind of polka-dot mesh fabric (to represent the plastic these usually come in) The boquet is surprisingly higher effort than normal? It's too bad they couldn't apply it to the doll pattern instead, because you've still got the long body, tentacle-looking spikes, tall head, withered ears, fat odd shoes & the usual eye issues going on. Photo & owned by Jakeinator100
Valentine Shoe Shadow The third time ISNT the charm!
And there's nothing charming about Valentines day when it involves these wonky stupid dolls. It's ready for romance in mushville because here comes the 3rd effort (but not success) at creating a Valentines Shadow. You'll notice he's similar to a previous one but...there's no gold mesh for the boquet for this one, the gloves are plain white of his shoes is oddly modified?
Look at the's got a heart with an arrow through it on the top white part. Why one and not the other? It's the only time they've modified just 1 shoe/not used a whole pattern for a doll. It's a bit of a strange move/choice.
As is their usual, the face is terrible with wrong-size poorly sewn eye color chips turning all sideways, wiggle nonsense mouth, squashed spikes, poorly ears/too wide stripe and misshapen head. Who was passing these on quality control? Photo discovered by WinDOSEx Pea