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Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast brought us the first Chao. Little customizeable things that somehow grew on you. At first, I didn't like chao. They were wierd...squishy onion heads. What's up with that? But then, you see that Sonic Team actually did a really nice job with their A-Life, as virtual pets. So I hatched a few...started scrubbing animals on them and...all that led to this.

I love to sculpt, so I made my own custom chao! Each one is a kiln-fired ceramic version of a well-raised chao from the game.

Miss & Zodiac Chao Sculptures Miss and Zodiac. Miss is running type, zodiac is swimming type. Zodiac was always trying to tell fortunes in the little "Chao Walk" VMU game. Miss was very cat-like in the garden, sneaking around then tipping over onto the character you brought. Miss learned to color too!
Coconut Coconut Do you like it? Baby Chao are so very sweet. I did a crawling chao sculpt, but it needs to rest on the coconut or it tips over. Just like the real thing?
Colorful bunch of Chao Miss, Lime, and Tiki gather near a nut. Tiki is strength type, and Lime is under-developed running type which just looked too good green to raise it further.
Tails in the Garden of Chao
Of course, they were made to scale with the ReSaurus figures. I had always hoped someone would release a line of different toy chao, but it didn't happen.
Dull Chao & Pearly Egg
Every so often you will hatch a chao that is dull and does nothing but sleep. To keep it interesting, here is a pearly egg that hatches one of the cool chao.