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My current Sonic the Hedgehog clothing collection. All this stuff is really recent, bought within the year 2005. With the Sonic X show on TV currently, and being sold as a DVD collection, Sonic is back in the game!
  • But if you want it, DONT HESITATE. Sonic is really popular, and there's a reason his stuff is scarce. Do not put off clicking to the left and ordering things. Procrastination is a top reason Sonic collecters miss out on items. You will have to pay a premium trying to buy these once they stop making the current line.

These clothing articles and accessories come from both the USA, and England. See something you want? Look no further then the bar to the left. There should be easy links to Ebay, Hot Topic, and JC Penny Stores.

To obtain an item which says it's from England, if you live in a different country, Ebay Auction site is your best bet. Type in "Sonic The Hedgehog Shirt" and browse around . Don't get discouraged if no one is auctioning the one you see here right away, or the price is really high! Chances are, if you come back you'll see another....for now.

To obtain an item which says it's from Hot Topic, if you live near to a mall in the USA, you can just go there and try to buy it. If not, you should use the link to the left and order it online. Search for the latest Sonic the Hedgehog things, and Hot Topic will ship it to you.

To obtain an item which says it's from JC Penny Department Store, I would probably recommend going there. You may end up at it several times because they're really spotty on what they carry, ESPECIALLY on sizes of the new clothing. You can try the link, but they don't update their site enough and I couldn't get it to show me Sonic items. Maybe write them or something. If you want to buy, do it on a weekend. JC Penny has sales like every weekend so why not save money. If your JC Penny doesn't have them, you can always try Ebay.

Very stylish Sonic the Hedgehog & Knuckles Chris shirt This is an EXCELLENT Sonic and Kncuckles shirt from the UK. Imported over Ebay. There is an identical one with red accents. This thing has quality everywhere...
Plastic Sonic the Hedgehog shirt detail This Sonic the Hedgehog graphic is actually a really awesome piece of shiny plastic. It's rather hard, not like a sticker at all. Very sweet detail. Looks sturdy!
Outline back artwork Cool outline-work, even on the back. This is found in normal sizes, so you can expect to be able to wear it.
Sonic the Hedgehog all-over graphic lycra shirt
A...slightly less classy addition. This one is quite loud. The graphic is all-over, and it is made of some kind of lycra-like material. It is found in normal sizes.
Sonic the Hedgehog shirt close-up photo A Detail of the design. It repeats on the back.
Eat My Dust Hot topic Sonic the Hedgehog T My bootleg shirt! Argh this shirt is supposed to be from Hot Topic but I got a bootleg of it by mistake. It is supposed to look 'distressed' or 'retro' or something, but it is sooooo fake because the thing is a bogus decal. Argh. You should also read about avoiding bootleg merchandise on the How To Avoid Bootlegs page.

Cool concept though, if you want the REAL thing, hit the Hot Topic link at the top.

This could also have been found at Wal-Mart in the USA in 2006 and 2009.

Gotta Go Faster flames Sonic the Hedgehog small Tee Gotta Go Faster Sonic X shirt. This thing is by ## and is mega-small. If you weigh over 30 lbs, you're not going to get into this. The flames are sparkly though. Found at KOHLS outlet stores. But watch out, KOHLS is fairly rare so you might end up on Ebay ordering this tiny thing.
Embroidered Hot Topic wrist cuff Embroidered Hot Topic wrist cuff or sweat-band. Quite nice, quality feels right, and will actually fit you. Unless you have giant hands or something.
Boys Shirt Shorts Set Sonic Sports Orange shorts shirt set for boys. This is relativly small too, but you might be able to get into the shorts if you're little. The leg design is embroidered on. The fabric for the shirt has those little holes in it to make it breathable. Available at JC Penny and Sears department clothing stores.
Plastic Sonic the Hedgehog head detail Look at his head. It's another one of those quality plastic things! And the shirt has Shadow on it too, not bad!
Sonic the Hedgehog swim trunks
These are not shorts. They are actually Swim trunks. They have that netting-underwear inside too. They are the same front/back. These only come in irritatingly small sizes. Again, if you're over the age of like 5 you probably can't fit. Available at JC Penny and Sears department clothing stores.
Sonic the Hedgehog yellow pocket trunks Yellow & Blue swim trunks. They have a yellow back with a Sonic-X logo pocket. This photo turned out inexplicably very small. Kind of like the real shorts! Grr...Available at JC Penny and Sears department clothing stores.
Why won't it fit!