Sonic Gear Main
Welcome to my personal collection!

This is a gallery of all the Sonic the Hedgehog items I own currently. Naturally, most of them are American, but you'll also find Fan-Objects, and several Brittish things.
A big "Thanks" goes out to Nao, a Japanese fan from many years back who provided almost every single Ultra-rare and quirky JP items here. I hope that one day he will return to the web, his generosity and good will, as well as his devotion & collection were all inspiring to Sonic fans everywhere.

Sonic Hygene Section- Moist Towlettes Anyone?
My Sonic Clothing- From Tacky to Awesome!
Sonic Figures- Even the rare ones AND the badly done ones!
Sonic Games- Nothing for consoles here...these are LCDs
My Fan Stuff- Chao Time!
My Random Items- Strange things that didn't fit in anywhere else