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Small, portable, and mostly annoying to play, Sonic the Hedgehog LCD games somehow keep getting made. This is my own collection, which contains a few rare ones that you probably won't find on Ebay. I have the Mc Donalds Happy Meal games as well, but they are in a different section.
All these LCD Sonic Games are by Tiger Electronics.
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 pocket arcade game flip top Tiger Electronics Pocket Arcade LCD game. This one is supposed to represent Sonic 3, but of course doesn't. It was fairly difficult to play, simply due to trying to figure out what was going on as various things would appear all over the screen. You could summon Tails a certain number of times by pressing a button, but it's hard to tell what exactly he did.

There is another Pocket Arcade for NiGHTS as well, but I never managed to find it.

Pocket arcade Sonic the Hedgehog shut photo
Sonic Underground portable game Aha, the piece of resistance! The officially licensed Sonic Underground game! Yes, the annoying show got an equally annoying LCD game. It is pretty complex though, and you can tell what's going on most of the time too, which is more than the others can say. It's pretty sophisticated, for an LCD game. Found it at either Target or K-Mart. Only one they had. (Can't imagine why)
Mysterious edge bead close up ZRR ZRR ZRR See that little thing in the edge of the game in the upper photo? It's a little half-round clear pebble with Sonics' face on it. See the big white switch thinger? It's spring-loaded and you have to repeatedly pull it to the right to make the ball go whizzing around the outside edge of the game to charge up your sprite while playing. It makes a total racket too!
This game is totally loud (it requires big batteries) and the constant need to spin the edge is sure to drive your parents up the wall. It goes FREEENN HRREEESHHH ZRR ZRR ZRR ZRR. (did you really need to know that?)
LCD Game screen close-up shot The background is some wierd outdoor shot from the show of whatever they decided to re-label their stolen SatAm footage of the city as. Musictropolis or something. Curse you Sonic Underwear! WHERE IS TAILS!