Portugal usually shares Sonic items with Europe.
Items with a "European Release" will generally show up there as well, so it doesn't have a huge need for exclusive items. However, there are a few things which are made there, marketed only to there, or had Portugal as their main release area (but can show up elsewhere as well) This is a page for anything Portuguese Sonic, whether it's modern or classic.
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Triunfo Sonic 3 Plastic Pins Tails Robotnik Here are 2 all-plastic pins from Portugal. They are by Triunfo (probably "Triumph") likely give-aways with a product or some kind of purchase.
The pins are completely plastic, even the backing & the peg. This would likely make them pretty fragile & the backing easy to lose. The design appears to be an applied paper sticker for each one. The Tails looks quite like a piece of Japanese running-Tails stock art, but the other is clearly 100% Robotnik...interesting to get such a mash up of design choices. Also, if there's these 2 pins AND it's Sonic 3, you can bet there's a Sonic one & a Knuckles one as well. Have photos of the the other pins? Send 'em in for credit! Photo discovered by MrCalistine
Triunfo Knuckles Pin The third Triunfo pin appears, this time with poorly drawn Knuckles. They've chosen the rather off model look for him that was somewhat adopted by the UK Sonic the Comic, where his head is tall and his eyes are wierdly vertical. The fourth pin has to be Sonic, but Gear is still waiting for a photo of it.
Triunfo makes cookies in Portugal.
Triunfo Sonic pin goes here whenever somebody finally sees it
Portugal Videos Here are 2 Sonic videos from Portugal. At left, you can see the AoStH logo there on the palm leaf, & the video company "Prisvideo" who was licensed to release whatever episodes are on this DVD. The art, however is unusual. Strange looking Tails & Sonic swing on a vine (similar to some UK art)
At right is the Sonic Christmas Special, and the only change made to that is to add the word "Natal" instead of "Christmas Special" (It's about the same meaning, but without the word special in there) It's great to see Sonic shows were translated into lots of languages so more people could enjoy them, and it's also interesting to see the various covers used. Photo & owned by: Francisco Teófilo