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Japan and the USA weren't the only countries who needed to advertise Sonic!

The world has many different languages, and different countries who need Sonic. Most of the time, the ad would be dubbed into the required language, so those aren't repeated here. However, some countries produced their own, unique ads. Since each place outside the USA or Japan didn't have dozens and dozens of Sonic the Hedgehog ads, the international ones are all right here for your viewing fun!

NOTE: Videos may be unstable. If you find one which won't load, email AzureBlaze @ and it will be replaced with a clip which works. Naturally, there's tons of these things and they can't all be checked every week or day to be sure they work. Because videos are large, another site is hosting these, (youtube & google), so Sonic Gear is not in direct control of the videos, or their stability.
Sonic 2, Game Gear

This Portuguese ad is up to no good! They show a kid having fun with his Game gear...but they never actually show the Game Gear Sonic game! All the footage is from Sonic 2 for the Genisis/Megadrive system...(computer graphics'd in) it seems like a sham. What prompted this mis-representation in advertising? They are CLEARLY showing the GG play a game that it can't use....

Brittish Western Game Gear Ad
"How'd He Do That"

This ad makes little sense. In an alternate western/future type reality, a man enters and leaves a shack like area, squishes a Robotic type of dog, and sees a cowboy type man, all the while playing a Game Gear. He appears lucky or 'slick' in this portion. The next part, he has 'bad luck' and ends up watching the GG TV Tuner instead, as he cannot do any tricks and falls down.

This is rather strange and ineffective...

Italy- Sonic Badge Light Up Pin Promo

This is a rather strange Italian ad for what looks like the Megadrive and a Sonic pin. The pin is large, plastic, and mysteriously has eyes that light up. Since this is oldskool, the pin is huge. This also features a strange animation of Sonic, with his eyes lighting's really..something.

Anyway the guy is Jerry Cala, an Italian well-known person of some type, and he talks about the Megadrive, and the pin/badge/accessory rather quickly.

Rare and strange, this is an interesting one to collect.

This is a French commercial for McDonalds'. It is here to advertise the free mini shaped LCDs that you could get with the happy Meals. These were also available in the USA, and you can see each of the games as well as how they work in the Sonic Fast Food Area.
This commercial is interesting as it features CG Cream and Sonic interacting with kids as they play games in their car. It's an interesting choice to use Cream (and not some other character) so she's fun to see magically appearing here.
Video discovered by Streakthefox
This ad is from India, and it is rather strange.
Since it's old, it has "Squeeky mouse/chipmunk voice Sonic" adding to the oddity. In this ad, a kid is watching a movie, which is then disrupted by animated Sonic. He pushes the movie away, telling the kid the movie is stupid (!) and wouldn't he rather have fun with Sega? It then shows a bunch of different Genisis/megadrive games (including Sonic 1, telling you the era it was produced in) which causes the kid to fly back into the wall (in his chair) and get stuck to it for effect. They do work in the 'Sega!' sound effect too. The mystery is...if this as is FOR India, why is it all in English? Wouldn't Hindi confuse less people? It appears the whole system was imported there through something called Shaw-Wallace which may even be from the UK, as it has an accent. Discovered by Taaron
This McDonalds commercial is so bad, it is also on MutantGear! Try not to laugh or be frightened away by the horrible CG character models as McDonalds tries to advertise the Sonic Mini LCD bonus game set. Yes this is the NAKED ROUGE THE BAT AD. Everyone's terribly off model in some way, from 'medusa Knuckles' to nose-less Tails...but they forgot Rouges' clothing, and she looks like an ugly mouse. And WHAT is wrong with Cream?? It shows no actual LCD game-play, but showing the real thing might have been better than the terrifying graphics they used.This is supposedly made in Pakistan, and the language you hear is Hindi. Discovered by CrashbandicootPro7
Additional info by SonicToast & MB.
This commercial is STRANGE & actually slightly in poor taste. It's an Australian produced ad for "Sonic Milk Ice" by Toppa/Tip Top. (what IS milk ice? Wouldn't that just be ice cream?) It contains Shock Rocks (similar to a pop-rock, the fizzing carbon-dioxide infused candy) It features SatAm style Sonic, Tails & Robotnick. They have tied Robotnick to a chair/his chair, and screw lightbulbs into his ears. Then, they force him to try the food, which is so shocking he has 'cartoon style' electrocution effects and the lightbulbs light up. Well, the lightbulbs did hurt, so I suppose it's a depiction of a type of tortue. Not that it's not deserved, but that's not particularly the point. Does it count as a 'bad ad' because who would
actually WANT to eat something that was used to torment someone, nomatter who it was? In trying to be edgy, it only came out odd. (SIDE NOTE: At the start a giant MontyPython style foot steps on the Simpsons in their home. This is part of some other ad, purpose unknown) What did these taste like? Ad produced in 1995, discovered by KirbyExpertSteve
For comparison purposes, here's a UK ad from around the same time as the mutant Pakistan ad above. As you know, these LCD meal toys (both sets) were released within a rather short time-span.
The ad here shows Sonic dodging around colorful cars on a race track. (though he appears to be going the wrong way at the start) It then shows you the game screen/actual toy you'll get while Sonic comments and looks pretty much normal. It shows real kids playing with it, and describes the games as 'fast action'. The slogan here appears to be "Get happy!" while pointing at a Happy Meal. It all makes sense, and looks nice as an ad. Discovered by MB.
This is the UK area's ad for Sonic 360 / Sonic 06 game. An announcer invites you to enter "The Sonic Age" which is the main motto for this ad. It shows various scenes of gameplay while telling you how 'next gen' it is. (does the announcer sound slightly bored at the start??) With plenty of in-game footage & graphics it's a good representation of what you'll get when you actually play it. This ad is for the Xbox 360 (though it was released for ps3 as well) Ad discovered by PiplupFan77
This is a Japanese ad for Sonic X. Naturally, they'd have one since it started there. This ad shows scenes from the anime while its (JP ver) theme song plays & an announcer tells you about the show / how great it is. (so its a rather busy ad) You can spot different familiar scenes as it shows off characters & action. At the end, Sonic will say "Hey guys here we go" in English. This seems to be because it's considered cool to speak in foreign languages, so naturally they wanted to shoehorn the clip into the ad. Over all, if you can understand it, the ad gives you an all-right sense of the show. Ad discovered by PiplupFan77
Shadow the Hedgehog - UK TV Ad

This is the UK area's TV spot for the Shadow the Hedgehog game. It's quite similar to the USA one, mixing the game's cinematics & gameplay footage together to create a movie-trailer type ad. An announcer explains the good/evil conflict/choices that you have, with examples from both paths.

It's a very good ad, really showing you what you'll get when you buy the game without added fluff or comedy scenes that most ads have.

This is a commercial montage.
It's a video that features a bunch of random ads from 1994. Among it, is an ad for "Midlands Bank". But you will have to watch carefully! It too is a montage of scenes featuring a blue couch with the bank's logo on it & a couple of promotions. (win a trip, half price Sega game) Sonic appears VERY breifly. At about 1 minute 30 seconds or so in, you can see him jump onto the couch (which has been placed in Green Hill) and rings pop out of it. It's pretty random, but interesting that some bank would decide to team up with Sega to offer games to customers. Discovered by: Lee