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If you don't have a local comic shop, Sonic comics & the trade books can be hard to get.
This easy page collects all of them together for you, but remember most of them are just compilations of all the old Archie Sonic comics. If you did not get a chance to collect all the individual comics, these volumes are a great way to get all the old art and stories inexpensively.
Anything related to Archie Sonic will appear here too, like guides, collections, multi-issue packs, and various re-compilings of the stories into thicker trades or specials. KINDLE: All these buttons are for physical books but there should also be versions for the kindle too, on that books' page.
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Sonic Select Volumes
The "Sonic Selects" are compilations of the Sonic Super Specials comics. These are also really useful because the super specials (by themselves, the individual comics) are becoming a bit more pricey, so it's nice to be able to pick up a bunch at once in a cheaper format. By clicking the picture for each one, you'll be taken to a page to read more about it, including which issues are inside. (ordered from 1 at left to highest # at right)
Archie Sonic Archives Collections

All of these are the Archie collections flowing from left to right, lowest to highest. All the covers are by Spaz. imitating the style of the old "Sonic Japan screen-saver" art, but with Archie Sonic characters. You can read more about these on USA Archie Sonic Page on Sonicgear. By clicking the picture for each one, you'll be taken to a page to read more about it, including which issues are inside. These are good, if you're missing issues of the regular comic.
This starts at #0 (left to right)

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not released yet row is waiting for late 2015 and 2016 archive releases
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Archie Knuckles Comic Book Archives

Knuckles' mini series comcis did so well that he had his own comic book with Archie for quite a while. It did end, however, & many of the character copyrights went away with it. However, these archives are a good way to get the series if you couldn't subscribe at the time, or don't have all the individual comics. (Lowest #, at left to higher at right)

pending release 2017 expected for #5
Archie Reference Books:
With how convoluted the Archie Sonic series got, a reference book makes sense, & is yet another collectible. Ian Flynn, a comic worker wrote the "Archie Sonic Encyclopedia", in around 2011 or so, it is seen at left.

Archie Sonic Who's Who (at right)
Is sometimes also refered to as "Complete Encyclopedia" & has a different cover art from the other book...but how else is it different?

Above Row Has 2009 through 2013
Sonic Evolution of a Hero 2009
These are the "Free Comic Book Day" offerings from Archie for that year. Likely to end up uncommon, because they were only available in comic book stores until the supply ran out on that specific day.
Below row has 2014 through current FCBD