Have a party with Sonic Boom theme!
These items are great for Birthdays. Celebrate even more with Sonic when you have these party supplies. There are individual items, and 'party packs' that combine different sets so you can get stuff all at once. Everything tends toward being in sets of 8. Each item is click-able and will lead to details on sizes, exactly how many of each thing you get & what else there is that might come with it. If anything sells out, notify Sonic Gear & the item can (usually) be restored. "As an Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases."
Start off with some Party Packs!
These are made up sets for different amounts of guests. It conveniently packages together several supplies you'll need. The first (left) is a pack for 24 people, next for 16, regular for 8, and "Value" which gives official Boom Invitations. All of the packs include cups, dinner & dessert size plates, lunch size napkins & a generic orange table cloth. The "Value" gives generic balloons, ribbon, candles, and crepe paper streamer. (Unless it's got Sonic on it, it's generic, so be sure to see the official table cover here too) Last is the "Snack Pack" which only has official dessert plates & cups.
Decorate for the party with balloons!
First, there's a 'balloon boquet' which includes 2 mylar Sonic Boom round balloons, some generic matching color latex balloons & some generic star shaped balloons with a foil/tinsel balloon weight to hold them down for the table. (Remember, a mylar balloon may eventually go down, but it can always be pressed flat & hung on the wall as a poster/decoration so you can keep these)
If you only want official Boom balloons, they're available individually.
The party table is a great way to add more Sonic to the party... and avoid mess all at once! This plastic table cover is about 108 inches long. Add a surprise with a pull-string pinata! Here, the pin~ata is not destroyed when each person takes turns pulling a colorful ribbon...but only 1 leads to the prizes.
This item is confusing because it seems to only be found as a 'kit'. It contains generic prizes to put in the pin~ata including candy/toys & the usual blindfold. However there's also item: "buster" here, which is a fancy stick for if someone wants to hit the pinata instead of pulling the ribbons to open it.
Set the table with Sonic Boom!
At left are the Dinner Size paper party plates (largest size), then dessert plates, paper cups (with Sonic, Tails & Knuckles around the sides) for about 9 ounces liquid, lunch square napkins,
Here are Party Favor boxes for the guests. You build them by folding & putting the handle into the slits. There are 4 boxes (they ship flat) per set that you see here. Next are sticker sheets, each with 6 character stickers. (You get Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Sticks & the Boom logo) There are also 'cupcake toppers' or 'favor rings' (You can use them for both purposes because the plastic is food-safe) There should be 24 rings in 1 pack.
Getting guests to come to the party is easy with these invitations!
Sending out thank-you notes to attendees is important too. It's best if both items match, and that's perfectly do-able here with these packs of cards. Each pack has 8 cards with Sonic Boom theme.
Party game!
This is a variation on the classic "Pin the tail on the whatever". In this case, it's a big fun die-cut edged poster & you try to stick the wrenches in the right place for Tails to throw.
Once the game is done, keep the poster as decoration for fun!
Wow, wall decals!
Not necisarily for parties, these are great for anyone who wants a Boom theme in their Sonic room. There's a big poster size one & other characters with their names including Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy & Sticks. You also get the words "Sonic Powered!" in blue. These are all pretty big & they are peel-n-stick like a majority of decals.