About Sonic Gear:

This is a site for Sonic the Hedgehog fans everywhere. The web is covered in sites for Sonic news, fan art, comics, arguments, hoaxes, game strategy and everything else. But what about the collectors? Most of the time, companies that are licensed to produce Sonic the Hedgehog related goods do an absolutly MISERABLE job at marketing them. You would think they want money...but not with how horribly difficult it is to find most "Widely Released" items, no matter what country you're in.

Sonic Gear is a showcase for every available Sonic item. There are no picture-guards on any of the images. You can freely save them all for yourself to preserve this great collection. But...
You CANT use them to sell your own similar items.
Why? Because your item will be different, and these aren't an honest representation of what *you* own. You need your own photos for your own sales to be truthful and accurate.

Offended One of YOUR Photos Was Used?
Want credit for taking a certain picture?
Just Email me, and the photo will be credited or taken down, whichever you like.

Want to contribute to the site?
Contributions of goods or photos that are not currently shown are always welcome! If you've got some great gear that I don't know about, send an email right away! If you take pictures, you can send them in and they'll be posted with a credit for you.

Legal Stuff:
Sega and Sonic Team own all  the Sonic characters & related character licenses. Sonic Gear is just a fan-made site set up to showcase merchandise, and hopefully guide other fans to buy licensed goods, and visit other sites in the Sonic fan community. Sonic Gear is not responsible for the content found on the off-site links and the ads.

Using the Ads & Getting the Items
Want some of the items you see here? Just look around the page for the ads. They've been spacifically tailored to bring you to sites that sell similar (or the exact) things. If something is for sale, but has no ad, it will be pointed out in the text where you can go to get it, if it is still on the market.
There isn't actually anything available for sale on this site!
Do you know where to get something in one of the photos? Send an Email stating where you saw it to inform other fans. (It'll be posted with credit to you, right on the item you've seen) It does not matter which country you're in, or when it was for sale.

The Artwork:
The little comics found around the site are Sonic Widgets. They were all drawn by me.

Sonic Gear is based in the USA.

Sonic Gear is Hosted by 1&1. They are amazingly cheap and totally friendly to work with. Their tech support is CALL, 24/hrs/day not that chat thing where they don't understand you. It is super easy to upload to their servers, which never break. They also give you free software and free domains when you make an inexpensive account. There's no other place I've ever found that lets you buy domains for 5 bucks, and host for 2.99/mo, with GIGS of space. (that doesn't break every other minute or act all confusing and have no support). If you want to make your own site Click Here for 1 & 1, as Gear has hit the jackpot with this great host.