Why should you avoid using Ad Blocker Software While Viewing Sonic Gear?
SonicGear Main Merchandise Page *
Lots of people use ad-blocker software to eliminate looking at ads on web pages.

However, SonicGear is different. The ads on the pages SHOULD BE relevent to the ITEMS on the pages. Like, if you are looking for Sonic shirts, there should actually be ads that contain Sonic shirts on the page with the shirts. Everyone knows Google is the king of search. By using Google to place the ads onto the pages AND combining it with text, image tags & photos of only relevent items on the pages...the ads should all actually only be things you WANT TO SEE.

Google knows what it's doing real well when you give it context.
SonicGear is here to help fans find merchandise they want to look at & might also want to collect for themselves. You should be able to look AND get if you so desire. If you're looking for hats, it would be nice if some hat store was having a sale on the Sonic hat you really wanted. It would be even nicer if it was right there beside all the hats you were already looking at so all you'd have to do is click to get what you want. SonicGear always has lots of context (the actual gallery page itself that IS literally SonicGear) so Google has lots to anchor off of to stay relevent to whatever you're looking at. But if you use ad-blockers, you'll never see the items or where you can go to get them.

Could it not work?
Yes, sometimes. If you're looking at a page of classic Sonic party supplies, you won't get an ad for something that's been out of print since 1995. You may get one for the modern stuff though. Arcade machines are the same way, they don't retail those to the public. Also, some people say sometimes ads for Toys R Us & Target "follow them around" the web (not just Gear) but it means they can also follow onto Gear, even if you're looking at Japanese Classic items that Target doesn't sell. It's harmless & can't be helped.

The ads are a tool for you:
Some sites just have random ads like movie trailers, car stuff & just whatever. In the case of SonicGear, the ads are actually a tool for any visitor to use & that's the reason they're there.

AdBlockers can make the SonicGear Store not work for you
The SonicGear store is mostly run by Amazon.
Each page of the store should have many tiles, each with a description, picture & button. If you only see descriptions, you are probably using a blocker. Since technically a button to go investigate an item you might want to buy is an ad, these programs can stop you from seeing it all together. Also, if something sells out, the tile turns into a generic Amazon tile until it is repaired. This can also set off the software.

If you want to look at items & shop, be sure to turn off ad blockers!

White-Listing May Not Be Enough
Some programs let you 'white-list' sites where you say "it is ok to see ads".
This may not be good enough. Some people report STILL not being able to access store features or see advertised sale Sonic items on the pages, even after white-listing the site. Every program is different, but every SonicGear page is pretty similar. (Only "How to Avoid Bootlegs" has no ads....because no one wants to buy bootlegs) You can use this normal image of a page thumbnail to see how the page SHOULD look with the blocker clearly turned off & if all ads are functioning correctly.
This page is here to help you have the best experience viewing SonicGear. Lots of people forget about blockers once they turn them on & then can wonder why the site doesn't look right or live up to it's sort of unofficial motto / mission
"Helping fans look at, learn about, expereince & get Sonic merchandise & information if they want it"