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Sleeping in Sonic stuff? Of course!
Here you can see the nice variety of Sonic the Hedgehog sleepwear produced in England. Watch out for the spelling though, if you're looking to search or buy, it can be Pajama, or Pyjama or PJs. No matter how you spell it, this page is full of fuzzy, soft or warm things to sleep in with lots of great Sonic designs to choose from. Wherever possible buying locations & prices are included with the entry, so you can hopefully shop for some of these too.
Sonic Gear Main *
Thermal Set Top & Pants This is a 'Thermal Set" which means it's made from a special heat-holding fabric. It has a variety of purposes, such as underclothes for snow fun, sleep wear, house wear when it's cold out etc. Usually it isn't worn outside, but the pattern here isn't overly loud / it doesn't 'look like' typical pajama stuff. The top has classic running Sonic with an outline/ shadowed effect in three colors, while the pants are black with a red & blue classic logo. Photo & owned by KariXIII
Very Busy Sound Effects Sonic Pants This pair of PJ pants is quite busy. So busy, in fact, that you can't really tell what's going on with the pattern. It is a scattering of classic Sonic arts including the seldom-seen "sleepy Sonic face". Written all over & behind the images are various sound effects like "Bang, ka-blong, kaboom, ding, wham" & others. You can also spot "Sonic" spelled out in Japanese, in pink. These appear in mens sizes for 12 pounds. So anyone can wear them, if you can find a Peacocks store in summer 2011. (but, can you sleep in something so busy?) Photo & owned by Shadouge.
Primark Red Yellow Squares Pajama Pants
Here is a pair of classic style pajama pants from Primark. They use a large checker pattern in red & yellow, and fill it with classic logos, & various Sonic artwork. The artwork seems to have a good variety, and likely includes 'redone classic style' art as well. This retails for about 10 pounds. These are available in 2011. Photo & owned by Shadouge
Pink Pajama Pants Busy Classic look Busy Loud Pink Pattern Loud! Busy! Pink!
These are all things that describe these mens' pajama pants. They're clearly meant to be retro, mimicing the loud & often overly busy style of 1990s Sonic items. However, why they chose pink as the background is anyone's guess. Some nicely done/chosen Sonic stock arts are scattered around, along with his classic styled name, and parts of floating platforms, palms and 'sunflowers' from Green Hill Zone as well as sparkles. But, ALL of these items clash terribly with the pink background. The pink is even described as being 'neon colored' which...likely doesn't help much.
You can buy these for 12.99 Pound at in winter 2010. They're all cotton, and they do list 'for men' but really they're sleep-pants and anyone can wear them with the elastic waist. Certainly, they'll stand out in any Sonic collection. Photos discovered by David Baker
Black White & Color Spinning Sonic Pajama Here are two pairs of PJs that only have the classic style "Sonic spinning" stock art. The left mixes up color & b/w art over a green/white checkered background, while the right pair has red/white checkered background & red drawstrings. Repeated all over, Sonic himself becomes the pattern. Both are fun pairs, so it's up to color preference or just 'collect 'em all!'. These are available from New Look in 2010 / 2011. Photo & owned by Shadouge Red Checkered Spinning Sonic Pyjama Pants
Sound Effects neoclassic Sonic drawstring PJs The left pair of pajamas here is classicly styled, but they slip in a new classic art (kick/jump Sonic) amongst all of the genuinely old stock. Sound effects (Bang, Pow, Splat, etc) and starburst shapes make up the background. The right pair is busy, just by virtue of the closely repeated classic style Sonics & somewhat loud yellow background to everything. Drawstrings for this pair are yellow as well. These are available from New Look in 2010 / 2011. Photo & owned by Shadouge Yellow Draw-string waist Classic style pants
New Look Modern Sonic PJ Pants Here are 2 modern style Sonic pajama bottoms /pants. The left has a mixture of colored & b/w Sonic art where he is always in the same pose. The background is gray, with red stars. Photo & owned by Shadouge
Dude with Attitude Pajama Kids Set
A Sonic Pajama set! (Also spelled pyjama) This is a nice set of PJs complete with soft pants & long sleeve top. Reaching back for the classic phrase it uses "Dude with attitude" and the classic logo around foreward-facing winking Sonic. The pants use JUST the outline of various stock arts to make a scattered pattern, along with Sonic's name. In red, white and blue, the set's colors go together nicely without getting too busy or loud. These are available in general kids sizes (so make sure it fits, first!) This can be found at Marks & Spencer. Photographed & owned by Kari.
Pink Paint Splash Pattern Pajama Bottoms More Sonic PJ's! The pink pair at left has several poses (new 2011 style) for Sonic, all in color. The background uses black & white 'paint splats' for texture. Sonic's name is written in Japanese and scattered around the background. The right pair is draw-string waist, and has the rectangle Sonic portrait (with modern logo) scattered. The green background is actually 2-tone with his name in Japanese, though it is less busy than the left pair. These are available from New Look in 2010 / 2011. Photo & owned by Shadouge Green Sonic Portrait Pyjama Pants
Tesco Black Stars Modern Elastic waist pajamas Here is what (likely quite a few of these) look like MIP. The cardboard band has part of the pattern & says "Boys Pyjama Bottoms". The waist is black elastic, with modern red logos. The black, outline & bumper stars make a pattern that's not too busy for Sonic & Shadow. Kids size, found at Tesco. Photo & owned by Kari
Yellow top & blue shorts PJ Kids Set Here's a kids Pajama set with shortsleeve shirt & shorts. The whole thing is classic style, with classic logos on both, along with the paper & cloth tag. It mixes the yellow & blue well, and makes use of the art nicely by using a big outline and smaller full-color. This is 10.50 pound at Sainsubrys, in summer 2011. Photo by Shadouge
Busy Sounds Pajama Sonic Classic Style This is a rather busy pair of pajama pants. They're classicly styled with dark blue background. However the 'pattern' is covered with overlapping rays, words, classic Sonic art & sound effects. The Japanese parts say "Sonic" and "Sonic the Hedgehog" while the sound effects Busy PJs Detail photo
are things like "Bang, Ka Blong, Blong", so there's plenty going on here. These feel comfortable, and the quality is good. These come in adult sizes. Photo & owned by Or@ngeUnicorn1984.
2 Sonic poses PJ Pants Screen Tone Mixed Sonic White Pajama Pants This pair has only black & white Sonic in 2 poses, but the background is done in blue screen-tone (comic book style) dots & checkering. The yellow is a pattern with his name in Japanese, small. The big yellow letters are "Sonic" written vertically in Japanese too. 2 Poses Pants Close-up
These are available from New Look in 2010 / 2011. They're actually white, the close up makes it looke yellowed, but that's just the photo. Folded photo by Shadouge, others by HoggerTheHedgehog
U-Wear Lounge Pants Sonic pattern Can you really lounge in pants as busy as this?
U-Wear, the latest company on the scene in the UK area making Sonic clothes hopes so with this pair of "Lounge Pants".
They're adult size pants with draw-string waist. The pattern is so many Sonic faces, whole Sonics & black classic logos that the pattern is rather confusing. These are a late 2016 item.