Sonic Hedgehog England Food
Sonic the Hedgehog themed food products from the UK Area.
Interestingly, it was England that made a surprising amount *and variety* of various Sonic foods in the 1990s classic era. While the USA had mostly candy, gum and sweets, England & the area got a whole range of fun stuff for you to collect & eat! This page should have both modern and classic foods, as they are discovered.
Celebration Sonic Cake Boxed Celebration Sonic Cake Slice This is called the "Sonic Celebration Cake" and it is a pre-made boxed cake with one of those edible-print out items on the top so you get a perfect looking CG scene on every one.
This is the first such cake to exist, even though its an obviously good idea that any kid (or adult) would want at their Sonic themed birthday party. It matches perfectly with the loads of decorations that already exist, and it really does have a good looking presentation. The cake itself is yellow covered, to go with the 'ring' theme. it covered in fondant? Fondant is a (technically) edible substance that isn't frosting but does keep cakes sturdy and fresh. However, it's taste and texture isn't supposed to be that wonderful as it is more of a decor utility.
The cake inside is a traditional yellow cake with a layer of 'sweet' filling (so, white icing) and a layer of raspberry jam filling. So, a very middle of the road, anybody could like it set up but that is not surprising. What's the dot on the box say? There are free surprise coloring pages included with the cake too! Isn't that interesting?
This is likely to be found in the refrigerated cakes section of grocery/supermarket. Photos discovered by The Tumblex