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If you've got games, you've got people who want to beat 'em!
And there are always plenty of Sonic games. Game guides can help you get the most out of your games by revealing secrets and exposing paths you might not otherwise find. They can also be a cool way to see character art and plenty of screen shots. They're also relativly inexpensive, making them easy enough to collect. Collecting each Sonic game & any guides that go with it is a popular choice. Some of the guides here are in the SonicGear personal collection.

Game guides remain fairly easy to collect, as books seem to stay available much longer than most other merchandise. Make sure you take a look at the Sonic Gear Book Store if you would like some of these titles. You should also check local book stores and after-market book retailers online.

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This is Brady Games guide to Sonic Adventure 1. It got the license to be "The official strategy guide". The dot on the cover proclaims 'maps for every stage' which was important at this time because it was the first anyone had of real 3D Sonic.
When SA1 was first released, several retailers did discount/bonus or bundle deals where you could get this guide if you pre-ordered a dreamcast, the game itself or some other combination. The guide itself is decent with lots of pages, screen shots and some character art/stock art through out. Photo discovered by: PiplupFan77
Prima Sonic Adventure 1 Strategy Guide This strategy guide WAS popular, & sold well. It is made by the competing strategy guide company Prima. It was also used in promotions by game stores to add to purchases of Sonic Adventure 1, even though it wasn't billed as 'official strategy guide' (notice how it says Prima's official guide...not 'the official guide'). It's a decent guide, with lots of photos, and of course, the stock art sprinkled throughout. This item is in the SonicGear collection. Discovered by Piplupfan77
Prima Sonic DX Gamecube Guide Book When Sonic Adventure DX came out, Prima took advantage of the opportunity to release another (somewhat different) guide book to cover this Directors Cut edition. Photo discovered by: PiplupFan77
Sonic Advance 2 Prima Guide It is somewhat unusual that portable games get game guides. Most of the time there wouldn't be enough content to warrant one. However, Sonic Advance 2 had enough going on that Prima made this guide book. It promises "All Secrets Revealed" on the cover. But how good was it? Photo discovered by: PiplupFan77 Sonic Adventure 2 Guide by Prima Naturally, Prima made a guide for Sonic Adventure 2, which really likely benefited players. There were enough hidden gimmicks in the game to warrant the need for explanations, maps and pointers. Photo discovered by: PiplupFan77
This isn't a 100% Sonic item, but they do use him on the cover (he's popular! he'll sell copies!) and several of his games are covered inside. This is "Sega Genesis Games Secrets Greatest Tips" the cover proclaims "Over 1,000 new tips, strategies, passwords and other secrets for over 200 games", and uses the art from Sonic Spinball. This book doesn't seem to be common. It was likely published around the time of Spinball in the USA. Discovered by Piplupfan77 Brady Games Sonic Colors Guide book Brady Games published this Sonic Colors guide to help out with hidden areas & provide hints and walk-throughs. Is the book worth-while? Write in if you know if it is good. Photo discovered by: PiplupFan77
Tips & Tricks Codebook Ft. Sonic This is Tips & Tricks Codebook (a magazine style 'book' that publishes various tips & tricks (now that codes in games are somewhat obsolete) This issue released around the Sonic 15th anniversary, so to celebrate they had a cheat code blowout on all his games from 1991 to 2006, & did a cover feature. Photo discovered by: PiplupFan77 Sonic Heroes Prima Strategy Guide For Sonic Heroes, Prima made this guide which boasts 'super map section'. Heroes was a complex enough game that people could want a strategy guide to help out. How good is this guide? Photo discovered by: PiplupFan77
Shadow Hedgehog Prima Game Guide With it's multpile endings & varied paths, Shadow The Hedgehog game certainly could use a guide to help players see everything. Prima released this guide that promises to reveal all the keys in the game. Photo discovered by: PiplupFan77 With the various tricks & hidden routes on the racing paths, players could want this Brady Games Sonic Riders 1 guide. Even though it's a racing game, it still had enough content to somewhat warrant a whole guide book. Photo discovered by: PiplupFan77
Sonic & Knuckles Game Guide Book Here is the guide for Sonic & Knuckles. It's thought to be the only one. The cover proclaims it's official, and has 'full color action'. (indeed it does, it has color maps of the areas, and various stock arts scattered throughout) This book is in the SonicGear collection. Photo discovered by: PiplupFan77 Sonic Secret Rings Guide Book The presentation for this guide book is rather clever. The guide itself is made to look like an old tome, with 'leather texture' and faux-metal clamps, edgeguards and details. The photo of Sonic appears much like in a scrap book or faux window in the center. This was made by Prima. Photo discovered by: PiplupFan77
Sonic 06 Xbox & PS3 Game Book Prima made this Sonic 06 (Sonic 360 / PS3) guide, and it was official. Though the game had massive load times, there were still loads of puzzles & other areas where players would want a guide, so picking this up could be a good idea if you wanted to beat it/get everything. Photo discovered by: PiplupFan77 Sonic 3 Game Guide Book Is this Sonic 3 guide by the same company as the S&K guide above? It seems likely. This one proclaims "Official Super Sonic tips for SegaManiacs" are inside, but the quality of the book is unknown. Also, is it really official? (the title skates around it a bit) Photo discovered by: PiplupFan77
Sonic Generations Brady Games Strategy Guide Here's Brady Games' Sonic Generations (presumably for 360 & PS3) guide book. The cover is quite like the game's, which makes it look crisp & neat. But how are the strategies inside? Does it contain good art/is it worth while for helping with the game? Write in if you know. Photo discovered by Bombermanwinner. Official Players Guide Sonic 1 Genesis GG This is "An Official Player's Guide to Sonic The Hedgehog" but, it's really for both Sonic 1 & 2 on Genesis & GameGear. It has the Sega stamp of approval, but isn't "the" official guide. It says "Step by step strategies" , but how good is this book? It's by Jason Rich. Likely released right after Sonic 2, judging by the early loook to the cover. Photo discovered by PiplupFan77