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Giant Talking Action Figures
All the giant figures could talk, or had a base that could. (until the re-release) Both ReSaurus & Toy Island produced talking action figures. The quality of the figures was very good, and they were voiced by the same people who voiced the games. This was a great authentic touch! Also, the batteries on all of them are replacable, so you don't have to worry about wearing them out.

The ReSaurus one was supposed to be a Toys R Us exclusive. The Toy Island ones could be found at KB Toys and KB Toy Works as well as Big Lots.

ReSaurus Tails Action Figure w/big talking Sonic
Just HOW big are the big figures? ReSaurus Tails will be your guide to scale on these. Here he is with the giant talking ReSaurus Sonic Action Figure.
Sonic Knuckles Tails Toy Island Giant Boxed Talking Figures
Here are the boxed Toy Island talking figures. The boxes left some parts exposed, so you had to beware of dirty or damaged figures. You could test the talking feature in the store. All the boxes looked the same, except the photos on the backs. These average 10 inches high.
They used ReSaurus's box-stickers to decorate the bases. The pegged bases allowed the figures to have plenty of poses.
Toy Island Giant Talking Tails Action Figure Toy Island Tails Face Close Up
Talkin' Tails is first up. He did not suffer from 'jumbo body' like their smaller figure did. His expression still leaves a bit to be desired, it looks like he's about to say "Ppppbbbth". He actually says
"C'mon Sonic, let's get busy!" and "Yea we did it!" For some reason, he only has 2 phrases.
Giant Knuckles Talking Toy Island Figure Back Photo
Giant Knuckles Action Figure Scale Photo Talking Knuckles is really great. It's an EXCELLENT likeness of him, far better then their smaller action figure. He is well-proportioned, his head shape is spot-on, and his poses are pretty decent. This is a great figure that says:
"Time to make a house call!" "No..!" and "This is incredible! I've never seen anything like it!"
Toy Island Giant Sonic & Base Unfortunatly, their Sonic the Hedgehog did not fare quite as well. He got kind of a mad/wierd expression and ended up quite shiny. His body sculpt was not as correct either, resulting in a so-so figure. I somewhat regret not buying this when it was avialable, though, because while Gear aquired the re-release, it does not talk.

This figure Says: "Aww yea, this is happening!" and "Ready to roll champ? Let's go!" Phrases provided by: dorkingdom-blue

ReSaurus Giant Talking Sonic Figure ReSaurus gave giant talking figures a shot as well. Their idea was somewhat larger then the Toy Island action figures. Instead of the figure talking, the base was used. (See the tiny holes?) Giant Sonic Figure Back & Base Photo
Giant ReSaurus Sonic in Box Photo Figure
Talking Gold Base Sonic
This is almost identical to their smaller figure, just scaled up and with the shoes less bent. The box remained the same, but you can see they fortunatly managed to fix his eyes. This is about 13 inches high, and rather heavy. He can also be scuffed, just like the smaller action figures, but is not nearly as fragile. He says:
"Ready to roll champ? Let's Go!" "Awww yea!" and "This is happenin'!"
Toy Island Prototype Giant Figures Round Bases
Prototypes of the Toy Island ones had round bases with labeled fronts.The proto-Knuckles was also made of something different.
Beware of over-pricing on the Toys R Us ReSaurus Sonic. Just because he was an exclusive there, does not mean he is mega rare. The Toy Island ones are actually less common.
Talkin Sonics Comparison Shot As you know, the Giant Talkin' line was released by Toy Island twice. The 2nd time was near the end of their run, and not too widely distributed. They rebranded it as Sonic X merchandise, and gave it the new boxes, as seen here. (Their big 6 inch figure line got the same treatment) The actual "talking" feature was also unfortunately removed (Though the button remained on their shoe, everything else was removed/glued shut.

The other change you can see here affected their Sonic, in that the X ones' head is WORSE. It's more ape/doofus looking, more like their 6inch Sonic than the original, seen at left.

Though the angles of the shots are not the same (Do you own both for a real side-by-side? Send 'em in for credit!) you can still clearly see the eyes are different. This is the 2nd incidence of ToyIsland making a figure worse to release it again, for the other example see their Shadow figures. Photo provided by: Berzerker
Non-Talking Giant ReSaurus Sonic What's this?
This is a "Non Talking" giant ReSaurus Sonic in his box. Why is it on the talking figures page? Because it's the same figure, just his talking disk isn't included, and the box makes no mention of it. It's rather curious that he was released this way, but ReSaurus the company did shut down soon after making these & the 2nd line of small figures. When a company closes, sometimes odd combinations of their remaning stock get onto shelves, this figure may be a part of that. Photo by: UltimateFrieza
Giant Tails MIB Photos Giant Talking Tails Box Detail
Here's a better look at their re-release "Sonic X" type box for these Giant Talking Figures. Everybody's box was the same, they weren't personalized for each character. As you can see with the right photo, they took away the bases, which is really unfortunate, as they were really helpful for posing the figure nicely. You can also see the glued-down button on his shoe from where they removed the 'talking' part of the figure to cheapen it further. (Do notice that the price was actually the same at retail when these were new appears they either lost money on the actual talking ones or got greedy with this set.) The black/white graphic is what's on the bottom of the box, interesting they kept such a nice detail. Photos & owned by KennyTheHedgehog
Talking X Set Figures Repackage What's going on here? These boxes are Sonic X themed for the giant talking figures...and they're ALMOST identical to the ones above. Can you spot the biggest difference? These have plastic over the figure, instead of being open-style like the ones above. You can tell via the price sticker & "Try Me" red arrow sticker. Why is this unusual?
Because every single known/collected "Giant Figure" that was in the "Sonic X" re-released box DOESNT talk & some of them didn't even have bases included (see above). Also look at the text on the box above. "Collectible Action Figure" vs. this one "Collectible Talking Action Figure". An interesting development to appear in 2013. Discovered by Nick DePerna
The Sonic X talking version says ""I'm giving you one last chance Eggman" and "As long as there's somewhere to run, I'll be happy", which, you should note, are different phrases than the first edition figure had. They could be from Sonic X, instead of SA1. Info provided by: BritsBoy122
Giant Talking Tails Original Box This is a good look at the original Giant Talking Figures box. Each box was the same, regardless of who was in it. It says "Press the button on their shoe to hear your favorite character talk to you". The other phrase is "Fully articulated figure with electronics". You can see how really Sonic Adventure 1 themed the box is, with the logo, orange Dreamcast triangle and that specific SA1 Sonic stock art down there. Photo discovered by A83hg