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Housewares are perfect for making up a dedicated Sonic room, or adding a cool Sonic theme to your room or house. General household items can also appear here, it's not just limited to rooms or bedrooms. You might find Sonic stuff for your kitchen, bath, or almost anywhere! This page will have a mixture of new and vintage items, each should list what era it's from, and will list where it can be found, whenever possible..
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Pixel Frames MIB Classic Sonic Art This is a "Pixel Frames".
The company makes lots of different classic video game scenes as layered art to hang on your wall like this. In their first round, they choose classic Sonic in his loop in the Green Hill Zone. The depth of the frame and various layers give it a fun dimension. It would be a good item to decorate in a video games room or a Sonic room. (Can you spot Buzz Bomber?)
This isn't very big, seemingly only 6 x 6 inches. It is sold by Walmart, and may also be on their website in winter 2020. (Possibly popular, low supply reported) It should be about 14.99, if you can find it in stores in the 'kids room decor' aisle/area. This is a fun idea, with good execution, it really does look just like the game.
Art Frame Sonic Wall Modern More decor for your walls!
Now here's an idea who's time you'd think would have LONG already come. It's such an easy concept, too. However, in Winter 2020, comes the first framed Sonic wall art. In a black plastic frame, there's a blue rectangle with a line-less art of jumping/twist Modern Sonic. He has the modern logo under his feet all across the bottom.
This would be good for a Sonic room or a video game area, of why then were only posters made for so long previously? Whatever the answer, it's here now and it's pretty stylish. The lineless art is nice, the pose is fresh enough...but the eye looks somehow a little thin? The mouth is a little too ambiguous without a border also? This can be found at Books A Million stores in the US, but it might also be sold elsewhere. Photo by Taaron
Just Funky Tails Head Cookie Jar Well, here' item.
It's a ceramic cookie jar! Of just Tails' head. It's very nicely executed (via guillitene? A rotten play on words) with really good sculpting for something ceramic like this. The ear angles, the 3D factor of the ears and the handling of the 'bangs' hair is all very nice. The face is completely proportional with properly shaped eyes, small nose, the center smile...the fur for the cheek tufts all of it is great. The eyes are nicely shaded/blue etc too.
This is made by Just Funky in winter 2020. Where will they sell it?
Opinion zone: It should have been a bust rather than a decaptiated action figure head looking thing like this where you lift off the cranium. It's super well done but it's also a bit wierd at the same time.
Just Funky Plastic Rings Sonic Bottle Pixel
Just Funky enters the water bottle scene with this pixel themed bottle.
They have chosen the annoyed/foot-tapping sprite for Sonic for the bottle's art. He's only on one side, as it's a clear bottle. The rest of it is covered in a pattern of small pixelated gold rings. The cap is blue/ordinary. It probably has a re-use-able straw.
But what's going on at the bottom there?
Clearly, there's something inside, and it is re-use-able re-freeze-able ring shaped ice cubes! These chill your drink without diluting it, so long as you remember to dump them out, wash them, and put them back into the freezer after each use. Other bottles have had emeralds shapes that do this same thing--however, they are a great pack in/tie in item and really do add to the fun. Sonic themed ice!
Reusable bottles reduce waste and let you stay hydrated and healthy with whatever you want to drink always on hand. Plastic-enclosed ice also stays cool longer. Discovered by The HydroHomies
Just Funky Plastic Travel Cup Star Just Funky brings more items for 2020.
In this case it is 2 cups seen when they attended a trade show of some sort/displaying their wares. This photo is likely by JF itself. The first is another travel type cup with reusable blue plastic straw and red lid. It's gray, and uses the new/lesser used sly/shrug Sonic in a star ring. The art for him is all black line with white detail. His name is spelled below in Japanese characters.
The small item is likely to be a tumbler, or if the plastic cup is small, then it's a shot style glass. This is quite colorful and has a tilted modern logo. There's jumping/pointing full color Sonic in a star. Other splotches, blue and orange stars are all over the background. This cup will likely appear with its own entry if it's found/fan photos to tell exactly what's going on with it.
Beach Towel Sonic 2 Theme Here's a beach towel for Sonic 2.
This MAY have been an item that was released in both USA and UK areas/but nothing's been proven. It's a normal, long/large size beach towel with red border. It uses the fully shaded but seldom-used "Sonic is pulling Tails forward" stock art. They're just placed on a curve/swirl abstract background. The classic logo is in full color at the top, and you can see the tiny black Sega copyright there down in the corner.
This was not a Japan art, as you can notice their shoes aren't shaped correctly, Sonic only has the 1 row of spikes and they're kind of misplaced, while Tails is not the orange color he should be. (There's also something slightly off about the face?) But, this isn't the same art/artist that was doing bad/ugly Tails either.
This would have released along side or right after Sonic 2...but it's uncommon wherever it was, because this photo only turned up in 2020.
Diamond Select Sonic Modern Spin Coin Bank Diamond Select, makers of (usually) display figure type stuff has now come up with a coin bank / money box. This is a 2020 item, and it's...kinda odd? It's modern Sonic & he's supposed to be spinning/rolling. However, this video game action doesn't seem to translate all that well into a physical 3D item? His spikes are there, sure, but they needed (I guess) some kind of 'blue swirl energy' or something to really form him into the ball shape needed to craft the item. His shoes are right up past his cheeks & his nose is out past either his tail or the end of the 'energy swirl' You could probably roll the bank along the ground/but not too well.
This seems to be an item that was better in theory than it was in practice. It's also (apparently) not the easiest to find, as it was supposed to be at Walmart and then...kind of wasn't? It is probably a little larger than an average human fist in size. How much it is or where it is, is unknown.
Plastic Red Alarm Clock Vintage Sonic Here's something that looks like a fake but isn't.
It is an old, plastic alarm clock with a Sonic theme. It is *Probably* a USA or possibly a UK item/it is unconfirmed. But, if you imagine it without the looks kinda cheap and fake. The only 'Sonic' thing about the clock is the artwork on the face that is just cheap cardboard with the numbers on it. The clock itself is kind of shifty looking red plastic and extremely generic. This is a low-effort item...but the packaging is what confirms it's probably authentic.
The whole back card (since it's bubble-carded) is highly designed with chaos emeralds and rings flying everywhere, buzz bombers from Sonic 1 & then AOSTH early Robotnick in his egg o matic up there. The company seems to be called "Quartz Alarm", which is also a fairly generic name, but it's impossible to read anything else on the old package.
Bootleggers generally don't package items, don't do good package design if they do, and they espeically don't like having a company name on anything, nor will they bother with barcodes--which is what all of this has on it.
Just Funky Pixel Style Fleecy Sonic Blanket Just Funky releases another 'fleecy blanket', this tyme with classic style.
It's pixel-Sonic, shown in the 'waiting sprite' position that he would do if you left the controller alone in the old Genesis games. He's shown in Green Hill (of course) with just the sky, the ground and 2 rings. The classic logo is in full color at the top. The appeal for the blanket would depend on how well you think pixel art translates into large items/how well it holds up. It's also 'annoyed Sonic' really large on the bed or couch. It's an ok idea, and it is quite could have used to be a little more interesting? More fun somehow? It's a fine item, but it's not super extra cool either.
A Thing for Rings Fleecy Blanket Target
Target adds a new fleecy material blanket in winter 2021.
This is the "Thing For Rings" blanket. It is pretty large at 63 x 60 inches and should be about 25 dollars. It has the slogan "I've Got A Thing For Rings" on an angle at the top. The background is a filtered, CG look (filtered into all pale blue shades) at Green Hill, spaced between two slanted blue/lines areas. There's modern Sonic in a hand down/jumping forward pose art. They add 6 rings behind him, so there's context to go with the slogan. The modern logo is at the bottom corner in color. This blanket has a thin red trim border.
It's not a bad design, with colorful text, some new art, & a background that's not too busy or glaring. The slogan is a little odd (what is the thing?) because of the size of it, it's going to like...plaster the words across a fairly large portion of the room, having this blanket on a bed or a game time sofa.
Accutime 9 inch Sonic Wall Clock It's been a while since there was a Sonic wall clock.
However, in 2021 the company "Accutime" releases a 9 inch standard round wall clock with modern Sonic theme. It has a blue border & blue numbers. It comes in this branded (has logo on the outside) cardboard box. The image for the clock face is jumping forward CG Sonic with that 'jagged ring' that sometimes appears on schoolbags for the background.
The placement for the white clock hands isn't ideal, it's right in his eye. The white hands also aren't the best because as they go over Sonic's hands they'll be harder to see. The plain numbers and lack of branding on the clock itself lead it to looking a tad suspicious, but this is a licensed item available at Target in 2021. It should be about 25 dollars, so it likely is not flimsy.