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Jazwares Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed Figures & Cars
This page has the All Stars Transformed Figures & Vehicles. The figures for this Racers sequel game started appearing in Spring 2013. The game features cars that turn into all sorts of things, perfect for toy opportunities. This line appears to NOT be Toys R Us exclusives, so do look for them in specialty stores (ie, hot topic, Suncoast, GAME, etc) and online. Toys R Us will still be quite a reliable (and non-marked up) source for the figures though, so keep them, and their website in mind.
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Allstars Racing Transformed Figures Here's an exciting page of upcoming figures for 2013. As you can guess, Jazwares would want to release figures of the transformed vehicles from....Allstars Racing Transformed. Only the top 2 selections are actually new though. The bottom is just Allstars but in new packaging. If you missed the opportunity to get them, this will be a 2nd chance. You can see a larger size Sonic & Shadow hover/boat type car, and then "Mini Pullback Vehicles" for Knuckles, Shadow & Tails (Sonic's is "in" the faux package there). Photos of the actual items out of package/in package coming upon release. Photo discovered by Taaron
Allstars Transformed Shadow Plane Car All Stars Transformed Sonic Car
The first two items to appear on the Sonic Sega All Stars Racing Transformed line are these 3.75 inch scale figures & vehicles for Sonic & Shadow. This time though, their vehicles are transformed into flying mode, with Shadow's as a jet type & the Speed Star with turbines. The figures fit inside, as usual. The new box appears to have more white & red, & features the new logo on the large front window. The figures appear the same as included with the previous line (steering wheel holding hand pose), so mostly you'd be getting this for the new cars. They look good here so far. Photos & review pending getting these. Photos discovered by Dustin Lee Autry
Allstars Shadow Jet Racer Vehicle Here are the loose photos for the above Shadow & GUN themed vehicle, where it is a flying / jet type. As expected, it has their 3.75 size Shadow figure with it, but now he has open hands so he can really hold the steering wheel. There are actually 3 tiny wheels under the vehicle so you can roll it along. He fits in well too (as seen here) so that means it has great design to accomodate his feet. The vehicle has nice detail too, like the GUN wreath logo & silvertone paint for the fin things in the back. It looks pretty proportional too. How much will this cost? Photo & owned by Nina Shadow Jet Car Close Up Photos
Mini Pullback Shadow Allstars Racer
The first mini pull back n' go racer to appear is Shadow in his (What is that, boat version?) transformed vehicle. The packaging here is slightly plain as compared with some of their earlier efforts. It's difficult to see the detail in this MIB photo. Just how large is this, and how much will it cost? Photo discovered by DustinLee Autry.