Sonic jewelry?
Why not! This uncommon category of Sonic merchandise will feature metal items made specifically as jewelry. Stuff like rubber bracelets or plastic dog-tags that are half accessory half 'toy like collectible' don't really count. Metal collectibles like this are great, since most are immune to aging, it's always better when you can decorate yourself with even more Sonic stuff!
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Sonic X Pewter Tone Necklace
Ah, finally the 2nd piece ever of Sonic Jewelry appears!
This pewter-tone necklace features the Sonic X TV show logo on a simple chain. The logo is both cut out, and cut-in for a nice, sihlouetted look and detail.
This appeared in 2007, & was sold by "Toy Cup" in a metal box. Toy Cup has since gone out of business as they were rather disreputable & had lots of complaints. It was also likely sold elsewhere but
it was never common. What is the other Sonic Jewelry? The Sterling Ring from Japan's Sonic 10th anniversary celebration. The next peice of jewelry made after this one was the Japan only Sonic+Tails "Freindship Charms" heart shape necklace. Each is always available to see here at Gear.
Sonic Blue Zircon Class Ring Steel
Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Class Ring!
This ring is made of stainless steel & features a cut blue oval cubic zirconia blue stone in the middle. It's loaded with lots of relief detail. Around the stone it spells out "Sonic the Hedgehog" on one side it has 25th Anniversary & on the other a forward-facing classic Sonic under a banner that reads "Class of 1991". It seems the copyright info is inside the ring's band. All the relief-indented areas have a black glaze inside to help highlight the lines & show the details.
This is an adult size ring & it's pretty chunky (as all class rings are) and comes in several ring sizes. With a lot of great detail, sturdy stainless steel construction & a cool blue stone, this is a great ring to collect! It appears in 2017 from ! Order before they run out!
Sonic Face Stud Small Earrings Steel Cool earrings!
These small Sonic earrings are 'stud style'. They're little buttons with post-backs that sit right on your ear-lobe surface & don't hang down at all. Each one is an identical forward-facing Sonic face made of stainless steel. These use more of that black glaze to highlight the lines for his eyes & ears. The spikes are just the fronts, to give the look, but still sit on top of the ear.
Because these are small, it's a bit of a subtle way to show Sonic fandom. It appears in 2017 from ! Order before they run out!
Sonic's shoes stainless steel pendant charm necklace!
This cool charm is shaped just like a classic pair of Sonic's sneakers, complete with socks at the top. Look at the buckle, it has been colored brassy / gold so it stands out. The shoes are fully 3D, & at different angles to
each other so they show off well. It comes with this twisted-link chain & even a black velvety type cloth draw-string bag with the modern logo in blue metallic paint. This necklace is suitable for anyone...or add the charm to your own charm-necklace.
Stainless steel is great because it doesn't tarnish, and won't easily break, bend or cause an allergy. You can wear this any time...but only if you get it before it runs out. Fan photo above by RaeLogan. It appears in 2017 from ! Order before they run out!
Hedgehog Corps Dog Tag Is a dog-tag really jewelry?
It's sort of a maybe...but, oh well here one comes from the Sega Shop online in 2018. This is a Sonic Forces item, because lots of stuff for that seems to be military themed instead of actaul Sonic-themed. This flat metal tag has only the writing pressed into it & no image or logo. It comes on a traditional beaded chain. It says "Hedgehog Corps Spec Ops Unit Born to Run Since 1991"
It seems a little odd to have like this...convincing military title on there & then follow it with a rhyming slogan. This costs 13 dollars in the Sega Shop. (It's a tad pricey because flat metal bits like this are pretty easy and inexpensive to produce)
King Ice Tails Face Pendant Necklace
Interesting item alert!
Sonic jewelry is unfortunately seemingly few and far between. In 2021 though, a new item appears from jewelry maker King Ice. This company specializes in making items covered in tiny faceted crystals. Interestingly, their first piece to show up is this Tails Face Pendant on a chain. They are good at what they really does look pretty much just like the stock art of forward-facing Tails. They've even got the bangs as a 3D piece (also covered in tiny stones). The eye borders seem to be textured in somehow, as is the mouth. The nose is a smooth polished metal bump. Even the lead-loop is covered in white crystals. They use black and blue for the eyes, and pale gold-ish ones for the face. It comes in a nice black box with gold foil logo.
These are a 2021 item, can be made from gold-plate or all-gold, and cost 150 dollars to start with. They're also pretty large...this isn't a tiny locket or charm it is over 2 inches long.
Stats time:
It is made of brass with gold plate and has a total of 795 brilliant cut pave-set stones. The face is 3D to a degree as you can tell/it's domed (hollow in the back) so there's room for more stones.
If it's gold:
Then it's solid gold and the stones change but look about the same. The stones switch to 441 diamonds, 344 yellow sapphires 4 black diamonds and 4 blue topaz.
What's super curious is if the King Ice will actually sell any of these. What's a person to do with such a large and costly pendant? Where is it appropriate to wear an item? Diamonds and gold are fancy but it is said by grownups that you can't wear cartoon characters to fancy events. It is a mystery.
King Ice Tails Pendant Box And here's what the King Ice Pendant will look like in the box.
The box is matte black with nice gold foil for both logos. The box top becomes a bit of a triangle so you can tip it up for nice display on the shelf.
This also shows the back of the pendant with the King Ice stamp for the lead loop & Sega copyright on the back. The plate thing on the back of the face lets it be 3D and hollow, without making a sealed metal item. This structure is present for all character heads / the back is always laid out the same way.
Sonic Shadow Knuckles King Ice Pendants Of course, we can't just have Tails alone as a pendant!
King Ice is really on top of things and releases all four characters at the same time so you can take your pick of pendants.You can choose Shadow, Tails, Sonic or Knuckles, all set with hundreds of tiny stones. Each character is depicted as forward facing
and all lead loops are the same with clear crystals. Interestingly, they've chosen some very Sonic X like art for him, where the spikes are all set off to one side. Knuckles seems to be giving a bit of an incredulous expression here, which is also a bit unusual. Shadow looks quite nice when viewed from head-on, and the black and ruby stones are really fitting for him. They've done quite a good job on each one, and these are interesting to see.
King Ice Figure Pendants STKS King Ice returns in 2022 with more tiny stones!
In this case, their previous run of Sonic character face pendants was a success, so they move on to another set of pendants, this time as figures. These are full body portraits of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow that are covered in tiny appropriately colored stones and made of plated brass or actual gold and real gems. (Your choice) These seem likely to be 3/4 of 3D as they seem to be able to stand up on their own but would still likely be somewhat flattish on the back
to accomodate being worn and not stab you. They are also probably fairly large to accomodate enough detail with the tiny stones layout. (Essentially like a mosaic) This means the first set really did sell well, which is encouraging. More info or closer photos pending release.

Reportedly: A celebrity MAY have worn a King Ice jewelry to the opening red carpet of Mario Movie 2023

Chao Neutral King Ice Pendant After the promise of full-body figure pendants (above)...the first one to arrive is not actually a character from the photo?
Indeed, it is...Neutral Chao!
They've chosen the 'sit and think' pose for a neutral chao, done in all blue, dark blue and yellow stones. Notice the hang loop on this one is simpler, it's just a thin strip with a row of clear stones, as likely this pendant is a bit smaller than others.
This is King Ice's photo, and they had cute collages of chao art as large prints in the background. Price unknown/entry will be updated
King Ice Amy Pendant Jewel Display King Ice continues to succeede...
As in 2023, they release another 'character head' pendant, this time for Amy Rose. (She'd love pink diamonds!) Despite it also not being in the announcement, hers is the first to appear. It captures her 3D bangs, uses black metal for the eyelashes, and smooth metal for the smile/mouth. The lead loop has clear stones all over the front too, for added sparkle. It does even appear to have her headband there at the back.
King Ice Amy Pendant Close Up
The first photo might actually be all CG, as the item appears to be hovering on thin air above its stand. The wall art in the background has the same theme as the chao one above: tons of the exact same character art (in this case CG Amy head) scattered all over.