Lego Sonic The Hedgehog
Lego Sonic started small with only a thing or two, but it has since gotten more popular, causing them to release lots more things. So many in fact, that it requires a whole page just for itself. For Sonic, Lego has individual items, building sets that become playsets once they're built, minifigs and more. See it all here on Gear!
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Lego Official Green Hill Zone Set Lego finally gets in on the Sonic play set action...
With a Green Hill Scene! After having several polls and fan things done, Lego decided to make an official set for Sonic. They're starting with GHZ, which is probably expect-able (though Mania probably also would have worked) It has rings, Crabmeat, Moto-Bug, a palm,
2 power up monitors, Eggman in his Egg o Matic and, of course, a Sonic figure. There's also the famous loop you can build, a midway-post, and a spring bumper. Notice the 'water' pieces under the bridge where the crabmeat is, too. Lego is quite suited for the checkered ground. There are even clear posts to hold up the 'floating' type elements.
This costs 69.99, but it has well over 1,000 pieces to build so that is probably to be expected. It's a big set!
Lego Fans Notice: The set seems to have a peg of some kind to join up to something else...does that mean they're planning other zones if this one sells well? Hopefully so. Discovered by Taaron
Store Box Photo Lego GHZ Target Built Scene Lego Green Hill
Here is the actual in-store photo of the Lego Green Hill Zone set. With the better lighting, you can see it's from their 'ideas' line, has 1125 pieces, and still costs 69.99.

The right side photo is Lego's own, they show what it looks like when it's built and set up just like the box. There's a little stand for the egg o matic, and it also reveals that it comes with some kind bar stand thing that holds all 7 tiny chaos emeralds. Also with the photo you can see it seems they did get the colors right, and that there is probably a little place on it to attach the Sonic figure.

Amy Animal Rescue Island Set With the success of Green Hill Zone set above, they add "Amy's Animal Rescue Island"!
Where do the little animals go after they're freed from the badnicks? Lego makes a perfect place for them with this tropical treat of a set. There are 388 pieces here and it includes the Tails and Amy minifigures, as well as some little animals (naturally) There's even an action element: when Amy hits the button with her hammer, the block tilts and it makes Crabmeat fall off to defeat it. (Why isn't this the same one as the GHZ one? It isn't bad, it's just different)
This looks like a fun set, and it should cost . It should also be sold in Target, at Lego shop online and probably in Lego retail stores too.
BrickHeadz Sonic Tails Another.....debateable entry...
Should this land here or go straight to Mutant Gear? Well, they're here for now but Lego is really not up to much good with these things which are called "Brick Headz". You can build them but...why? It's like they're a bizzare abstract painting / cubist oddity made 3D. These don't even look like the characters and what's up with the crazy eyes? Those super tiny shrivelled 'hand clamps' or whatever they've got? Yeah I get 'limited parts' but there really ought to be a limit against these things. They're 10 dollars each.
This photo shows them at their announcement/reveal at the SDCC of 2023, in Lego's "Brickbuster Video" themed booth's Sonic section.