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NKOK Sonic Figures
NKOK Seems to be a primarily 'vehicle toy company', but they came on board for Sonic figures around the time of the Sonic Sega All Stars Racing & Racing Transformed games. It was a nice fit, because of all the various vehicles, both the cars & etc it started with and later the transforming ones. They made die-cast metal things, plastic pull n' go toys, and some RC Battery operated items too. This page collects together all of their efforts so it's not scattered over many categories.
Pull Back n' Go Tails & Shadow Cars Here are 2 pull back n' go racers from All Stars Racing Transformed. It's Shadow in his car that's changed to hover mode, and Tails in his car that's mode. If you put them on the ground or a table top & pulled back, it winds them up. Letting go will make them roll forward quickly. The tiny figure you see there is fused inside the car / can't move or come out. These are really small, only about 3 inches or so total.
Pull Back & Go Sonic All Star Racer
This is a "pull back n' go" race car, with Sonic figure inside. To wind it up (so to speak) just pull it back and it'll race forward. It's an old type of mechanism, but the application seems all right here. This is likely the first of a series of these, for the characters in the game...
It is NOT by Jazwares.
This is an NKOK item. Usually this company specializes in RC control things (some of which can be seen on USA Electronics) however, they seem to be branching out into pull back n' go territory. It is about 3.5 inches long, so larger than JW mini racers. Price can be anywhere between 5.99 & 8.99. Entry will be updated when more information is released. Photo discovered by Pacmansonic138
Oddly, these may be found at Marshalls, which is a close-out store, while in summer 2012, which is the beginning of the run. Additional info provided by SonicBoy19.
Knuckles Pull back n go racer Here's NKOK's other All Stars Racing effort, pull back n' go Knuckles in his Landbreaker vehicle. The figures are non-removable, but his sculpt looks good. It is about 3.5 inches long, so larger than JW mini racers. Price can be anywhere between 5.99 & 8.99. Entry will be updated when more information is released. Photo discovered by Pacmansonic138
Here are 3 Sonic All Stars Racers cars...that are different from the rest. NKOK is really getting into the racing scene in 2012. They're die-cast, which means that they're mostly metal & enamel. The metal adds a sturdyness, and it's enamel paint is more stable than plastic. Of course, the cars have plastic parts too, as well as the little figures. They made Sonic, Tails & Knuckles. Should be about 4.99 at Toys R Us. Photo discovered by PacmanSonic138
Die-Cast Metal All Stars Racers Cars
Sound Effects Knuckles NKOK Vehicle NKOK didn't stop with remote control RC racers, they also have these All Stars Racing Light & Sound Racers. Here's Knuckles in the Land Breaker, which has working headlights, makes noise, and moves. It's not radio control, so it likely just goes forward. The modeling for the Landbreaker looks a bit off/simplified somehow here. How big are these? Photo discovered by PacmanSonic138
The Sonic in Speed Star racer is similar to the Knuckles one. His car is slightly simplified and the box lists (vaguely) the features. The whole front is open too, so you can touch it & try it before you buy it. Sonic car photo by JoeMD
Shadow Motorcycle RC Racer NKOK This is an RC remote control racer for  Sonic All Stars Racer Shadow. It's Shadow on his motorcycle, but how will it stand up if it only has 2 wheels? You can see the small black controller to the right, in the package. Interestingly, this isn't by Jazwares, it's by NKOK, a new company into the Sonic stuff scene in 2012. It is slated for a late summer 2012 release, and should retail for about 24.99 (fairly standard for RC figures) You can order it online at , but it should be available elsewhere. Do you know where? Write in for credit. Photo discovered by Taaron
RC Racers Sonic & Knuckles Cars NKOK made 3 RC racers from the All Stars Racing line. Each had the same style of simple controller & features light up action for the headlights. Each vehicle cost about the same. The figures in the cars look nice, Knuckles has good big fists & shoes. The figures are bolted/screwed onto their vehicles. Want to see a video of these in action? Use RC Racers Youtube Video link. Photo & video by CrystalSonicFan
NKOK Figure 8 Sonic Knuckles Race Track A Figure-8 typical slot type racing set with Sonic vs Knuckles from All Stars Racing.. It's Sonic in Speed Star & Knuckles in LandBreaker vehicles which you can race with the included (seen in in the middle there) very simple controllers. These sets will let the cars fly off the track if you don't take the 'corners' properly, making them slightly difficult to use well or for extended periods. Likely to be found at TRU in Fall 2012. Discovered by Taaron
Sonic Jet FreeRiders RC Figures Here's the company / non-prototype shot for these RC figures. It's remote-control racer Sonic & Jet Hawk from FreeRiders. They're attached to their hover boards, which have wheels so you can race them on smooth surfaces. The controlers are color-matched, and look sort of 'game controller like'. Do they come as a pair? Where will they be released? How much will they be? Do the figures tilt/move on their boards to stay upright as you drive them around? Write in if you have any additional info for credit. Photo discovered by:
RC Riders Sonic on Board MIB Here's the final product for the RC Free Riders Sonic (Seen above out of the package in the company photo) Sonic is well posed, and the box does a good job of hiding the wheels. You can see the controller behind him in the package. The box has a nice big (sturdy looking) window for the toy, & colorful package. It is by NKOK as well, so they seem to be handling both All Stars & Free Riders where RC is concerned. Photos & review pending someone actually finding this item. It may be available from ToyWiz, but where else? Photo discovered by Nicky DePernz
FreeRiders RC Jet Hawk MIB Here are photos directly from the toy shelves for these RC controled Free Riders. They look pretty dynamic in their big boxes, with matching colored remote control / game pad looking controler in the background. Their boards are wheeled (note how the art covers that up a little) and extra big to help them be stable. The sculpts look ok from here, Jet's head may be a tad big, but the expression is ok. Further info/review pending somebody getting these figures/loose photos. Both photos by Taaron FreeRiders RC Sonic MIB
Face photos Sonic & Jet Here are the fronts of their f aces, Sonic's eyes seem slightly off, Jet looks pretty good & their goggles seem appropriatly sized. Construction / usability etc. will all be added pending someone getting these. Photo by Taaron
Riders Sonic Detail & Box Back With these fan photos you can see the details on NKOK's Riders Sonic. The board is actually pretty thick, with big obvous wheels (that they try to minimize in the packaging) The bottom of the board is smooth, which is good to minimize dirt/ entanglement as it goes around on the floor. The Sonic figure looks good from this angle as well,
with the dynamic pose. He might be slightly easy to break, as he is indeed thin, while the board looks heavy/contains all the electronics for it. The box back shows him with Jet, as well as their whole car line, which includes Knuckles, Shadow & Sonic on their vehicles. Photo & owned by A83hg
All Stars Racing Sonic Remote Control Car It's a great idea to combine Sega All Stars Racing with an actual remote control car! This looks like it's the Jazwares 3.5 inch scale racer, but now converted to a remote control item. You can see the controller in the top right, and the box displays RC Racer Knuckles & Sonic All Star Cars
scenery from one of the game's tracks. The vehicles here look even a bit more detailed than the regular versions, with clear windshields. As illustrated in the photo below, they will both have the ability to light up when turned on! The cars are each about 8 inches long. Will there be other characters?
These should appear at Toys R US GameStop and Sears, for about $19.99 OR 24.99 each. Is it also under the Jazwares label, clearly, it is using their car and figure, but being produced by NKOK. These could be good for if you don't have the regular Jazwares versions, or need added detail & movement. The box back has character & car profiles, and describes the race a little. MIB Photo discovered by creatureofthedepths3, box views discovered by Turbothehedgehog, loose discovered by IndigoSonic, price info by SonicFan09
all stars rc racer box views photo
RC Knuckles vehicle Here's the RC Knuckles out of his box, you can see the details of clear windshield & headlights, & get a good idea of how the figure looks on the ATV. Photo & owned by SonicDM
Pullback n' Go 2 Pack Racers Here's an uncommon 2-pack.
This NKOK 2 pak is seldom-seen, and contains both Shadow & Sonic in the All Stars Racing Transformed vehicles. Shadow's seems to be the 'hover mode' one while Sonic's Speed Star is in it's normal car mode. These also should have been available individually packaged as well...and likely around the same time, so exactly why a 2 pack was created is unknown. These are "Pull Back Action", so pull-back-n-go non-battery toys.
NKOK RC Control Shadow Motorcycle Here's a better look at the Shadow Motorcycle big size RC racer & its controller. You can see their solution to keeping this upright on '2' wheels: adding very tiny wheels to the bottom/'engine part' of the bike so it technically has 4. The bottom part of the bike is also likely a lot lower/bigger and wider than it normally would be. The rear wheel is the one that drives it forward, the others just keep it upright & the front big one helps it turn. The Shadow figure looks nice though, and has good detail.
Pull Back n Go NKOK Sonic Single MIB It was suspected to have been made, and now it's confirmed. Here's the single racer Sonic Pull Back n Go car, mint in its box. It is likely to be the exact same one as the one in the 2 pack (above) The packaging isn't as good though, as it is the 'open style' without plastic so the figure/car can be damaged
in the store because it isn't enclosed on all sides. Also, this leaves the diecut part with Sonic/the ring able to be bent more easily too. This one here is nicely preserved. The top text tells you it's pull-back action in several languages. Photo & owned by Sparky
NKOK Tails RC Racer Car An interesting development from NKOK appears in Spring 2023. As seen above on this page, everybody got a RC Car of their "Sega Allstars Racer" except for Tails. It took them a while, but he's now here to complete the set in the 2.4 GHZ remote control racer.
Notice how the box doesn't have any game tie in branding like the others do. That's proably because it was released so much later
that the AllStars/Racing Transformed games are so old that they're not relevent enough to advertise on the toy. But, at least the Whirlwind Sport can complete the RC quartet now. (And, the box is closed format too so you're not going to get a broken one because NKOK didn't really learn their lesson on that for a while) This is a factory photo.
NKOK Diecast Tails Plane Car MIB It's time to scroll all the way back up this 2012 (wow?) as here comes uh...Sonic All Stars Racing again somehow in 2023. Naturally NKOK keeps the license but they're choosing this year to repackage and re-release the diecast line, as well as adding more RC cars from this (by now) rather older game. An interesting move: we'll see how it plays out for them.
The package is still that very difficult to open clamshell but it is now a different shape and leaves off the
"all stars" title / logo, replacing it with a running forward CG modern Sonic. The back is still similar, showing the other cars on the line. The tiny figure is still just ok in there/it's not great but it's not horrible. These are confirmed at TJ Maxx (for 5 dollars) but that's a clearing store--they had to be somewhere else first, but where?