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The cards on this page don't belong to any particular game or set. They're promotional items, actual decks of playing cards or other card type accessory items. However, just because they're not a game or set, it doesn't mean you can't collect and trade them too!
Not right to fight foil card oddity "Cool Kids Know It's not right to fight" and "Keep your wits, choose to split" with "No one wins with violence".
Fighting card public announcement back For a community service card, this one is actually rather neat. The front is a shiny foil that shifts tones (sunset like). It doesn't really show well in the scan. The characters (poor Tails) are also foil tone.

This was a freebie included with Sonic & Knuckles collection PC and Saturn Sonic Jam. It may have been included in something else. It is not a part of the above series, and it is not common.

Sonic Playing Cards Photo Well, can't forget playing-cards.
After all, they were the first type of cards. This seems like an ordinary deck (diamonds, clubs, spades, hearts etc) but the backs of each one have a Sonic theme. The pointing stock art is well colored, and placed over what looks like comic panels of a board game. However, no one knows if a board game of Sonic actually exists, or, if it does, why you would need an ordinary deck of playing cards to use it. The panels say things like "Go back 2 spaces" and other 'directions' with arrows.
Cookie Crisp Cereal Sonic Cards Holograms
Here are some cards from Cookie Crisp Cereal.
As you can see in the photos, the images are change-able, depending on the viewing angle. This is called lenticular, but no one ever remembers that. Each card has 3 images inside. The first one will show Tails standing and then running as an alternate image, and the second may be a spin-attacking Sonic and something else. (thanks to Juni for the changing info) The backs have profiles that are the same as the plush dolls from this era. The "Game Tips" are not actually tips at all, but rather descriptions of why Sonic 2 is so good.
Mattel Sonic Card Game This Sonic the hedgehog card game was released by Mattel in the mid 1990s. The game came in a box, which shows Sonic, badniks, a ring and has the usual checkered border. Included are the two decks of cards, instructions sheet and a score card. The back of the box describes a little of how to play the game, tells you that 2 to 4 people can play, & shows what's in the box. The cards came in a black 2 space plastic tray. The instruction manual seen below shows the layout of how you set the cards on the table when playing with up to four people. There are 2 ways to play the game. Here you can see the art of most of the cards. (art repeats) Left side photo discovered by BlueBlur
Mattel Card Game Box Front & Back Mattel Game Instructions Info & photos for the game by:
Sonic card game cards photo Each one is labeled (notice it just says "Crab" instead of Crabmeat, while Caterkiller is correct) There are emerald cards & rings, as well as Sonic action cards, badniks & zone cards. The objective is to collect the most ring & emerald cards, or gather all the zones into your hand. Someone playing a badnik against you makes you give up a ring card. Its a general "whoever gets the most" or "gets all the X first" wins type of game.
Sonic X Playing Cards This is a deck of Sonic X themed playing cards. They're normal suits like spades, diamonds & etc, only instead of pictures of what the suit is, they have Sonic X character art instead. They're told apart by the number and symbol in the corner only. You can still play all the types of traditional old card games with these like old maid and crazy 8s (possibly even poker or any of those more complex ones too, as it really can function as an ordinary deck) There are 2 jokers (as is standard) and it comes in a Sonic X theme box (as seen at the top, it's the shiny item) This is a great set to try and collect as it has nearly everybody from Sonic X including the not so common Cream, Cheese, Cosmo and Eggman. (Chris is in there too, if you look hard enough)
GE Entertainment Sonic Playing Card Deck GE Entertainment has decided to produce a Sonic deck, for anyone who couldn't get any of the previous decks. (Which weren't well released anyway so...) This is another ordinary playing card deck, with the spades and the clubs and all, but instead of having pictures of the items, they have Sonic Adventure & SA2 Battle character art on them. Note that Eggman is on the joker. The art is all set off by a simple drop-shadow, and the deck comes in a blue checkered box. These were produced in Summer/Fall 2010, MAY be seen at Hot Topic & FYE, should be around 6.00. What other character art is included? Photo by GE, discovered by: Tabbo Amber the Hedgehog
Playing card backs Playing cards box back Character art on playing card faces Here's a great look at all the cool art you get on these fun cards. You can even see Tikal & E102 as well as Emrl. They really put everyone in.
The backs look just like the box, and the box-back has the copyright info. Notice black/white Eggman is the Joker card. This is a quality & cool card set! 3 photos, info & owned by SonicToast
A = 4 different poses of Shadow
2 = Big the Cat, Marine, Tikal and Chaos
3 = Jet, Storm, Wave and Silver
4 = 3 Chao in different poses then a card of all three of them together
5 = 4 robots: Gamma, Omega, Metal Sonic and Emerl
6 = Vector, Espio, Charmy and Super Sonic
7 = 4 different poses of Cream and Cheese together
8 = 4 different poses of Blaze
9 = 2 poses of Robotnik and 2 poses of Rouge
10 = 4 different poses of Tails
J = 4 different poses of Knuckles
Q = 4 different poses of Amy
K = 4 different poses of Sonic
Joker = 1 pose of Dr. Robotnik used on both jokers except one of them is in black and white
Sonic Uno Cards Pack Mattel
Sonic Uno?
Why not! He's already been on various other decks, so now Mattel makes an Uno set for Sonic in 2022. Of course, the cards all have fun CG characters on each one so they're all different for the different numbers. It is modern themed, and you can see that they've got a selection of Chao on the card for 3...but who's on the other numbers? This entry may be updated when other cards are revealed/someone sends in a photo.
The ring has "Now with a special new rule!" in it (written in several languages) But what is the rule? You can write in if you know for credit.