Sonic Fast Food Title
Fast Food? Sounds like something Sonic already!
With how popular Sonic was at different times, it's not surprising he had several Fast Food tie-ins. Places like Burger King, McDonalds and even Jack In The Box featured Sonic toys for free in their kids meals. These had various degrees of quality and collectability. The early ones were just mini action toys that shook, rolled or flew. Later on, it switched to mini LCD games, which were actually pretty neat.
However, since the items were freebie give-aways, they were thrown out a lot, and also not too memorable from exactly which restauraunt they came...The best way to grab these is to go onto Ebay as SOON as a promotion appears in an eatery. Try to buy all of them on one lot. These do not last well, and you'll pay more later on if you don't.
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McDonalds Under 3 Tails Ball Toy This Tails themed ball comes from McDonalds. If it looks familiar, it should. It's the unexpected/seldom seen 2nd "Under 3" toy. (an under 3 toy is one given to babies who would otherwise eat plastic) The Sonic version can be seen on page 1. Usually the 'ultra little kids toy' is just that, one item because it is not freuqently given away. It's a nice touch they made a Tails one to collect as well. Discovered by SonicBoy19
Racing LCDs McDonalds Display This cardboard stand was used to back the display for the LCD games with racing themes. The character art has been altered a little to show them all with games in their hand. The games without their character are just shown on the checkered flag. You can see that this is 3D/box like, and likely had a 2nd part somewhere, or a front. Discovered by SonicBoy19
McDonalds LCD Sports Sonic Display This is another cardboard backing/stand, but for the sports themed set of games. You can see that on this one some of the games are actually stuck to the board (a common tactic, so you can see the real item) and the rest are just pictures of the game, placed around the character or a ball that is used in the game. Though slightly cluttered looking (multiple balls, everywhere) it's a good shot of Rouge (though her racket has no strings) Discovered by SonicBoy19
Carl's Jr Knuckles Viewer Toy Carl's Jr. is a restaurant only seen in parts of the USA. Despite not being universal, they still picked up a Sonic promotion for their kids' meals. (though the items are seldom seen, and may be considered somewhat rare) Their promo was in 1996 and included 4 viewers, each with Sonic, Tails, Robotnik or Knuckles. When you look in, you can see Robotnik, Tails, and Carls Jr Sonic Slide Viewer
Sonic stock arts (much like an old viewmaster toy) Photographed & owned by ST. This promotion MAY HAVE been shared by Wendy's. It is likely the promotions were simultaneous if it was. Added info by Sonictoast, Sonic Viewer photo & owned by
Robotnick slide viewer back Robotnick slide viewer sticker Here's the rare and interesting Robotnick viewer from this set. It's yellow with black accents instead of beige like Knuckles' one. The sticker on the front is rather interesting because it contains an unusual/seldom seen stock of him. Photos by Sonictoast
Robotnick viewer slide pictures 1 It contains 6 slides, each starring Dr Robotnik. While many things are quite reliant on stock art alone, this seems to take an extra step, adding strange backgrounds like space, stairs and a city-scape of some kind. Others are clearly mash-ups like running Robo & Sonic. The non-sensical/out of character Robotnik with a club appears, but with that terrible 'bad eyed' stock Tails, implying he's been hit. Photographed & owned by Sonictoast
Robotnick strange slides view pictures
Tails Vers Carls Jr Slide Viewer This is the rather rare Tails version of the Carls Jr Slide viewer. It has a 'leaning Tails' sticker for the front, & is all blue & orange. You can see the Robotnick one's bag (Sonic branded, with instructions) in the center. The slide (top right) has the same Tails graphic as the sticker, with Sonic in the background. Photo discovered by:
McDonals Sonic Mock Up Paper Goods
What is this paper goods prototype looking set? Is it fake? Is it some sort of prototype or a mockup? Were any of the designs used anywhere? It may or may not be from the USA. You can see a drink cup, Happy Meal box, fry paper, and burger or nugget box. Fake food is used to illustrate the size. If you know why this set exists/where it belongs, write in for credit. Photo discovered by SonicBoy19
Sonic 3 Meal Toy Maze Papers As you remember, McDonalds Sonic 3 promotion from FastFood 1, here's a look at what you would get MIP. Each toy was enclosed in a clear bag with a paper card. The card had activities (seen) such as a maze, plus some Sonic graphics & instructions for your item. Photo discovered by SonicBoy19
Sonic 3 Happy Meal Store Display Diorama
This is the display/diorama you would have seen while McDonalds was having the Sonic 3 Happy Meal toy promotion. It's all cardboard and has 3D elements to better display the toys. It would likely have been in a plexiglass case. They went to quite a bit of detail here if you look closely at the layers. Hanging vines, diecut tree with monkey bot badnik, and ledge for Sonic to be on. The bottom says that you can win a copy of Sonic 3 if you enter the contest & has the copyright info. Photo discovered by SonicDM
Dennys Sonic Underground Activity Book This is a Kids Activity Book that could be gotten at Denny's during their Sonic Underground promotion. (You can see the "Underground themed" dolls on SonicGear too) This is a booklet type thing to keep kids entertained while waiting on the food. It had pages of activities (photos pending-likely mazes & etc) The back has the seldom-seen "pondering Knuckles" stock art (why Knuckles? The show totally neglected him) & a 'memory quiz' that asks questions about the front of the book such as: "What color is Sonia's hair, who is wearing a necklace, etc". Photo & owned by: Dwapook
Dennys Knuckles Plush Underground Here's the Denny's Knuckles plush from page 1, but here you can see him better because he's out of the packaging. For a promo doll, he's pretty decent. The shoes only have 4 bolts instead of 6, the fists are kind of small...but that seems to be about it. The face and spikes look all right as well. Notice the "Sonic Underground" labeling on the tag there. Knuckles DID appear in the show, for only 2 episodes.
There's nothing "underground-ey" about the doll because Underground didn't actually have anything to do really with Sega or Sonic characters in any of the main plots. (The only thing Sonic about it was his likeness, most of the time) No doubt it caused a conflict with merchandising. Photo & owned by:
Dennys Sonic Underground Doll Here's the Sonic from the Denny's Sonic Underground promotion. What's so Underground about him? See that tiny gray bit in the first photo? Its his magic guitar necklace that appears in the inset (bottom right) it's just a little gray scrap with black detail to represent the guitar that was shaped like his head, and shot out music lasers from the show. Why? Because music lasers. His tag is identical to Knuckles' (seen above) It's a decent enough likeness, especially for a promo doll. Do notice he only had 3 fingers though. The dolls weren't free, they were 2 dollars with a meal at Dennys. Photo & owned by SonicToast
Sonic 3 McDonalds Promo Knuckles This is the "spinning Knuckles" toy from the McDonald's Sonic 3 promotion, but this time with the bag it came in. Look at the poor art on the bag. Knuckles eyes are very vertical/strange & his head is very tall. They also add belts with buckles to his gloves like some of the other early art tried to do. The wheels under this toy drive a gear that makes Knuckles whirl around as you push it. Photo & owned by SonicToast
Here's a better look at the Twirling McDonalds Knuckles rolling toy from above. With this turn-around you can see how he looks a little better than the awful art on the bag, but is still somewhat based on it.
When you push this along a surface, he will twirl around in his gray dust cloud. This was a 1994 item. Photo & owned by: Superhog