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Retail stores like video game retailers or general merchandise places need ways to attract customers to their Sonic items or video games. So they use "point of purchase" type displays, cardboard standees and posters, as well as normal signs. Sega sends them out usually to advertise a new game. But, other items can be bought (somehow) by retail places. This page displays things which belonged to stores at one point.

Because there aren't as many retail places as there are people, these items aren't that common. Also, keep in mind that stores are large, so to attract enough attention, the items have to be GIANT! This helps their collectability as well...they make a great centerpiece for your Sonic showroom!

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Generations Modern Sonic Poster GameStop This poster appeared in Game Stops in the USA to help advertise Sonic Generations. It has modern Sonic in a modern GreenHill level, & the logo, so it's rather uncomplicated. The bottom has the list of systems the game will appear on. It may have a companion piece, with classic Sonic. Owned & photo by IndigoSonic
Sonic Generations Pre Order Poster This poster is a display item from Game Stop stores to help announce Sonic Generations. It says if you pre order there, you'll get Casino Night Zone in HD. The bottom just has an ad for their Game Stop point card (unrelated) The poster is rather cool, with nice classic/modern CG art in the old winged ring. Poster may be able to be collected when 'display' is pulled down. Photo & owned by IndigoSonic92
FYE Shirt Display Cards
You might see this wall of large cards (cardboard) at FYE stores. The cards are held together by rings, and each one shows the design you'll find on a shirt below. This lets them have the shirts folded on shelves or in cubbys to save space in the store, while still displaying all of the designs they have to offer. You can see both of these Sonic themed shirts on USA Clothing. Photo by Taaron.
7Ft Sonic Relief Figure Display This is a 7 foot Sonic!
He's giant, because he was a part of a retail store display in the 1990s. (Thought to be Best Buy, write in if you can confirm this!) He's a relief figure (not fully 3D, but not flat) made of plastic. It's possible parts of him were hand painted. See how the color is uneven? He is likely discoloring with age. At right, you can see a Mario one was made in similar size/ format. They were likely displayed together by hanging on a wall in the store. There are likely only as many of these as there were stores at the time.
Sonic & Mario Giant Displays
Sega Light Up Sonic Sign This sign is from the early days of Sonic, when Sega would have these available to video game retailers so they could announce that they carry Sega games. The sign features 3D blue ridges and a shaded art of Sonic, though they've added his arm a bit low. The sign lights up and has clamps on the back. Photo discovered by Rae_Logan
Sonic & Tails Cardboard Hanger This is a cardboard (fairly large) decoration for a store. It's meant to be hung up over the Sega area, or possibly placed in a window. (you can see the hanger hole at the top of Sonic's spike there) It's a nice early one, with well done shading and a simple/clean look. The die-cut edges add interest and the Sega logo appears small at the bottom. It's also nice because it features cute, properly colored Tails. (Other things in this era had ugly/miscolored Tails graphics) It's also a somewhat unusual pose for him...but he has eyebrows. This was given out by Sega to stores that requested advertising type materials. This came from a small neighborhood video game shop (not a large chain, mom/pop style) when it went out of business. Photo & owned by Kenny Ryan
Sonic 4 Avatar Hat Ad Poster Here are 2 more Game Stop items. These are posters for Sonic 4, & Sonic Generations. The Sonic 4 one announces their bonus avatar hat that you could get from the store. The Generations one simply announces when the game will Sonic Generations Announcement Poster
be available. Combined with the posters above, Gamestop seems to have had a rather large fanfare of Sonic announcing items. Usually a good sign! (literally) Photo & owned by Kenny Ryan
Checker Sonic Shelf Border You could see these shelf displays in WalMart in 2012. A set of shelves in the boys/teens shirt area has character tees set up. On the edges of the shelves, plastic borders are set up with cards in them showing the designs you'll find folded underneath. (usually just shirts in a heap, though) Here you can see the 'checker grunge' Sonic white shirt and the classic style forward facing simple Sonic tee. Neither is expensive. Photos by Taaron. (Shirts can be seen in the SonicGear clothing pages) Blue Forward Sonic Shirt Display Card
Gum Container Sheet Ad Card
This is some kind of advertisement that's not meant for consumers, but rather for retailers. It's a single page, possibly a card. It looks like there should be something in the middle there where it's blank...maybe a sign up sheet? Product sample taped down to the page? Was this displayed somewhere? There are so many questions because items like these are uncommon, since they weren't for the public. As you can see, it says "Super Sonic Sales...with Sonic the Hedgehog Bubble Gum Containers". The bullet list below that mentions the colorful gum (yellow & pink bits, seen at the figure's feet) that Sonic is a popular game character, and how the container has move-able arms for a 'toy like' quality that will help it sell. The bottom & top right show the case the containers come in. But look at little Eggman in his egg-o-matic there at the bottom. A nice touch! This is interesting to see. Photo by:
China Capital Arts Store Display Case
This is a glass display tower of only Sonic items in a store called China Capital Arts. They're one of the few remaining independent retail 'anime n' stuff' type stores found somewhat seldom in malls. It resembles the 'stuff' section of some comic book stores. This display case is dedicated to Sonic things, but it has both bootlegs & authentic items. Beware in stores like this, they're not afraid to put knockoffs on the sales floor. Beware of mark-ups galore as well, you can see that GE Entertainment hat next to a fake alarm clock & the metal classic buckle (boxed, 1 shelf down). The buckle was buy-able at Toys R Us. Places like this are great if you HAVE to have the item in-person, or if you live somewhere that shipping is just horrible...because if they picked it up at retail, and then re-retail it, that's double mark up. Neat to see, but harder to afford. You can read & see more of this store at Tumblr Post. Photo by Shadowfoxx757
Sonic Heroes Cardboard Stand Gamecrazy This is a large cardboard stand up for Sonic Heroes. You can see how big it is here, as it's on a door. It features 3 raised cardboard disks (removable, probably for shipping) of teams Dark, Rose & Chaotix. The center is scored so the whole thing can fold. The border has "Sonic Team" written all around it and the Sonic head icon above the screenshots says "All New Sonic". The slogan in the middle is "Join the TEAM!" It has four screenshots total, so you can see what the game itself will look like. (Always a good idea) The copyright info at the bottom has the rating (E), and all relevant system/developer logos.
This was seen at Gamecrazy & Hollywood Video stores as a promotion. It may not have been at other retail areas, so it seems uncommon. It's a good colorful representation with 3D elements too. Nice to collect and display, if you can find one. Photo & owned by:
Mario & Sonic Olympic Poster 2008 Here are 2 posters that were once store displays. At left is Mario & Sonic Olympic Games (Beijing summer 2008) It was at a Blockbuster Video & is 3ft high by 18 inches across. (So, one of the last few posters Blockbuster actually got before most of them closed) The right is Sonic Unleashed from Game Stop. It is 22 x 28 inches & has a sort of inexplicable Christmas theme. The top & bottom are candy cane striped & it has a cheery red bow. The slogan "Rage Against Time to save the world" makes a bit more sense (night/day etc, never involved time travel) Werehog+holidays is kind of odd, but the poster was put out around Christmas so, oh well. The bottom says "10% off the strategy guide when you buy it with the game" which may or may not have been a good deal. Both photos & owned by Sonikku Forever. Sonic Unleashed Game Stop Xmas Poster
Sonic Dry Erase Neon Edge Whiteboard This neon-bordered board was seen on Retail Display 1, but here's a closer look at it to complete the entry. It has a real light up neon tube in the plastic edge, & fins on the back so it could stand on a counter or fold flat to hang on the wall. The top says "Coming Soon!" & the store was meant to write the names & dates of games on the whiteboard with the enclosed marker. The card on the back there shows an illustration of how you're supposed to fold & use the board, and plug in the neon bit. The art of Sonic shows him with 5 fingers, so why the actual sign is wrong is still a mystery. Photos discovered by: SonicFan09
Sega & Sonic Tube Shaped Sign Here is an interesting sign! It is likely uncommon as well.
This lights up (here, it is seen plugged in & turned on) It is basically tube shaped. The front has a big 3D Sega logo, with curved back to fit to the rounded sign. There's also a Sega logo raised in the blue plastic on both ends. The front has Sonic, Tails & Knuckles. They're on the usual checkered ground, with a simple blue/gray background. But look at that crazy looking Robotnick there! What's going on with him? He is sort of 'ghostly' in that the image is sort of transparent, his gloves are not attached to any arms, they're sort of just...floating there by Knuckles in a "Scheming Hands" position. Then, he's looking right (instead of left, to menace the heroes) but his eyes are white instead of red. (Clearly they printed in red...Knuckles...) so why the error?
This sign would probably be seen in game stores, or even
game sections of larger stores (like Toys R Us, etc) because back in the days of Sonic 3 & AOSTH (the show) where it looks like this Robotnick graphic was from, toy/game sections & retail toy shops were more common. You can see it's pretty big too, it's sitting on a regular sized sofa in these images. It is now in a personal collection. Photo & owned by: Rayca