Sonic the Hedgehog Swim Items Page 1
Swimming & Sonic?
Why not! He might run on top of the water, but if you want to splash in style, do it with Sonic Swimwear, and hopefully other pool or beach type items to be found on this page. Swim stuff only started to appear after 2018, and really sees a rise in 2023. As more diverse clothing & accessories get licensed, swim gear is a natural progression of cool stuff to wear and collect. So far, this page includes swim shirts and bathing suit shorts. *And pool stuff! So, it will also have pool floats/things specifically for water use.
Unstoppable Sonic Tie Dye Swim Set This is called the Unstoppable Sonic Swim Set, and it's a short sleeve swimming shirt with black swim trunks type pants. The slogan is a ring around forward-facing Sonic modern face "Unstoppable Speed", and the background features bright tie dye circle designs. The sleeves are raglan style, and black. The trunks also have Sonic content, with full color Sonic, plus grayscale Knuckles & Tails down one leg. The other leg has gray fade name spelled out all over. These are draw string/elastic top, with white stripes there to help match with the shirt. Often, the fabric is anti-sun so you don't need to worry as much about sun cream / it will have some form of SPF weave. This is an Amazon item in 2023, but how much is it?
Rash Guard Pale Blue Classic Set This is described as a "Rash Guard Swim Set"...
A rash? Do they mean sun burn? What rash are you going to get at the pool or beach unless you're allergic to something--in which case clothing isn't going to help. Should it be "Sun Guard"? Because that's really what a lot of the new kids tops for swimming are about: keeping the sun off without too much lotion all day.
This set is pale blue and white 2-tone only. The top has running profile classic Sonic, and the pants are 'tiger stripe' with neoclassic jumping twist Sonic on one leg, and "Gotta go fast" on the other. The pale color should help with staying cool, and it gives this set a fresh look.
3 Swim Trunks Sonic Tails Knuckles 3 different pairs to choose!
Which summer swim style do you like best: Sonic with red & blue background, cheering Tails with blue & yellow zig-zag background, or Knuckles with 'flame like' red/yellow/gray background? Or, choose all 3!
These bold pairs of character shorts appear in spring 2023 on Amazon, but which company has made them? They each have an elastic & draw-string waist, with inner liner and bright fun color.

Remember: Swim SHORTS like these are for ANYONE who likes the water to wear.
They tend to market toward boys but anyone can wear them. (Ex. a girl could put any of this over a swim suit of any kind, it's just shorts that dry fast and are meant to get wet and not destruct.)

Patches Set Swim STK More fun keeping the sun off, this is a cute gimmick:
This swim set comes with 3 patches that you can apply 1 at a time to customize the shorts with your favorite character. The thigh area of the shorts can hold a portrait round patch with Sonic, Tails or Knuckles in a yellow ring. Presumably, these stick on there with velcro of some kind. (As that generally doesn't matter if it gets wet)
The shirt has modern Sonic/Tails/Knuckles with streaky blue background, his name, and red sleeves. The shorts are mottled red & blue with horizontal white stripes.
This is kids sizes only, but some of the large may fit teens. It is reasonably priced at 20 dollars on Amazon in Summer 2023.
Long Sleeve Sonic Swim Shirt Maybe the first teens swim item?
This is a long sleeve swim shirt for teens and possibly adults. It has all blue sleeves and a dark navy body section with CG ready for action pose Sonic. He's as large as the front of the shirt, and the background is radiating lighter blue lines. This is a sun blocking shirt made of quick dry fabric. It appears on Amazon in spring 2023, and should be about 24 dollars.
Classic Rash Guard Set Sonic Another titled "Rash Guard Classic Set"...
Here to hopefully guard against sunburn instead. This one uses classic art, but also has a very retro type of design style. Just 1 big forward-facing classic face for the chest with a checker fade background for the shirt, and that sort of awkward profile stepping/looking Sonic for the shorts. It also uses the classic logo, and some checkering across both shorts legs. This is a kids size only item, and should be at Amazon, but how much is it?
Rash Guard Walmart 2 Set Walmart adds a 'rash guard' to their clothing line up in boys/teens in summer 2023. What is this 'rash'? It's got to be sunburn, then why not call it that? This is UV protecting fabric specifically for swimming. This 2 piece set is dark blue with black sleeves, and black waist band for the shorts. Large line art for modern Sonic takes up the whole body section of the top, and he appears again in full color on 1 leg of the shorts. The other leg has the logo, but it's kind of hard to see with the checkering pattern/fade.
This is for ANY kids: boys or girls get sunburns equally and a shirt and shorts to swim in / go to the beach with would be helpful. It is also reasonably priced at 16 dollars.
Walmart classic style Sonic swim shorts Classic swim shorts appear at Walmart in late summer 2023.
This pair is dark blue with navy screen tone type (large) fade of dots from top to bottom. It has classic profile running Sonic on one leg, and his name in the logo font vertically on the other.
This is made of quick-dri fabric and does have pockets. The waist is elastic with drawstring. It's a nice pair for anyone kids/teens size. The Sonic element is large enough, and nothing comes across as too busy. This is 19 dollars.
Mighty Mojo Pool Float Lounger The company "Mighty Mojo" gets a modern Sonic license in 2023...and they use it to make a fun pool float lounger!
This is the first Sonic Pool Lounger made. It's a fun thing too, with a stack of characters from top to bottom & a summery gradient for the background. You've got flying Tails, peace signs Amy, jumping twist Sonic & fist up Knuckles. The characters are large, the texture of the float doesn't get in the way of the design, and it seems well put together. If it feels quality too, it'll be a great thing to have. These things can store pretty flat too, if they're well taken care of. This is a factory photo.