Sonic the Hedgehog Action Figures
Sonic the Hedgehog Toy Island Action Figures
Toy Island started another 3 lines of action figures in spring of 2006. These are the Mega Bot, Space Fighters and Figures With Emeralds lines. They also re-released their first (larger) figure line, this time including keychains. The keychains are a smaller PVC version of the figure, except in the case of eggman, who comes with a Chao instead.
Sonic Gear Main
Mega Bot Line
This line is named for the "Mega Bot" which you can build if you collect all the figures. Each figure comes with 1 piece of the robot, which then snaps together. However...this series has a deceptive twist!
There are actually SIX characters in the line (not including the mega bot). For some reason, there's a duplicate Sonic. He comes with a 'catapult' and 'exploding robot' accessory. This Sonic has a different leg pose, flat feet and open hands. The MegaBot one has fists and a bent foot. It is a mystery as to why the spare Sonic was included on the line, as he makes it tricky to put together the RBX-D05 robot....which you can see below.
Sonic Figure Fists foreward Sonic Toy Island Side View Photo Toy Island Sonic X Figure Pose
Notice the quality of his hand sculpt. The fists are realistic, detailed and nice.
Sonic Back Figure
Here's their first Sonic. This is the guy that comes with the most crucial piece of the Mega Bot, but unfortunatly due to his double, he may be squeezed out of stores!
The head is made of a semi-soft matte finish plastic. The body is solid and hard, while the legs and arms are PVC-like. The colors are all painted on, except his shoes. Watch these guys for paint-errors! As you can see, his poses are rather limited by his feet and permenently bent legs. His expression is OK, but he's stuck looking up.
All the figures seem to be trying to imitate the old ReSaurus ones, joint-wise. But they don't compare...The shoulder, and hip of each figure has a sort of ball-joint which is too small to do it much good. They are also limited by the sculpt of the leg AROUND the joint, and so don't actually seem to 'action' much. ReSaurus had a type of joint which could rotate, but also raise, and smooth areas around it to allow more motion. These are simple.

Credit has to be given though, because the Sonic X characters own designs are...rather unstable with huge heads, stick legs and large hands. None lend themselves to balancing very well.

Sonic X Catapult & Robot Action Figure Here's the culprit!
Why is this figure on the mega bot line? It's like someone had an idea that HAD to be included somewhere, so here it is. The "X" thing is a catapult. You can set something on one side, and slam down on the other to try and send it flying. It's MEANT to make Sonic 'jump' onto the little widget gun thing you see there...but it barely propels him an inch--unless you risk breaking it.
The gun turret thing appeared in Sonic X episode 1, and shot Eggmans' machine by accident, leading to the chaos control transport.
Fall Apart Robot Figure The finger of his hand is touching the gun tip in this photo, so you can see the size. The robot is meant to fall naturally it's nearly impossible to keep it together.
Also WHY is there Engrish on the package? They already forgot Missile Wrist's name, now they can't formulate a proper sentance? Hmm....

His single pose looks rather cool, though.

Engrish Alert!
"Place your Sonic the X catapult and activate jumping action. Aim at robot and watch Sonic land on it and activate it's exploding action."
Tails Figure All Photo Tails Figure Back Tails action figure has creepy eyes!
Here's Toy Island Tails. His sculpt is pretty nice, with rotateable tails, and an appropriately detailed face. He has only a minor case of 'big body' which is also a plus. The feet are flat, which combined with his vaguely jointed hips does not lead to so many poses. But...look at his eyes! What is that black line on there! They ALL have this, too. He's the only one and it makes him look like a bizzarre robot or something. *WHY is he like this? See the bottom of this page...
Shadow the Hedgehog Toy Island Figure 1 Shadow Back Shadow Profile Figure Shadow Eye Paint & Round Mouth Shot
Watch the paint on Shadow, they can put his red eye-edge literally onto his eye for a wierd look!
Shadow unfortunatly suffers some on this line. His hands are WAY not as good as any Sonic hand, as seen here. There's almost no detail to the fingers. His nose is HUGE and his mouth is quite round, instead of the famous 'downward smirk' that his fans love so well. His body also suffers from being nearly 2 dimensional! It is flat like a pizza-slice and it really shows. Who did they have sculpting this guy? Also the bottoms of his shoes are blank, where they should have the glide-emitting holes.

For a figure with such high expectations, this guy doesn't really deliver. He's mediocre at best...but don't let this stop you getting him! Shadow stuff is always popular, and this figure is not likely to do you wrong in your collection.

Toy Island Knuckles Action Figure Face Knuckles the Echidna Back Photo TI Sonic X Knuckles Action Figure
Knuckles has only a vague case of 'saucer head', which is a plus. His expression is nice, but the eyes are a bit big, and if you own him, it shows better.
Knuckles Break Alert!
The arm dropped out of the package separate from this figure when it was opened. It pops back in but...
It should be noted that his head won't turn at all. His arms have limited mobility due to the hanging quills, but that's standard Knuckles territory. The tail of this figure is quite long, but it's also flat, with a distinct kink in it.
Amy Action Figure Face Amy Rose Under Skirt Joint Toy Islands' Amy Rose Photo Figure Back of Amy Rose Gear is the papparazi of action figures! This gives a view under her skirt, where the legs are ball jointed into it. As you can guess, they don't really move that much.
And finally Amy Rose!
Their amy is nice, with a good expression and decent sculpt. Her arms are a bit long and her hands are rather strange. She has an odd open fist, like they couldn't decide what to have her doing. Her hands rotate as well, at the bracelets.

Notice the difference! See Toy Island's amy photo in the middle there? It has peach arms. The real Amy figure has pink ones. Another error-on-purpose seems to be the heavy black line by her eyes. The figure looks much better without it. Amy is also the only one with her mouth painted on, not cut-in.

Back of Mega Bot Toy Island Assembled Figure
Mega Bot RBX-D05 Giant Robot Action Figure
Of course what you've been waiting for...the Mega Bot! This is the RBX-D05 robot you can build if you manage to buy the right sonic. Here 'interesting hands' Sonic illustrates the size, along with a pencil.
The claws of the robot can open and shut, but won't rotate. It has shoulder, knee and up/down ankle joints. The head turns and the hips can rotate the legs. You snap the pieces in by pushing the buttons visible on the back. You can also take him apart that way. There are no stops on the elbows so they're pretty much 180+ range of motion. It's pretty well constructed and nicely painted. This definately deserves the title "Mega Bot"!

In all, the Mega Bots line is much nicer than their 6 inch figure line. The sculpts are over all better, and it has the range of characters people want to collect. The mega bot itself is a fun concept, but this is jeopardized by the "Red Herring" catapult figure. Since Sonic has the torso of the robot, if you miss getting the right one, you'll NEVER build the bot, and be stuck with boring pieces. The Red Herring is so EASY to mis-represent on Ebay and in online stores since it's "MegaBot" labeled, but has nothing to do with it. It also replaces the torso figure in the store, limiting your ability to buy the right one. Toy Island is putting forth an effort, and this line is proving it.

Huge Knuckles Varient Figure MegaBot Varient Figures
Be on the look out if you are buying anything on the Mega Bot Line in 2008, late 2007.
Why? Varient figures abound now! Toy Island is messing around with this line for an unknown reason. Just look at these interesting photos! The most noticible one is Knuckles and his giant twin. Why is one so much larger than the other? They come in identical packaging, but the 2nd one (larger size) didn't start showing up until long after the initial release.

The next thing you may notice is the Sonic figure. Why is one looking up? Because he's got the Space Fighters' head! Yes, for some reason they felt the need to change out his head mid-production. The Amy is more subtle, but the 2nd one has smaller green spots for her eyes. Comparison photos thanks to Retro. The photo on the far right shows one MB Sonic with a longer neck than the one to the right. The difference is rather a small one but it is interesting. Far right photo by LarryInc64

No Amy Megabot Box Back
Notice something wierd about this box-back?
Amy Rose is missing. This box was used later on...but does it mean Amy was excluded from some of the later releases of this line? Clearly, she made it out twice (see above photo) so why would they erase her from the back-card? It is unknown if this will contribute to making this figure more rare or not. And if they were to drop a figure, why wouldn't it be the 2nd Sonic (with 2 accessories) as surely he would be more expensive to make. You'll see THREE Sonics there, 2 of which were normally released (torso one, X launcher) and the last (top) one you can see at the bottom of this page. A curious development. Backcard owned by larryinc64
Non-USA Mega Bot Shadow MIB Prototype Shadow Better Face Closeup This figure is sure to make some people mad! Why? Because it's BETTER than what the USA got. This is a real MegaBot Shadow, but look at his face! It's so much better than the USA why DIDNT they pick this one? That is a mystery to solve. No "round-mouth" here, just the expected line/frown thing which he needs.
Alternate Shadow CAN & EU Release
THIS Shadow is from Europe and Canada, and was released by another company (not ToyIsland) there. Why did they make a better head and then NOT let the USA have it? Why make 2 heads at all?
The photo to the far left is from an ebay auction, proving that the figure WAS actually released and is not just some prototype. Compare this good face to the more common one above...All 3 photos discovered by JS hedgehog
FEVA UK Distributor Figure Box Back FEVA Toys of the UK was in charge of the figures in the UK and presumably EU area. This is what the back of their boxes looked like, and you'll notice they never included that confusing launching X Sonic thing and gun turret. (This also means no 'interesting hands' Sonic, either) The good Shadow head is shown on the box back as well, so you'd know what you were getting.

It's also been reported that the 'good head Shadow' was on some VERY early releases of the line in the USA as well before being replaced by the worse one. However, you would have needed a store close to a distribution point to get one before he was phased out. Box photo and info by KingSonic.

Keyhole eye Tails art reason This old piece of Sonic Adventure 1 art may be the reason behind the 'keyhole' coloring of Tails' eyes. Look at
Megabot Arm Sonic Pack in variant Here is a rather ordinary looking item that is either a switch or a mistake. This package has 'open hands/interesting hands' Sonic but it also contains a Mega Bot arm piece. Usually this Sonic came with the plastic 'x' launcher thing. It's not the FEVA one either, because they never recieved this Sonic at all. Did ToyIsland change their mind late in the game and dismiss the X-launcher one? Is it some type of error? No matter the answer, it's still interesting to see. Discovered by Berzerker.
the shading here, they've tried to add depth by darkening an area outside the pupil, but ToyIsland mis-represented it as a keyhole shaped pupil (instead) on their figure. Isn't that odd. Discovered by SonicFan09
Glitter Plastic Sonic Mega Bot MIP Red Glitter Plastic Mega Bot Whoa, what's this!
A 2015 discovery brings this super strange & unheard of Mega Bot item! Clearly it was packaged...clearly 1 was produced, but what's going on?
As you can clearly see above, and in the Sonic X show, the "Mega Bot" was always blue & green. However, the Mega Bot piece here (head/torso part) is CLEARLY cast in candy apple red shimmer/pearl plastic with gold accents! And, if that wasn't strange enough for you, Sonic himself is shimmer pearl too! Everyone knows the "Metal Force" figure line was done in this shimmer paint, but Mega Bot was never anything to do with that. The Sonic figure may be painted (look, even his gloves & shoes) but the bot plastic is apparently actual glitter-plastic. The box is identical (even shows correct bot) with all the same features listed.
Do you know what's going on? Write in for credit on this big mystery piece!
Photo by Culture Pop Toys
Figure was originally aquired when a Sega Licensing branch office closed. They sold off privately several prototype items, rare items & first edition items. Licensing branches tend to have stuff like that, but they keep it around the office in a type of collection. Shutting it down released the items to a few collectors.

Mega Speculation:
This was a 'chase' figure, a "1 per carton" variant special figure meant to entice collectors*.
This was meant to be a "variant" for a Mega Bot RE RELEASE planned if the first MB release did well (makes sense because MB1 did ok, but they loved the idea of sparkly things & made Metal Force figures later)
Look on Prototypes 1 of SonicGear , and you'll see the GOLD Megabot, which does exist, but was photographed at a Toy Fair, and thus was likely never actually packaged & sold...unlike this one
Speculation 1 contributed by Sonicthehedgehog9908

The figure as an error or "something they didn't mean to do" is VERY VERY unlikely because it actually got packaged and sold. This isn't like "2-left-hands-Shadow" or "wrong name Knuckles", this took real effort, someone did this deliberatly.

*Chase figure is indeed possible but may have been scrapped because it would have been incredibly annoying/impossible to collect FIVE chase figures to put together a matching all red Mega Bot. Instead of enticing collectors with a thrill it would have upset everyone, because if you were making the reuglar bot, you wouldn't want some random red arm. Or, at one per carton, maybe nobody could ever assemble the whole thing because random moms & dads could unknowningly buy the variant and just toss it to a 5 year old, never to be seen again.

Red Megabot Box Back Did you suspect the Red Mega Bot package above might have a different or unusual box back? If so, you're right! Look at ALL the Sonic figures pictured here, they all have the same 'looking up' head which is wrong. It's also missing Amy Rose & likely incorrectly has 'leaning' Sonic twice. It's no surprise that the box back could be different, but it's very interesting to confirm it. Photo & owned by:
Canada Version Shadow Close Up Here is a close up of the above 'better head Shadow', this one is thought to be from Canada. This in the box photo proves he did get a general release, but he's still rare anyway--especially because he's a lot better than the regular one. The package for this one has been damaged (nose rub, etc) & the arm has fallen off inside, but the proof is on the better face. Photo & owned by CulturePopToys
Better Face Shadow Figure Here is "Better Face Shadow" turn-around.
You can see that not only is the face better, but the spikes are also completely different too! Why make 2 heads & then only really use one? Why choose the one that's clearly much worse? The 'better head' Shadow is much rare-er than the rotten looking normal one. This head still isn't perfect, as you can see, but it's still superior to the round white nonsense-mouth & terrible expression of the ordinary one.
Of course, this one is worth more money because everyone would much rather collect & display it instead. Photos discovered by Dustin Lee Autry